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Hi! Where do we assign a different height attribute to the flex slider images?



You can change flex slider height in style.css at the bottom of file:
@media only screen and (min-width: 960px) {

    .flexslider.home {
        min-height: 400px;

Or just remove it. It doesn’t really matter but without it slider will jump on first page load.

You rock – thanks!

One more question. I’m not getting how to make the solid background color stick. I read the style switcher doc and have removed the switcher, etc, have the rest of the color working but it keeps reverting back to the default background image.

You’re welcome. ;)

Thank You Vasterad!

You’re welcome.

Rather than just the coordinates that google pulls from the physical address entry, has anyone embedded the specific business address page on the google map component on the contact page? Trying to figure out how to do that.

I knew it was a shot in the dark. Learning it now!

I love this theme so much!

I’m happy that you love it and I’m sure that you’ll love my next theme. :D

Me too! ::

Quick question – I used the blog format to post a tree study: I didn’t need the study title to link anywhere (to blog_post) so I took out the
Weird. My post got cut off. Here it is again… Quick question – I used the blog format to post a tree study: I didn’t need the study title to link anywhere (to blog_post) so I took out the

You took out the title and? I’m not sure what’s wrong. :P

The post keeps cutting off – will try again in a few minutes…. Whoops. I left an open tag so it didn’t show up.

The revolution slider on the homepage everything works, but when I go to another page and then come back to the homepage the slider pics do not load. This is only happening in the Chrome browser.

Any help is appreciated.


Hello, please write here:

Thanks and cheers. :)

One of my photography websites was built in old flash and I noticed the page wasn’t visible (at all) – so I put up a placeholder page using the Centum index. It took me exactly 45 minutes. Your red matches my red – exactly.

I want to pay you for another use. Do I just do it here? Or just email me other details you may have. Thanks again.

Regular License (15 USD) allows you to use one time for one site and if you want to use same template again on another site you should buy it again.


You’re welcome. :P

Here’s yesterday’s question again: Quick question – I used the blog format to post a tree study: I didn’t need the study title to link anywhere (to blog_post) so I took out the a href= tags. Except when I did that, the font became bold and doesn’t match the rest of the site.

I left it alone on the following page:

How do I keep the unlinked H2 from being bold?



I left it alone on the following page:

How do I keep the unlinked H2 from being bold?



Paste this into style.css:
.post-title h2 {
    font-size: 20px;
    font-weight: normal;
    color: #404040;


We’re going to add a company team profile to AZOMITE, but there are more than three people. Is it easy enough to make your About Us page people sections smaller so it can house say 8 people? Or should we try using the Recent Work Row on the index page twice?

What would you recommend?

As always, a big thank you! :)

It’s pretty easy to fit elements. Please check how skeleton works:

You are the bomb! Thank you!

hi vesterad

I bougt this theme in today very nice them I have attached vimeo video very simple no problem but I cant not link youtube vide how can I do ? regards

Just put embed code from youtube. What’s problem then? :)

Hi, first of all congratulations, i love this theme :)

But I have a question, i´m trying to build just one header and footer files, and share it in all pages, I did this:

1- Created header.php and footer.php 2- Copied From first line of code to Header end and pasted on header.php 3- Copied from footer start to footer end, and pasted on footer php 4- In (for example), about page, I deleted all the header and footer and created a php instruction like this:

<?php include(“cheader.php”); ?> << All the page code >> <?php include(“footer.php”); ?>

The problem is that this is not working. I would like to keep all the heather en menus in header.php and all the footer in footer.php, this is because it will be fine to make changes in just one file and not in all pages.

Can you please help me?, what i´m doing wrong?

Thank you in advance.

I think including to “Header / End” comment is fine.

Ok, you mean From first line to “header /End” so?

But extracting meta name, because this is the name for each page,

All correct so?

Thank you.

That’s right but check this:

This way you’ll get really nice dynamic tags for your site. ;)

Oh, and share too the selected colors…. and Css … Thank you.

I’m not sure what did you mean. Could you be more precisely? :)

Solved too :)

Ok, cool. :P

@ekremhb – I had the same ‘problem’ with youtube, until I figured out that you have to get their embed code, which is different than vimeos :)

That’s good. Vimeo and YouTube are different sites and use different API. :P

I am having so much fun finally figuring this out. I am officially becoming a Centum addict and may need to attend a twelve-step program soon. :P

Haha. :D

I want change background png image to full screen photo I make this no problem but I need transparency foreground area(except menu,text, images and slider) can I make this

thank for message how can I make transparency Boxed layout whit simple way

May I ask why you don’t have buyer badge?

I have server problems and I changes my profile at tonight

buyer badge okay

sory for Ekrem_hb badge problem , ekrem_hb my first user name and no any buying

My latest username is ekremhb (bought one item)

Alright, no problem. As for your question – to make boxed layout transparent add this to CSS:

#wrapper {
     opacity: 0.5;

You can change intensity of transparency.

Or if you want to do it only with white background open boxed.css find #wrapper div then change background to:

background: rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.5); 

thanks for kindly helps

You’re welcome.

Hey V – for the testimonial speed – data-autorotate=3000

Does a higher or lower number slow it down?

Thanks much!

You too! < :)

The Santa hat didn’t really work but it was the thought…