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Hello how do I add a slideshow image without any text ( no description and or title )

you can use nivo slider for this, just assign your page to Homepage Nivoslider page template, please refer to documentation for detail.


How do I change the distance from the logo to the menu? It’s too big right now but I cant see where to change it?

Thanks for the help.

try to add the following css code in theme options => styling options => custom css :

#header-wrapper {
    height: 58px;
you can increase or decrease 58px in height value.


Thank you!

When I click on a toggle link the page shifts to the right about 5 pixel. This does not happen when I’m logged into the WP admin. The same thing occurs on the theme demo site. How can I troubleshoot this?

did you tried to disable admin bar from your profile option?


Hi I’m having a problem displaying my website in different browsers. It works in Chrome and Safari but it doesn’t work in IE and Firefox.

The widgets are out of place and the style on the fonts isn’t working as it should on IE and Firefox. I’m using the most up to date browsers of IE and Firefox as well.

the site is

Could you please help

Hello, did you tried to remove your widget first? and be sure there’s no corrupt theme files during the upload process.


thank you that was it! I had an unclosed bracket in the css file

Thanks for a wonderful theme!

I have a small problem: In the frontpage widget area I have a “recent comments” widget and when somebody comments something it says: ‘Name’ on ‘topic’. I want to change the word “on” to a word in my language. Where in the code can I change that? Take a look in – widget number 3.


Its native WordPress widget instead of centita native widget, so I think you need to translate your WordPress site in your language.


Is there any way of getting my side bar child navigation in the same order as it is in the main menu?

Right now its in alphabetical order

you can manage your menu items order from WordPress menu manager, please go to Appearance => menus menu.


Yes thats how you do it for the actual navigation item but im talking about the SIDE BAR . If you click the link above you will see what im talking about on the right side of the page.

the child pages list in sidebar ordered base on WordPress native order, you can find this in sidebar.php file :

$children = wp_list_pages("title_li=&child_of=".$parent."&echo=0&depth=1&menu_order=sort_column");
you can change sort_column order in menu_order value parameter with another value, please visit


How do I change it so that it is no longer possible to click on a name of a comments on the blog and go to that website? I just want the name there but no website link opportunity..

Hello, this is native WordPress function.


01. Instead of an excerpt on the blog page I’d like to have the full content. How do I go about achieving that? 02. How do I remove the “Read More” link/box?

Hello, if you want to have full content, please open blog-template.php file and find below code :

<p><?php echo excerpt($blogtext);?></p>
now change the code to :
<?php the_content();?>
to remove read more link, find and remove below code :
<span class="read-more"><a href="<?php the_permalink();?>"><img src="<?php echo get_template_directory_uri();?>/images/read-more.gif" alt="" /></a></span>



I have recently started using centita and I was editing my footer.php file and now the divider between the page and the footer is at the top of my pages. How can I change this back?

Sorry for any inconvenience, but you did not have a “Purchased” badge.


How do i take the nivo slider off – i cant add any descriptions to my slideshow images

Hello, if you want to use main slider, please do not set your homepage as static front page at Settings => Reading options, just leave the options as WordPress default.


is there any way to have a cross fade effect for this main slider thats not the nivo?

Hi Indonez,

Is there a way to make the black overlay box and text on the homepage slider not animate and just stay static? If so please let me know what code needs to be updated.

Thanks Scott

Hi, unfortunately there’s no option for this, the overlay box will be animated automatically.


for some reason none of my bullets or number lists are working –

You can use use bullet list shortcode for this, eg.

...your unordered list content here

Hey buddy, is there any way of adding extra icons at the bottom of the theme? more specifically i want to add a series of small icons like visa card icons where the rss icon is, when i try to add some it breaks the layout. Any suggestions as to how i can add this in a better way?

Please open footer.php file and duplicate the <div id="rss-img">...</div> section and replace the image with your own uploaded image url.


thank you for the reply buddy, my problem is that all icons don’t appear on the same line but rather one bellow the other. I edited the footer.php and added them ontop of the copyright text, as there is more space on a straight line there. I didn’t want to edit anything in the CCS . Is there any other way of doing it that might be upgrade proof? Perhaps adding a separate section in the template in the future?

Hey there, any way I can change the styling / font of the text in the drop down menu to be different from the main menu?


Hello, the styling for main navigation located in css/jqueryslidemenu.css file, you can change the styling from there.



Since updating to WP 3 .4 this theme now seems to interfere with Gravity Forms and a few other plugins.

See GF response to my queries below:

So, I went ahead and pulled up the two forms side by side. The same issue is also technically happening on the other form as well, you just can’t see it because the descriptions are set to show above the field, to where as the new link you sent has the descriptions set to show below the field.

If you take a look at this screenshot you’ll see that something is injecting paragraph tags around the date picker field. Gravity Forms doesn’t add any extraneous markup such as paragraph or break tags. Usually this means a script in your theme or script in your plugin is placing those.

Those paragraph tags are in the other form as well, as I mentioned above. You can always check for a theme/plugin conflict to try to track down the culprit or you could simply set the description to be above the field as a quick fix instead.

Would really appreciate any assistance you might be able to provide.

Thanks, whitcombej

Hello, could you please provide me your site url regarding your issue?


How do I exclude the slideshow content from the search section.

Hello, the search function is native WordPress functionality, so there’s no option for this in Centita theme.


I am looking to purchase this theme for a client—can you tell me please if it is or will be 3.4 compatible thanks.


yes it’s compatible with WordPress 3.4 version.

Thanks for your interest :)

Thanks for the response – I will look at purchasing the theme in the next few days.

1 more question - I noticed there may be an issue with gravity forms integration - can you tell me if this has been resolved as I use this plugin exclusively for my sites as well.

Hi, I have not tested with gravity problem, but just let me know if you still have a problem.



The slideshow does not work properly for me.

I have followed your instructions perfectly and still no joy.

Is there anything that you can do to help?


Hi, did you tried to chmod to 777 the cache folder of centita theme?


I have tried this and has made no difference. Anything else that you can recommend?

Hi Indonez,

More requests from my client. Is there a way to make the Latest News and Testimonials widgets not animate and be static, and still have the arrows to click through the widget? The main request is that both widgets do not animate.

Thanks Scott

Hi, unfortunately there’s no option for this, you need to modify the code and and markup structure.



Great theme. I have a question. I see the slider size is 960×280. How can I change the height of this slider? I’d like a larger height, maybe 350px or even 400px.

Thx, Yanny

I have replied in your last comment.