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Hi, I was told to change this to make bigger images on the frontage. But it’s not working. It’s only making the area around the image bigger, but not the image:

.icon { height:156px; width:100px; }

What should I do?

Another thing: When I put a widget in the “Home box 1 or 2” area the two boxes disappear as they should but my new widget will not show up! Why is that?

And the last thing! :) How can I create a line in the menu on the RIGHT side of each menu point? Right now it’s only on the left, so there is missing one in the last menu point. Thank you!

I have replied your email regarding your questions.


Hi, We created this website with your Centita theme but we see a problem with the slider. Using explorer it works ok, but using another browsers, we see that when we add images we notice a brief flash of each image before the transition effect (the image is flashing before transition to another image).


I checked your site in major browser and there’s no problem as you mentioned, the slideshow section looks fine.


I’ve tried contacting you in Support and have not heard back. Here is my post in the support section:

I am using the Text widget in my Homepage Sidebar. When I use this widget in the sidebar it automatically forms the styled box around the widget, but when I use the same widget in the Homepage Box 1 or Homepage Box 2 widget area, the styled box does not appear and I’m left with the plain html. Can you provide me with the code that would style the Text widget for the Homepage Boxes the same as it does for the sidebar?

For reference, my URL is I am currently using the Featured News widget for the Homepage boxes because the styling works but would like to switch to the Text widget.

Hi, try the following format if you want to use the sidebar box container in homepage 1 & 2 widget place :

<div class="box-main">
<div class="sidebox-top" />
<div class="sidebox">
  <h3>Company Profile</h3>
  <p>your text here</p>
just replace the title and text with your own.


Thank you! That worked but it broke the Homepage Sidebar and the footer (Homepage sidebar appears on top of new Homepage Boxes 1 & 2 and Footer appears right beneath the slider). Any suggestions? Appreciate your help

Hi, I checked your site looks like there’s no problem with the homepage sidebar there.


Theme Updated to 3.0 version :

  • Updated all theme files to accommodate the WordPress latest features
  • Updated the layout to responsive design

Please redownload the theme if you want to use responsive layout and the new centita theme features :)



I’m considering purchasing this theme and wondering if you had any images of the admin panel. The reason I am asking is for how easy it would be to to change out fonts, header and menu colors without having to go through and tweak a lot of code.


Hi, you can view the styling options for centita theme here, you can also add your own additional css code from custom css box.

Thanks for your interest.

Hi, lovely theme!

Do this theme has: > boxed layout option > background change option, so we can put any image of there.


Hi, for now there’s no official option for this, but you can use custom css box to add additional css code for your background image.

Thanks for your interest.

I am using the version 2.2 of the template (I made several changes and I don’t the update the theme). I wanted to know how can I do to hide the references to the author and the post category, in the blog page, leaving visible other information (comments and date of publication). I would also like to change the date format that appear in English (only on this page!). In which file I can work? I tried to change the file blog.template.php, but nothing happens. :-( thanks

Hi, please open blog-template.php and archive.php file, find and remove below code :

<?php the_category(',');?>   |   <?php the_author_posts_link();?>  |  
you can change the date format from <?php the_time('F d, Y');?> with the another format, please see


I already tried to make these changes but it does not work. It appears that the file blog.template.php doesn’t have effect on the site. If I try, in fact, to delete it from the folder of the template, I can see the page of the blog on my site!

you can PM our support staff (imaulana) to check your error, just provide him your site login from the support site.


Hi, is there form elements? Like checkbox?

Hi, there’s no additional form feature in centita theme, but you can use plugin like contact form 7 if you need more features.

Thanks for your interest.

Hi, I used to have this a long time ago, lost my account as I don’t remember it so I re purchased and updated the theme. My old font is not there anymore though and I need and want it back. How do I use Century Gothic again?

Also the pagination isn’t working on my blog, any ideas why? I have the post numbers set in reading and in the theme options.

