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Hi Vasterad… How are you?

Would you mind giving me more info on usage?



Hi, please describe your issue more precisely. :)

Ok… I settled one icon at the footer… Perfect! I tried to set another one in another part of the page and nothing happens… I tried lots of things like changing background position and NIKS, NADA! I think it can be something really stupid I’m not doing… :-)

Could you paste code for that icon?

Sorry… “” usage… mini-ico’s

I did yeah… But it is just not showing the icon… I see the space the icon occupies but not the icon… I change the background position on the icon that is working and I see a different icon… then I tried the same on the one that is not working to check if the issue was on the position, and NOPE… Nothing happens…

Alright, but please paste here (in comment) that code. :P

All right… I’ll leave it for now… It’s 40 degrees celsius and I really need to go for a swim! :-) Cheers!

Haha, here’s under 0 degrees celsius. :D

I did it on purpose! :-)


How do you get a thumbnail image to show up on the “Recent Work” part on the home page? I have added a project to the portfolio but nothing shows up. A link and text do though.

Great theme by the way! :) Simon

Hello, you don’t have buyer badge so probably asking about WordPress. Please contact with Lukas here:

Cheers. :)

Hello Vasterad… You see, hot weather don’t make me think properly… :-) The issue on “ico” was only on the position of the .png … Silly me… Thanks anyway…

Another question, I’m needing to have an accordion wchich is triggered with ”+” and ”-” only to expand or contract… because I wanna use only one in each div… Is it possible? What part this code I should change?

/* Accordion /---------—-/ (function() {

var $container = $('.acc-container'),
        $trigger   = $('.acc-trigger');
var fullWidth = $container.outerWidth(true);
$trigger.css('width', fullWidth);
$container.css('width', fullWidth);
$trigger.on('click', function(e) {
    if( $(this).next().is(':hidden') ) {
// Resize
$(window).on('resize', function() {
    fullWidth = $container.outerWidth(true)
    $trigger.css('width', $trigger.parent().width() );
    $container.css('width', $container.parent().width() );


Thanks for the support!

Hi, it’s not really supported by that script. I would recommend use this one:

Thanks! I’ll check it… the thing is that I’ll try to use only one accordion per div to try to solve the same issue fingroup stated…

“Also, is there a way to set the item description so they display at equal height? Some of my descriptions are a bit longer than others and it is causing the next div in some places to display out of line.”


As for item description – you can set height (style="display: block; height: 100px") for shorter description’s container.

Hey Vasterad, actually no problems at all for short descriptions… My problem is the opposite, some long ones … And in odd number… Like 4 col and them 3 col… :-( But I’m handling somehow… Cheers!

Could you provide me a screenshot of that issue? Cheers.

OOpsie… I undone it… Don’t have it anymore… But I was using the PORTFOLIO 4 columns template… If you just put some description longer and different one from another you’ll see… Cheers! Stu

Alright, so making equal columns without extra js script isn’t possible. Sorry.

Absolutely… No problem at all… I’m having lots of fun with it and the work is getting gorgeous! Cheers

Thanks for kind words and have a nice day. ;)


I bought the theme and I would like to make the bg image fixed, can I do that? I’m using a big image as bg, but when I scroll down, the image repeats and I just wanted to scroll the center part, not the background.

Is that possible?




Sure, you’re welcome. :)

Hey hey!

Wondering, if I don’t want to link some of the tabs on the actual nav bar (not the drop down) it ends up going wonkers when I remove the empty link (ABOUT) (COMPANY) :

But I don’t want the little hand to come up if there is nowhere to go. Is there a way to keep it looking this nice, without false linking?

Thank you in advance!

<li><a href="sidebar_right.html" style="cursor: default">AZOMITE®</a></li>

AHHH! We keep the h ref! Got it! THANK YOU!

Sure thing. :D

Hey Vasterad! What’s up… Actually those thousands of scripts at had blown my mind… I’m too dumb for that :-) Actually I will use exactly as in the template just wondering… if you have only the shred of code to keep all panels closed instead of the first one always open? Cheers!

Sorry, but it’s not really possible with script from Centum. :(

Ahh.. OK.. No problem. Cheers

Cheers. :)

What’s up? :P

Ok I apologize because I am sure it is easy, but how do i set the background. I do not have a need for the switcher, but I am lost here. Any help would be appreciated

Nevermind I found it

Glad you solved it. :)