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FYI: It appears you have not removed all the code for the timthumb functionality from the page block widgets. When those widgets are used the images break due to timthumb code being called still.

ok thanks for your information, I will recheck the theme code functionality.


Hi there, I dont seem to be getting a reply to my posts about this.

I updated to the newer version and the site it STILL being redirected to adult sites from mobile/cell access.

I really need to get this sorted for the client as they are furious with this.


Hi, I am not sure what causing this problem, maybe your database has been injected with some script, so please try to check your database.


Hi I have little problem with blog template. Look on my site: When you try go into previous entries of posts you see this page:

I would like to set it in a way that actually displayed the previous entries. How can i do this?

ok just contact me from my profile page regarding your issue with your site login, let me check directly at your site.


Hi, I sent you few dayes ago mail with login to my page. Do you check out the case yet?

I have replied your email.


Hi, I something has gone awry with my Centita theme. For some reason the slideshow has stopped worked and instead only shows the loading graphic. Also the font for the menu and headings has reset to Time New Roman (or possibly Georgia or something similar). I cannot find what is causing the issue. I have reinstalled the theme using version 2.2 and have also deleted the slideshow and started again following the simple instructions in the documentation exactly. Do you know what might be causing this? I have had to take the website down while the issue persists.

I tried to login to the Indonez support site to send you a set of login details so that you could see the problem however themeforest didn’t provide a purchase code as is required by the Indonez support site. If you would like some login details so as to be able to see the problem please email me at junips @

Many thanks.

ok I will try to check your problem.


Indonez, have you had a look? Do you have an answer?

It is now three weeks since my original request for help with the theme and I am yet to hear from you. I have emailed you the site address and a set of login details. This lack of support is really quite disappointing. Without any assistance I will be forced to use an alternate theme.

is there a quick start xml file for this? my client purchased this template and wants to use it on their site, but I didnt see a quick start in the package – if you could send it to me that wold be great!

yes the xml sample data included with the theme package, you can download the latest version from your themeforest download link.


Hello, can you tell me how to set the order for the slideshow. I can’t figure out how does the plugin work and it sets the order. can you help me, please?

Hello, did you tried to manage this from theme options => slideshow setting => slideshow item order option?


HI There, Just purchased this theme for a client and can’t seem to get the top bar to display the pages, ie about, contact, etc.

Is there a way to activate this bar that I may have overlooked? I have published pages and they have not shown up. Thanks,


Hi, you can manage this from Appearance => menus menu page, you can easily include and order your menu items from there, please refer to documentation for detail.


Hi Indonez,

When i create a blog post with images inside and publish this i see this is the blogpost: [gallery order=”DESC” columns=”2” ids=”181,182”] how to avoid this?


Hi, did you installed the latest verison of centita theme? or could you please provide me your site url?


Please try to update your centita theme to 2.2 version, you can download the latest version from your themeforest download link.


Hi, I’ve installed this theme and all is good EXCEPT I can’t get the slideshow on the homepage to work. I have followed the instructions in the documentation provided with the theme, but still can’t make it work – it just shows the name of the slideshow on the home page, but not the image. I’m also having difficulties with the images for the feature boxes on the home page – have uploaded them but when I preview the page they don’t appear, just white space. My website is, prompt help would be greatly appreciated, let me know if you need any more information from me. Thanks.

Hello, if you want to use main slider, you dont need to set your homepage as static front page in Settings => Reading options, just leave all options as WordPress default, be sure you have set your image at Featured Image box when you creating the slideshow items.


I have entered a description for each menu item but they are not showing up on my main menu. Thanks.

For menu items, be sure you have managed this from Appearance => menus menu, expand each your menu items and fill subtitle in description box, please refer to documentation for detail.


I did all that, still nothing (according to the documentation)

ok if you dont mind, please PM me your site login from our support forum at


It is not working with the dummy data either

Hi, I am setting up the contact page. I have installed the dummy data. I want to get the contact page looking like your demo site. On the contact info tab there is no box for google api as it shows in the documentation and none of the info i do put in here appears. please see here and advise: Cheers

I checked your url and there’s no centita theme installed there.



Thanks very much for this theme. Overall it’s quite great. I am having an issue however getting images to show up with the Nivo slider. I’ve made the images featured on each slideshow page and mimicked the settings in the documentation provided.

The site address is

No images appear. The uploaded images are in jpeg format.

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

I’ve just seen that this is compatible with only wordpress 2.9. Maybe that is why I couldn’t get the contact page working. Does it make a difference? Should I Uninstall wordpress 3.5.1 and install 2.9? Will there be an upgrade?

Hello, the theme compatible with WordPress 3.5, so you can still use 3.5 version.


Hi, I need help for my “Services” page therefore I’m asking you:

1) how can I edit/change excerpt lengths?

2) how is it possible to align 3 elements as if they were a vertial list of items instead of being aligned as a grid (actual alignement), but still preserving thumbnails and excerpts?



1) you can use excerpt box for each your services child pages

2) not sure what you meant, could you please more detail regarding your question?



I bought this theme and got quite far in getting it to look how I had hoped. One question though:

How can I change the look of the site description on the first page (the content which is set through the centita settings.) And how would I replace this content with the content from a specific page?

thank you for helping out.

you can use html tags in welcome section setting and you can wrap some text with some links there.


Hi there, thanks for such a lovely theme. I’m trying to change the colour of the blue bars in the bottom right hand corner. How can i go about this? Thanks!

Hi, it used an image, for sidebar line, find top-border-side.gif file that located in images folder of centita theme and replace with your own image with the same name, do the same think bottom section, just find bg-container-bottom.gif file.


Thanks Indonez – sorry, where abouts can I find the images folder exactly?

Sorry, one more question – how can I add a social media button the the menu bar? Thanks

Hi, you need to modify the code for this, since by default there’s no social link section in menu bar, or you can try to install social link plugin and follow the plugin documentation.


Thanks very much.

Hi Indonex, i like your theme. I have a problem. See web: My problem is that i want remove or modify the text under menù. For example: Under HOME the text welcom – Under ABOUT the text about our company, etc. Wher i can remove or modify that text???? Thanks for reply

Hi, please go to Appearance => menus menu, at the top right the page there’s Screen Options button, just click it and check description option, now expand each your menu items, add/modify the subtitle from the description box.


Unable to get slideshow images to show up. Followed instructions, still not working. Any suggestions on where to start testing?