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Hi, I bought your template, it’s exactly what I was looking for, thank you very much,

Only one question, when using the Portfolio Alternative template (the one with a snippet of text – not the one you use in your live preview) if I click in the title in the modal window is not doing anything, I’d like it to close the modal window and then redirecting to the page of post (permalink). I’ve changed the template adding target=_parent, _top and didn’t solve it, do you know what can I do?

Thank you very much,


I have tried to enable the permalink in modal windows and it’s does not work, i think that because fancybox modal overlay, and have searched around in fancybox website and did not found any soluton yet.

I’ve fixed using xxx instead of href thanks

The information appears to be for an earlier version and/or is incomplete —is there any documentation for the latest version? Or something that clarifies how to add a page as a template?

It says:

Adding new pages

Go to admin panel => Pages => Add new Create About Us,Blog, Services, Portfolio and Contact Us page

It shows a screen capture—but the New Pages admin panel doesn’t show any options for adding a page as a template or any drop-down menu for a template. Does this require a plugin?

Hello Indonez, thousand thanks from France for this awesome theme, probably on of the best business theme for Wordpress.

I would like to know if there is a way to let the slideshow link to pages and not only posts ?

Thank you !

For now the slideshow only support for posts instead of pages, you may need to editing the code for slideshow if you want using pages as slideshow.

i found the reason why my panel didn’t look like your screen captures, why I couldn’t use the templates and a host of other strange problems at http://wordpress.org/support/topic/294381#post-1154417. The templates are now accessible and showing up in the menu navigation.

However, after doing a system “jog,” the slideshow completely disappeared. Any ideas on how to get it back.

Please provide me your url, let me help to check.

Site is nearly complete. Just wanted to know if you have any plans to create a drop down menu or do you have a way for me to add this functionality? Thanks! Awesome support.


I am not planning for adding drop down menu functionality yet, since it’s look ugly with dropdown menu.

Does the theme support two service pages? I’m trying to create an about page with several pages under it. I want it to appear like the other service page. However, the other service page comes up and the the headers are the only thing that changes. Can you help me fix this?


The theme only support for one services pages, i can create you one more services page template but if you dont mind i will charge $10 for this.

Does the theme give me the ability to widen the top header so I can use a larger logo. The space is too small? I just need to make it 290W x 91H. Thank you


Please open style.css file and find this code( line 183):
#logo{width:600px; padding:16px 0px 0px 0; float:left;}
and change to :
#logo{width:600px; height:91px; padding:0px 0px 0px 15px; float:left;}

What is the best way to change the order of items listed on a page using the services template?


Hello ,

you can try WP native function to order the pages list, the link can be found here : http://codex.wordpress.org/Template_Tags/query_posts#Orderby_Parameters now you can open services-template.php file and find this code (line 18) :


now you can change to somehing like this :


you can the bold text above with parameter that provided by WP function.

Thanks, Indonez

anyone ever figure out how to ad ”...” before the READ MORE buttons on the Slider?

I purchased your theme and am enjoying it so far but have a question.

I was hoping to use the portfolio section as a video page with separate video postings. Will it only allow still images? Or is it possible to post videos as actual posting.

I know that I can just embed video within the Video page, but would like to make separate video postings with descriptions, etc.

Thanks you in advance for your assistance.

My URL http://www.jeffrasansky.com

Thank for purchasing my theme.

for now the portfolio page only support for images, need more code modification if you want to use video posts as your portfolio. or you can try to use video plugins out there.

Is there anyway to limit the wordcount when using the page to box widget?

you can change the default value by editing theme-widgets.php that located in include folder and change this code (line 315) :

<?php excerpt(30);?>

you can chnage the words number by changing 30 number as you desire.

Hello again. Thanks for your help so far in setting up this theme. I have another question for you. I’m using the Pages widget for a sub-navigation in the about section of a website, http://blog.saintjohnsclub.com. It appears on the Parent page but I’d like it (and other widgets) to also appear on all child pages. How is this possible?