Hi, you can manage your font styling from Theme options => Styling options, both for header and body text, for blog paging, could you please provide me your site url regarding your issue?



I’m working on the Centita theme for a client and I’m using the second homepage. Could you please tell me how to edit the “Elegand” sub columns under the slider? I don’t manage to find them. Is it possible to link them to a page or post?

Thank you!

ok great, glad it’s working now :)

Thanks, it’s very nice! :) But I actually don’t manage to make the links on the partners’ logos to direct to the websites. I’m talking about the links on the frontage (2) sliders. What should I do?

Hi, you can wrap your heading title in homepage 2 boxes section inside the <a href="...">...</a>


How do I center the menu items in the nav menu?

Hi, try to add the following css code in theme options => styling options => custom css :

#mainmenu ul li { text-align: center;}


I’ve already been to the Indonez Support forums on my issue but was not given a workable solution yet. I would like to emphasis a problem with the icon shortcode function for the grey icons. The size perimeters does not change when you specify the size you want, they are only very tiny. I would hope a future release would fix this problem.

I have replied your question in support forum.


Hi, I’ve downloaded the latest version of the theme, and uploaded it. When I switch theme in WP, the website becomes like a new fresh installation, with no articles, portfolio items, ecc… How should I proceed? Is there some settings to change to “link” the old database? Thanks.

Hi, you can import xml sample data from the centita theme download package if you need quick content for your site and configure each sections, please refer to documentation for detail.


Hi, We have downloaded the latest version but we are facing some issues like We can not use the default Side bar menu in each page. Also all the pages displays short-codes which we use for old version.

Need help for this.


Hi, you can use plugin like sidebar generator if you want to use unique sidebar for each pages, since there’s a bug for sidebar widget in older version, so we have updated this.


Is there a way to make the background of tabs transparent?

Hi, try to add the following css code in theme options => styling options => custom css :

ul.tabs li { background-image: none;}


Hi there,

I am using the nvio slider as my homepage, but for some reason the centita settings are not working. For example, the homepage boxes are not appearing, and the logo and favicon choices have no effect.

I have patched the issue with the site logo by replacing the default centita logo using FTP, but want to use the homepage boxes.

Any ideas?

Also, can I justify the text for the homepage text and footer etc?

Hi, weh have updated the centita with responsive layout and more options and features, so please try to update your centita theme to latest version, you can download the latest version from your themeforest download link.


I recently purchased this theme and have tried every which way to get the Google Map and Contact Form to show up and they still won’t show up. I’ve tried the single line address in the Contact setting page and many embed codes in the sidebar widget.

Indonez is not answering questions on their support forum. Has anyone else been able to find out how to fix this?

This is the site:

I have replied your question in support forum.


Hi, I am unable to register with your support forum. I have entered the purchase code and everything. Now I am supposed to verify my email, but I don’t receive a confirmation email. I tried to sign up with a different email, but again, I don’t receive the confirmation email. Please help!!

I have found an answer to my question about the navigation menu, but I would still very much like to join the support forum. Please help

I have replied some questions in support forum regarding the menu questions.


But why can’t I log in the support forum??? That is my question…really frustrating


In the main menu, how and from where to add the menu description . So that it appears below the menu item like in your demo. Thanks for your support.


you can add this from description box, please go to Appearances => menus menu, expand each your menu items and fill your subtitle in description box.


Disappointed in purchase. While I understand that support can get busy and take a couple of days to respond, I did not receive a full answer to my questions when I finally did get a response and now I’ve been waiting again for two days after I asked about this oversight.

Also, it seems as though almost every piece of this template I have tried to customize (in a child theme) either doesn’t work or effects another part of the site. Don’t know how much of that is user error but I should be able to change the color of text pretty easily and add shortcode without deactivating the slider.

Anyway, just needed to rant…I’m frustrated.

ok thanks for your information and suggestion, will consider this for the next update, sorry for delaying your questions