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Great theme! I love it so far. Is is possible to decrease the font size of the horizontal menu?

Yes it possible, please open “style.css” and find this on the line 246 :

font-size: 18px;

change this with your size


Thank you for a really great theme.

I would like to know how to change the fonts of the headings, please can you assist.

Thanks Graham

please send email to
I will send instruction via email

Hello, How can I link categories to pages? Please look here at this URL and click on the first post and let me know what I am doing wrong since I only get a “Page not found” notification. Please help. Thanks.

Sorry I’m not sure what you mean, I did not found any URL you provided.

Thanks, Indonez

Sorry for not including the URL . Here it is : When I click on the post in the “Projects” menu or on the home page,I am redirected to this url: and I get a “page not found” message. Please help as I have to finish this for a client before Monday.

Also, please let me know how I can make sidebar widgets show up in the other pages like the “About” and “Contact” pages etc.

I love the theme. I installed it tonight and I want to figure out how to customize a couple of things. I bought this theme after reading this forum.

1. Can you exclude a page from the general sidebar when the same page is displayed? I have a Free Trial page that I want to show up everywhere except when the Free Trail page is up.

2.Can you make Read More read Click Here?

3.How do you get rid of the Read More box on the posts or pages when you display them in sidebars or widgets?

4.How do you change the flavicon?

Thank You!

1. this is can be done by excluding the pages from pages widgets, for more detail please visit this link

2. yes, you can simply replace Read More to Click Here by searching Read More in template file.

3. you have to open theme-widgets.php file that located in include folder, simply search Read More and replace with your own words

4. you can add flavicon manually in head section of header.php file.

Thanks, Indonez

Great theme, thanks.

Can you tell me how to change the size of the logo without changing the whole layout?

Thanks in advance.


Also, the search box isn’t working for some reason?

You can change the logo image size by resizing your logo image directly, please make sure you have redownload the latest theme, i have been update for search minor issue.

Thanks, Indonez

How do you get rid of the home page slider?

Please switch back your permalink to default setting, i think there’s a problem with your permalink setting.

you can simply add widgets by placing the widgets to each pages that you want to display.

I got the flavicon figured out. – I created the flavicon at this webiste,

Then used the Favicons plugin from the Wordpress site.

I changed the thumbnail height as you described on line 332 of theme-widgets.php and it’s still cutting off the top of my thumbnails that are 89×60 pixels. Any ideas?

My site it

Thanks for your help.

Please use fix image instead, it’s may cut by image scale from image resizing script.


Excellent Theme, I’m very impressed with it.

How would I swap the home page slideshow for my own Flash Slideshow? or more what file is the home page contents coming from, where could I modify it?

Thanks for your help

The default slideshow is in slideshow.php, and of course you can modify slideshow.php file to swith with your own flash slideshow.



Question : How do you get rid of the home page slider?

Answer : Please open header.php file and remove this code (line 80) : <?php include (TEMPLATEPATH.’/slideshow.php’);?>


Unable to use ” ’ ” in titles

The apostrophe does not appear in the page title. For example, Don’t appears as Dont

How can I fix this?


This caused by cufon font, you can use alternative cufon font. The default font “Nilland” not support for standard character

Thanks, Indonez

I am not using the default font. I’m using the Vernada font.

I’m using Vernada

That because your font does not support for non-english character, make sure you have checked the compability first before you using it

I have this font on my other sites without an issue. What am I looking for with a font to ensure I can use apostrophes? This is rather strange.

I reinstalled the font.js from the site, but I made sure I check the box for punctuation. All is well.

@ nard416

Please refer to this link this may useful information regarding your issue


Still have the same problem. When I use a bigger logo then recommended, the whole layout will be changed…

Please advise


Open style.css, and on the line 183 you will see:
#logo{width:600px; padding:16px 0px 0px 15px; float:left;}
change with
#logo{width:600px; height:79px; padding:0px 0px 0px 15px; float:left;}
after that, on the line 229 you will see:
list-style-type: none;
margin:20px 0px 0px 0px;
change with
list-style-type: none;
margin:11px 0px 0px 0px;

Thanks, but I would like to use a bigger logo. When I adjust these values, it still not works for me…

Hi indonez,

I’m trying to increase the height of the testimonials widget to allow more of the testimonial as well as the client name to be in view at the same time. I think it is #testimonials .scrollclearfix, but I cannot find this rule in the stylesheets. Can you help me find it please?

You can the following code at the end line in style.css :
#testimonials .scroll ul {
#testimonials .scroll ul li {
You can change the 200px to whatever you wish.

Thanks, Indonez

Hi Indonez,

Thank you as always for your wonderful support.

I would like to know if there is a way to add the Testimonial and Newsletter widgets to more than one page category sidebar… For example, if I put either of them on the homepage, they are no longer available for any other sidebars—I would like to be able to have the Testimonial and Newsletter widgets on ALL posts and pages (including the homepage).

In a related issue, I am finding that NO widgets appear on child pages AT ALL (for example: SERVICES > Web Design), even those assigned to “General Sidebar”... Can you fix?

Thank you!!

Yes the Testimonial and Newsletter does not support for multiple instance, if you want the widgets support for the child pages you have to modify code, i will give you direction, please open sidedebar.php and include/theme-widgets.php file then find this code :

$pageslist = get_pages('parent=0')

change 0 number to -1, so the code will look like this :

$pageslist = get_pages('parent=-1')

now you can add widgets to child pages.

Thanks, Indonez

@ Sjakie

Could you give me the url? I will check your problem

Hey there. Just downloaded your theme and it was just what I am looking for. Thanks much!

Curious as to how you recommend showing sub navigation for an About sort of page. Do I use the Pages widget and exclude the pages I don’t want to show up? Then, how i=did you get the copy to show up under the menu title?

Thanks, Pete

You can use company info widget, then enter the about page ID, if the about page have child pages, so you can enter the same page ID for field “Services (Parent) Page ID: ” instead of your services page ID

Thanks, Indonez

Where is the documentation? I assumed this template would come with directions.

How do you change the name of the sections? Is that in a panel or must this be done via editing the php?

You can find the documentation in help-file folder, i am not sure about panel you have mentioned, would you more specific please?