Thanks, Pete

If you want the widgets support for the child pages you have to modify code, i will give you direction, please open sidedebar.php and include/theme-widgets.php file then find this code :

$pageslist = get_pages('parent=0')

change 0 number to -1, so the code will look like this :

$pageslist = get_pages('parent=-1')

now you can add widgets to child pages.

Some problems with widgets:

1. All the html is stripped to text only. Is there any way to keep the html?

2. When the widgets truncate the text, it adds one period which looks strange. How can I add ”...” to show the reader there is more text?

3. Latest News widget—how can I make these into clickable links?


1. the text formatting for widgets has been stripped, because when they enable, this will be break the layout.

2. you need to open related widgets file, all file are located in widgets folder, just open necessary file that you want to add ’...’ , find this <?php excerpt($num);?> then make to something like this : <?php excerpt($num). ’ ...’; ?>

3. Please redownload the latest theme, i have already made title clickable.

For anyone else who wants three trailing periods for widget truncation:

I tried <?php excerpt($num). ’ …’; ?> and many variations within the brackets and nothing worked. However, it does work to put the periods outside the brackets, but within the paragraph tags. For example:

<?php excerpt(20);?>..



Just wondering how easy it is to change the colours of this theme? It’s a beautiful theme & just what I’m looking for, however, I need to use a different colour to the blue you’ve used. Is it easy to change with the colour code I prefer?

Cheers, Kristy

You can change the text and link color from style.css file, here the code for link and paragraph styling :

a{color:#2f87aa; text-decoration:none;}
p, ul, ol, blockquote{

you can change the color value with something you have prepare, also you need to change PSD file for the images color.

Thanks, Indonez

I have changed the values in the CSS , that you gave me in a earlier post. I’m still not able to use my size logo: 149px × 145px.

Also my search box at the top does not work. When I enter a word, it just shows me the homepage.

I have the newest template installed.

Hope to hear from you.


Please provide me your url, let me help you to check.

Please provide me your ftp let me help me to check in fix it, send your ftp detail via email to templates@indonez.com

Does anyone else have a problem with the Related Post section. Here is an example:


How can I remove the document text and image and only leave the title?

please open theme-functions.php file that located in include folder and remove this code (under

<?php the_title();?>

&lt;?php if (get_post_meta($post->ID,"thumbnail",true)) {?&gt;                
 ID,"thumbnail",true);?&gt;&amp;h=110&amp;w=150&amp;zc=1" alt="&lt;?php the_title(); ?&gt;" class="imgleft" />
 &lt;?php } else { ?&gt;
 <?php the_title(); ?>         
 &lt;?php } ?&gt;
 &lt;?php excerpt(20);?&gt;

this line of code is the part get_related_post() function.

Thanks, Indonez

Hello. Thank you for the theme.

I am trying to modify the speed of the slide transition in the slide show. Where can I find that? Thanks.

please open header.php file and find this code :

jQuery(document).ready(function($) { jQuery(’#slider1’).s3Slider({ timeOut: 6000 }); });

now you can change timeOut value to something lower, eg : 3000.


I have translated most of your theme in french for my client. I just don’t try how to have accent (eg. é) in the footer text or comment-blog. It inserts an ? instead.

Another thing, how to get rid of the “Search” text in the search bar in the header?

Thank your for your help


Oh and another term I’m not able to locate for my translation :

Related Post for the blog posts.

Thank you again


If you want to remove the search text in search box please open header.php file and find this code (about line 57):

you just need to remove this part :

onblur="if (this.value  ''){this.value = 'Search'; }" onfocus="if (this.value  'Search') {this.value = ''; }"

and the value=”Search” , just remove the Search in value tag.

for related post please open theme-functions.php file, find this line :

echo ' 

Related Posts


This is the heading for the related post blog.