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Dear Indonez,

Please help. I get the error below while installing your theme. Could you please help

Installing Theme from uploaded file: themeforest-82640-centita-minimalist-business-wordpress-theme.zip

Unpacking the package… Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Hello, please unzip first your theme download package, go to theme folder and extract centita.zip file, now you can upload centita theme from ftp, please refer to documentation or http://support.envato.com/index.php?/Knowledgebase/Article/View/269/0/my-wordpress-theme-isnt-working-what-should-i-do


Hi. I’ve setup the theme for a colleague of mine. The images for the sliders are exactly 280px in height, but they appear to be chopped off at the bottom by about 20 pixels. I’ve browsed pages and pages of posts, but can’t find anything. And I can’t find the setting in the style sheet that might be affecting it. Any suggestions? http://braveheartconsulting.com/

Hello, the fix size for slideshow is 960×280px, if you want to change the slider height, please open slideshow.php file and find below code :

<img src="<?php echo get_template_directory_uri();?>/timthumb.php?src=<?php echo thumb_url();?>&h=280&w=960&zc=1" alt="<?php the_title(); ?>" title="<?php the_title();?>" />
replace 280 with your own height size.


On the sidebar for the centitate theme, there is a blue line that looks to be about 4-5 pixels. Could you point me to where in the stylesheet the color is for it? I’ve searched and searched and played with different colors, but can’t find it. Thanks in advance!

Hello, it’s used image, top-border-side.gif , you can find this in images folder of centita theme


Hi! I sent you an e-mail. I’ve the same problem of the user “yesssi” (none of the images in the homepage is shown up… only the logo is visible). I didn’t understand how he could solve the problem… Thx

Hi, I have replied your email.


P.S. I’ve already chmod to 777 the cache folder of centita theme…


I upgraded to WordPress version 3.4 and WP WYSIWYG editor is missing.

I disabled all plugins and still missing.

Choosing the theme Twenty Eleven, WP WYSIWYG editor works.

Hi, ok just contact me from my profile page regarding your issue.


I think this is probably a very stupid question, but I cannot see how to load the images into the slider for the front page. I have loaded the theme, and chosen the Nivo Slider template for the homepage. I also tried adding on the s3slider plugin as well. The front page of the site looks like it has a slide “space” there now, with a dot underneath. But I cannot work out how to actually “load” an image into the space. I followed the s3slider instructions about allowing 777 permissions, and was able to upload into the plugin. But cannot see how to add to centita. I tried looking for the documentation in the zip file, but that was just a link to your site. I did have an issue installing the theme, and needed to follow you manual instructions via FTP . don’t know if that would affect things?! site is http://www.copymonitoring.com/clients thanks …

Hello, basically you just need to set your image for slideshow items in Featured Image box at the right hand side of the page when you creating/editing your slideshow items.

I checked your site and there’s no problem with the slideshow now.


My original download was corrupted. I downloaded again, and this has fixed my issues about documentation, and loading slideshows. I also had a gallery plugin installed which disabled slideshow. That is all fixed, but I wonder if you can please shed some light on how to get the s3slider/nivo slider captions to pop up the same way as they do in your demo site. So far I have only been able to have them ‘appear’ up on the left. – but your demo they slide-up on the right. that is the effect I am looking for.


Hello, the s3slider/nivo slider, used from your slideshow title and content, so be sure you have added title and some content for your slider, pleas do not set your homepage as static front page in Settings => Reading options, just leave it as WordPress default.


Great theme, love the look and feel. I have an issue with the slider. something is awry with the comments. THey are showing up, but with an overlay of the ghost image. Very strange. Can you take a look?


Hello, looks like the problem because you have attached an image for your slider, please set your image for slider in Featured Image box instead.


I have version 1.3 on my website currently, what is the easiest way to update to the newest version without a ton of work?

there’s no backward compability in latest version of centita theme with the old version, since all theme files has been modified to accommodate the latest WordPress features, you need to reconfigure your theme options and your site content.


Gravity Forms

I thought I would let you know…in my previous comment I asked (before purchase) if there was an issue with the formatting with gravity forms.

It appears there is I will post a version so you can see…nothing that some tweaking to the CSS wont fix but it seems to be interfering with the plugin.

I do not want to use the nivo slider but if I change the home page settings to default the main content doesn’t come up—what am I missing ?


driving me nuts ! ! !

