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nice work , mate, but i think its missing some sort for nav:hover ,

but looks great


I am new to wordpress and all its features. Does the CONTACT form included with this theme allow for more fields? Also is there a way to have the form send an auto-reply to the user after the form has been successfully sent? Thanks in advance for the help.

please check your email…

Very nice, clean layout. Would be nice if the items in the Featured Product and Latest News widgets were hotlinked to the full posts.

Ok thanks for suggestion, i will consider this for the next update

Hi I’m just getting started with your template and I notice in IE6 the widgets at the bottom of the page do not display correctly and I am getting JS errors on each page.

the demo is hosted here.


This is also the case on your demo

Hello, I’m considering buying this theme, but I would really like the Featured Project widgets to work as links. Any idea when you might update this?


ok I will consider your request to updates list

Just another poorly document Themeforest theme…heavy on features, light on explanation.

May I know where section of the documentation that not clearly describe? let me to improve theme documentation.


there is no description of how to control the pop-up messages in the slideshow. I have no control over how many words appear before the “READ MORE ” button. AND , when the message is truncated, a period is inserted indicating the end of a sentence. An english sentence that is interrupted and continued is indicated in normal usage with elipses ( ... ). I am sure I can code this myself, but that’s why I bought the theme, so I wouldn’t have to.

Is it possible to play video’s from vimeo or exposureroom in the portfolio’s lightbox?

For now it’s only support for image, but you may adding custom field for video then call your custom field from the template

In the installation instructions, it says: “and also chanhe the file permission (chmod) the cache folder to 777”.

Can’t find it, can you please explain it step by step as I can’t find it in Centita options, and not sure if there is a especific file that must be modified manually. thanks beforehand

Yes, you must change it manually through your cpanel, change the permissions (chmod) to the cache folder, in general location “wp-content/themes/centita/cache”

Nice theme. Viewing it with Chrome. The Search icon is not aligned with the search box.

Also agree with other comments that the nav bar needs a rollover effect.

Ok I will fix on the next update.. Thanks

Hi – just bought the theme – can’t add a slideshow image at all.

Image is correct dimension Using Post, putting “thumbnail” in custom field, using absolute url for image, posting to a featured category (also updated this in the centita options)

Still doesn’t work.

Any ideas.

Hi – just bought the theme – can’t add a slideshow image at all.

Image is correct dimension Using Post, putting “thumbnail” in custom field, using absolute url for image, posting to a featured category (also updated this in the centita options)

Still doesn’t work.

Any ideas.

Do you have to change permissions (chmod) to folder “cache” to be 777?

Yes – permissions changed. Can you email me and I’ll give you login details?

Please email the login to templates@indonez.com I will check it

Thanks Indonez – fast response, great support!

Great look! I agree with the others though, A nav hover and widgets being hotlinked would have me sold. Any idea of when your next update wil be?

Yes, I will consider for next update.. Thanks

Hi, I think most of us want to know what date you expect to have an update ready? Thanks.

I still collecting for the update list and estimating for the time and soon i will confirm when the update version will be release, hope this can be down less then week.


Yes – I’m interested to know when an update with the hotlinks and nav:hover would be available. I like this theme, but I’m not sure I should use it w/o that feature and, as always, I’m on a time-crunch! lol.

Thanks! And great design.

Just purchased this today and am running into some problems. For the blog posts that are not using the S3slider on the front page, I’m trying to add a thumbnail. It was not finding the file, although I was entering the url of the file. So then I tried uploading it into the cenita folder and just had the file name alone, it still didn’t work. Oddly enough I noticed a missing “p” on the beginning of my image link, so I added a “p” to my image’s file name and it worked.

For instance: my image location is at: http://www.yourwebsite.com/wp-content/themes/centita/test.jpg but in order to have a thumbnail show up I have to type ptest.jpg

Thanks your for notification, this should be work when you calling thumbnail image url from inside your site, as long the image url not from external link. i will recheck the code if there any potential bugs and make update soon



For now there’s only control for slideshow category and number of post, but i will considering your question in my update list.



Are you providing all files with the theme because here you are saying only layered psd.

Second, i can get logo with my firm’s name.

This theme is gr8 but reviewing all the discussion i came to know that you are coming with upgrade….shall i wait before buying

Regards avinash

Hi Avinash,

Yes, of course, all files is providing I forget when upload yesterday

To change the logo, you can replace it with your logo

It’s up to you if you want to buy this theme now, if you buy now you can download again after update, so no difference

Logo- I mean to say instead of Cetntita, can have my name- as it is – say Avinash?

regds avinash


Yes you can change to your name