Discussion on Deus | Multi-Niche Newspaper HTML Magazine

Discussion on Deus | Multi-Niche Newspaper HTML Magazine

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Btw i bought this theme from Envato

The demo content doesnt work anymore. Can you help me immediately??

I need politics demo content.

Hi, Please note that your question is about the WordPress version and we are not creators of WordPress, only HTML.


The template is fantastic and well documented. Unfortunately it does not support RTL as the buyer told. They told just to add “ar” and dir=”rtl” inside tag but that’s was a big lie from them. For LTR go and buy direct but you need many days trying to make it RTL manually.

Hi, Please note that we don’t have any mention or advertising of RTL in our promo materials. So if want a full RTL support you’ll have to do it manually.


Sorry, I apologize .

This theme is for wordpress or BLogger.

It’s HTML version and will not work with WordPress and Blogger.

Can this theme be used on blogspot blog

Hi, unfortunately no.

how can i set the theme for rtl display?

Hello, currently there is no support for this feature. But you can this tool to convert your CSS to rtl – https://rtl.daskhat.ir/


I love this template, but I can not use it :( my project does not allow me to use javascript and I was looking for a template with HTML / CSS only, you will not have a reduced version?


Hi, Unfortunately we don’t have reduced version. All the HTML’s come with JS as it’s responsible for navigation and sliders to work. If you remove it, layout will break. You can always try to strip it, but it will require some CSS adjustments. Cheers.

Can I use this template in Blogspot/Blogger…

Hi, This is HTML version, so you’ll have to convert it first.


Demo does not work. Can you fix that?

Everything works on our end. Probably some small glitch on Envato. Cheers.

Càn we get its wp theme? Are you working on it? Or what will be custom charges to provide one demo as wp theme?

Hello. Unfortunately still can’t find developer for this project. You can send me a message via profile about custom work.


Trying to override the newsletter signup form… can’t seem to find where that js is? Can you point me to the correct direction??

Hello, Like in many other HTML templates, sign up form here is just a placeholder. But if you want to embed Mailchimp newsletter form, all you need is to follow this guide – https://mailchimp.com/help/add-a-signup-form-to-your-website/

In your Mailchimp account go to Lists > Signup forms > Embedded forms. then Copy the code from there and paste in your website.

If you need any further assistance, we have support forum – http://deothemes.com/support/forums


Hi Deo Themes,

Amazing template! Don’t understand why you guys don’t have more sales.

I have one question: I have some pages there that they don’t occupy the full height and the footer doesn’t get sticky to the bottom.

Do you know the classes that can make the footer sticky to the bottom?

Thanks! Bruno

thanks! will try it out!

What browser are you using? Cuz on my end it works – https://clip2net.com/s/3Vw1mbz

The other approach would be using JS to calculate footer height.

I didnt try that snippet yet. I am using Firefox Quantum

The trending label does not look good on mobile screens… way too narrow. Are you able to fix that?

Hi, As an option we can remove newsflash word, so it will empty the space for the text. Stay tuned for the update.


Hi, we’ve fixed the ticker, check the update. Don’t forget to rate our product here – https://themeforest.net/downloads

Hi DeoThemes,

The navbar in the top gets sticky after I scroll down a while. Thats okay, but I would prefer to have it sticky since the beginning, meaning as soon as I start scrolling. Where can i control this behaviour? (js or css?)

Thanks! Bruno


It’s located in js/scripts.js. You can set it this way:


    var $stickyNav = $('.nav--sticky');

    if ($(window).scrollTop() > 10) {
    } else {

    if ($(window).scrollTop() > 15) {
    } else {

    if ($(window).scrollTop() > 20) {
    } else {


Can you please add the horizontal menu for desktop/mobile header, the two column mobile menu like irishtimes.com, you’re template is an amazing one these changes will bring more sale.

Hi, You can always hire freelancer to make any adjustment. Currently we are not going to implement this. Cheers.

Congratulations! Good Luck With Sale :grin:


Hi. Congratulations! Does it support htpps ? Thanks

Hello, Yes, it works great with https. Please check this link – https://deothemes.com/envato/deus/html/


Hello, Can you dynamize this with PHP and MySQL. For posting articles? Can you make an admin platform for adding articles for news?

Hello. We have plans to convert it to WordPress later, which will have admin. But there is no ETA about it. Cheers.

Congratulations! :-) Excellent work and design. I wish you big sales.


Congratulations! , Good Luck With Sale :grin:



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