How do I use the s3slider on the homepage instead of the nivo slider ?

There is no options in the page templates section of the page settings ????

I can’t find it in the documentation either ????

Please help

never mind figured it out…was the reading settings.

You might want to put into your documentation that in order for the home pages to display as per the demo site you dont need to adjust the reading settings - :)

ok great and glad it’s working now :), just leave all options as WordPress default in Settings => Reading options to use s3slider.


Hi, thank you for making this nice theme.

Is it possible to insert images in the testimonial-widget? Or is there any other way of having images occur in the same manner of a sidebar?

best regards, Gunnbjørg

Hi, by default there’s no option for this, but you can modify the code to accommodate this, just contact me from my profile page regarding your question.



Great job on this theme. I am wondering if you might be able to help me with a couple of questions:

1. In the top right corner of the theme where the search box displays I would like to remove the search box and insert an option to sign-up for a newsletter in that area. Where can I find that area in the code and any advice on inserting a sign-up form?

2. I have a lot of links in my main menu navigation and this causes the last link to be pushed down to the next row. Where in code can I adjust the padding on the individual navigation column to shorten the width?

Thank you in advance for your help!


1) please open header.php file and find below code :

<div id="search-box"> ... </div>
just replace all code inside above div section.

2) try to add the following css code in theme options => styling options => custom css :

 .jqueryslidemenu ul li a{ padding:4px 15px;}
reduct 15px at above code.


Thank you! That fixed those problems completely. Now that I am a bit further along in customization I have a few more questions that I hope you won’t mind answering.

1. How can I remove the feature boxes on the home page? I tried to go into the code but I am doing something wrong and creating a syntax error. Any advice?

2. Everything that I enter into my homepage shows up on my blog page (which is not what I want). In addition the nivoslider appears on my blog and NOT my homepage. I want a home page that is separate from my blog with the nivoslider. How do I make that happen?

3. In the documentation you talk about all of the extra things needed to make the images function correctly. I have been trying for hours trying to figure out how to change permissions and check for a GD Library. I have called the support line for my hosts but they need more information on what I am asking and I don’t know how to answer their questions! This is quite advance for what I thought was a plug & play theme. I have no idea where to look and what to fix if I ever get there. Do you have step by step instructions for this?

I am on a deadline and I have worked with many other themes before and not had concerns like this. Can you please help clear this up for me so that I can make my deadline? Thank you.


I was able to figure questions one and two out by scouring through the pages and pages of comments.

However, with number three I worked through the questions with my host provider. Here’s the deal… I have 777 permissions set now for the Centita cache and for the TimThumb php (they were at 755). Nothing changed. I then checked for the GD Library and the mod security settings with the host… those were both cleared as well. I have also uploaded the sample data and I have the slides inserted that were included. Therefore I know they are the right size and set as feature images. I am trying to use the slider in the demo so my reading is not set for static pages, just WordPress default.

In short, I have tried EVERYTHING recommended so far and my images are still NOT working. They show up as small boxes. Can you please help?


Thank you

Hello, centita theme used timthumb.php script and it’s will not working with ip address, public user folder and dns domain preview, please install your site in actual domain / subdomain name instead.


Hi There,

I cant seem to get the Slider working on the homepage. I have followed all the instructions outlined in the previous posts and also in your documentation. I have uploaded the dummy content and they aren’t appearing. I am getting the text, i am getting the little dots below the photos, but no photos appearing. I look forward to your comments.

Hi, did you tried to chmod to 777 the cache folder of centita theme? could you please provide me your site url regarding your issue?


Hi there – having problems with 3.4.1 upgrade of WP – it corrupts my menu – please advise. Thanks www.biosig-id.com

Hi, I checked your site, looks like there’s no problem with your menu items there.



How do i change the size of the slider to 449×209? What php and css edits do i need to make? Also if i reduce the width can i centre the slider? thanks

Hi, the actual size for slideshow is 960×280px, you can change this slideshow.php file, find the following code :

<img src="<?php echo get_template_directory_uri();?>/timthumb.php?src=<?php echo thumb_url();?>&h=280&w=960&zc=1" alt="<?php the_title(); ?>" title="<?php the_title();?>" />
replace 280 for height and 960 for width with your own size.