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Also i would like to remove the fact that on every page, the title and the description of the page is put in the header of the page (the h1 h2 tags). I would like to remove them from every page. Thanks

try to add the following css code in theme options => styling options => custom css :

#maintext h2, #maintext .page-subtitle { display : none;}



After following the instructions, the slider on the home page only displays the image and title and not the content (ie: a bullet list and read more button)

I’ve checked everything, but your demo does not seem to render the slider the samer at all. Also where do i select between the s3slider and the nivo???



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Missing instructions on how to use the s3 slider once switched to nirod, whatever.

I am running wordpress 3.4.1 and the widget area is corrupted and does not work. Is there a fix for this?

I am running wordpress 3.4.1 and the widget area is corrupted and does not work. Is there a fix for this?

not sure what you mean, could you please more detail regarding your questions? or you can provide me your site url regarding your issue.


oh, also how do I adjust to use the nivo slider. It will not do the slice and can’t remove the pop up text from coming up.

Hello, you need to create a page first and assign your page to Nivo slider page template, set your page as static front page in Settings => Reading settings, please refer to documentation for detail.


Hi, how do I change the subtitles in the menu bar? Also, how do I delete the subtitles showing on each page?

Hi, you can add your menu subtitle from Appearance => menus menu, just expand each your menu items and add the subtitle in description box.


Also, how do i change the photo on the portfolio page to ‘verticle’? I couldn’t find the alternative template you mentioned

there’s no vertical layout for portfolio tamplate, the portfolio template only available in one template.


Hi, Im having issues with the contact form. I moved the contact form to the home page as you can see here I added and changed some of the variables.

The issue that Im having is the 2 original values “email” & “name” come through and show up on the email with no issues but the new variable such as “Phone”, “State” or “product” dont show up. I updated the info on the sendemail.php page and the contact form code i altered and added to the sidebar page. It seems like im missing something somewhere – any suggestions?

This might help too: sidebar.php – sendemail.php –

Your page isn’t allowing my own custom variables.


the contact form page template only used for predefined contact page, this will not working when you place the form in other section, you can use plugin like contact form 7 as replacement.


Great theme!

Thank you :)

I just have a question:

I’m using Firefox on a Mac, and when I set the “title attribute” for the menu (assuming this is the nav subtitle), it doesn’t actually show up on the site. Help?

Thank you

Hi Guys, Wondering if you could help me, everything is great with Centita!

Today I uploaded a new slideshow image to the slideshow and afterwards when I view the website only the overlay for the first slideshow image shows and the rest display without the overlay.

I then replaced all the nivo slider files from my original Centita download and its still not working

Anyone have any solutions to this?

View the site:

Hello, looks like the problem at the following code :

afterChange: function(){$('.slider1').css('border-radius', '4px'} // Triggers after a slide transition
Please try to remove above code at your s3slider initialization.



I did what you said and still have a problem. It was functioning perfectly until I added a new slider image and then it broke. Anything else I could try?

I’ve installed this theme for a friend and the Shortcuts don’t work on the home page, especially the bulletlist.

Any ideas?


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hello, I don’t seem to be able to change the color for the blog post title to #008000 despite many attempts – Any advice?

Hello, Looks like there’s no problem with your title heading color now.



I have run into small problem while displaying drop-down menu in IE (working fine in firefox and chrome).

I have sent you the url of my site through private message.

Your early reply will be highly appreciated.


Hi there,

I contacted you last two months ago regarding the removing of hte Get a free Quote section in the portfolio-page.php file.

I have removed the code you instructed me to remove. For some reason, the Get A Free Quote is STILL showing up. Is there something overriding my php file?

I really need to get rid of this as my client is becoming quite irritated with it STILL on the site.

Can you please look into this?

The site is, go to the Speakers page and click on any of the links to see the Get A Free Quote line.


Hello, did you tried to remove below code both in portfolio-template.php and taxonomy_portfolio-category.php files? :
<div class="quote">

                      $getquote_title = get_option('centita_getquote_title'); 
                      $getquote_icon = get_option('centita_getquote_icon');
                      $getquote_text = get_option('centita_getquote_text');
                      $contacentita_email = get_option('centita_info_email');
                    <img src="<?php echo $getquote_icon ? $getquote_icon : get_template_directory_uri().'/images/quote-paper.jpg';?>" alt="" class="imgleft" />
                    <h2><?php echo $getquote_title ? $getquote_title :"Get a free Quote";?></h2>
                    <?php if ($getquote_text !="") echo "<p>$getquote_text</p>";?> 


Another note to make:

I cleared the cache after uploading the new php file and replacing the old one.

I can see the div.quote when I use Firebug but cannot locate it to remove it.

And just one other thing, my client does not want the ‘All’ option in the portfolio, can you direct me to the code to remove this option?


to remove “All” filter button, please open portfolio-template.php and taxonomy_portfolio-category.php files, find and remove below code :

<li><a class="<?php if (!get_query_var('portfolio_category')) echo 'current'; ?>" href="<?php echo get_page_link($portfolio_pid->ID);?>"><?php echo __('All','ecobiz');?></a></li>


Pre-sales questions.

1. How hard is it to make background changes? 2. I want to incorporate UberMenu, is the theme stable enough? 3. Are you still supporting the theme and if so, for how long?




1) you can manage this by adding additional css code from theme options => styling options => custom css box

2) I have not tested the centita theme with the Ubermenu plugin, basically the plugin just replace the actual menu from centita theme

3) yes I am always supporting my WordPress themes.


Hi Indonez

I once had a problem with your theme and you could solve it. Now I got a new problem that appeared recently.

I’m using your pagelist shortcode this way:

[pagelist parent_page="85" num="7" orderby="date"]

But somehow, I don’t understand why, it is also listing pages that aren’t even subpages of the one that uses the shortcode.

Why is this happening? It was working perfectly since yesterday and I can’t figure out why it does not work correctly any more.

I hope you can help me.

Hi, be sure you have the same page title and page slug for each your parent pages.