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Re: different-sizes sliders: I figured it out. No need to respond. Thanks.

/* Higher than 960 (desktop devices)
====================================================================== */
@media only screen and (min-width: 960px) {

    .flexslider.home {
        min-height: 400px;


Thank you. Still no luck with problem. Will send if it persists when live.

Hm, that’s weird. I’m looking forward for link then.

Hey hey! So today’s challenge is fun. How would I turn a photo overlay with one photo, into a slideshow AFTER you click through to the larger version. I know it does it automatically between the index page photos (the four across the bottom) but wondering how to use the zoomed image as a “portal” with a few “next” buttons when there is only one image on the page. Probably through linking but not sure how within the set code. Thank you!!

You are a genius. I will try that. And that might be a fun addition to one of your new themes. Will send you those comments next week. Still working on this but almost done!!!

Don’t say that I’m genius without testing my tips. :D

Hi! I just purchased this item but when I try to upload into wordpress I am getting this error message:

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

It’s HTML Template, not WordPress. You can buy WordPress here:

Dear Sir, I have one question about “Contact Form”, I had change sample email address to my Email address. But it`s can`t work. It`s display “Sorry, unexpected error. Please try again later” Website: Could you help me to solve this problem? Thank you very much. I would appreciated your early reply.


Please provide a link to your site.

Did you try to upload pure template without modifications downloaded from ThemeForest? Upload it and give me a link, maybe it’s related with SMTP auth on your hosting’s side.

Oh. Is there a way to return the other one?

You need to first extract file you’ve downloaded from ThemeForest, theme is inside of it along with documentation, license, and other files. You need to upload only theme folder to your WordPress. This might be helpfull

Thanks! Now I have to try and get my money back for the first one :/

Okay, cheers.

Hey – on the contact form, do I have to change any permissions server side? Also – do you know if spambots can read php. I encrypted all the email addresses on the site with

and don’t want to ruin it all by this email being ‘spider-able’.

I’ll also try encrypting in the php and see what happens. :)

It was tested thousand times… personally I’d be looking for an issue on your side. ;)

I will for sure. It is the weirdest thing. Weird I tell you! Thank you for looking, testing. I’m putting it off till next week and will try again.

It seems like there is a permissions issue in the pure page. As soon as I changed the address it would go bonkers.

Other people have had it work successfully, right?

Yes, it works for other people.

Hi there, if I purchase this, how do I connect it to my Flickr account? Does it require PHP? Can I set it to only pull in photos from a specific set on my Flickr account?

Setting up flickr stream is really simple, you just have to paste your id and that’s all. Without PHP etc.

I have a little space issue and would love your input.

These pages are the same basically, but there is a nice space between columns (between photo column and ‘resources’ and ‘products’ column-right) on and However on this page: there is less space and it looks a bit tight. (between left and right columns)

Any suggestions as to how to give the happy farmer the same breathing room. The difference is that there is a headline above the photo but it doesn’t seem like that would effect vertical space really.

Thank you!

I did in demo 600px images because I used four columns sidebar, you’re using one-third column.

Edit, images are 700px so I’ve totally no idea why you’re saying that 600px: ;)

No worries. Life is good. On to something else. :)

Dear Author i have bought your themeforest-2831437-centum-responsive-html-template and i have a problem with the contact form like JAMES . when i try to send a message by filling the contact form it writes me this error : “sorry unexpected error , please try again later”. (iv’e uploaded the contact.html and contact.php to my server). i have filled in the contact.php file with the target’s mail address like you have mentioned in the doc .

”// ====== Your mail here ====== // $to = ‘Your Name <my email address>’; “

what’s wrong?

here is the link for the original contact.php and contact.html

Sincerely your’s Chen Cohen

Yes please. Unfortunately it’s not because of script, but SMTP auth on your hosting’s side and you should contact hosting support to get more info. Cheers.

is there a free hosting you know that it might work there ? i just want to check and be sure

To be honest, I don’t know. However as you can see on my demo live preview hosted on contact form works fine.

Hi Vasterad,

Thanks for the help last time, small related problem.

My menu is full up, I modified the files like you suggested and it’s working now on all resolutions on all browsers except IE. The menu drops off on a new row on IE only.

Is there a way to edit so just IE less padding? If I change for all then it leaves a gap when you mouseover between the menu item and the edge of the nav bar (only 10px or so). I want to avoid this.

Appreciate any help.


Please provide me a link via email. I need to look at your site.

Hi again. Remember one of the many times you were a genius and suggested adding a one column for the print icon? It has worked fabulously except there’s a little space pages where there is no headline (as below) and just an image flush top – it has that head-space above the print ico. How do I reduce that headspace so it lines up with the photo? Muchas Gracias!

I see no problem, just add style="margin-top: -0;" to .post-icon standard

Not a ‘problem’ like world hunger, just not lined up. Margin-top 0 fixed it yay!

Hello :) I used the “About” page to work on But, in the “ . There a two litlle lines but one is in the text bloc cause i wrote more than 3 lines of text. Can you explain me where can i delete this second line? thanks :)

yes i did. But nothing happens. I pasted after and after

I pasted the code as you said

If you look closely you will see that the line is from testimonial’s headline. Clearfix is missing and when I’m adding it just before headline <div class="headline" /> it works.

Hi, is it possible to dispay the labels (name, address, message) of the contact form on the left next to the input fields, instead of above the fields? I must build quite a long form and otherwise it would be so high while there is plenty of room in width, since my page is full width.

Another question is how to have a normal table which does not has a border and which is not stretched to maximum width.

And my final question: is it possible to crop the small photo’s in the portfolio listing pages? Because now they are being streched when they don’t have the right aspect ratio, which looks a little bit ugly sometimes.


Everything is possible but needs your custom work. I won’t do it because it’s out of support. ;)

Alright, then i will look into it myself. ;)

I just was wondering if i wasn’t missing any extra tags or classes you had predefined… :)

Thanks for the great template. I have a question about the slider. it can only take 3 pictures definition. after that the height of the slider goes all crazy on the screen. I need to add at least 7-8 pictures. Any suggestions what to do?

It doesn’t work, should it? When I remove this picture from the slider, it works.

thanks a lot mate! you are the best and really appreciate pointing out something wrong on my end. I apologize for keeping you long. Thanks again :D

Sure thing. :D


At the portfolio page, when I first enter the page, it loads all categories and then, when you click in a filter, it filters to the items of that categorie.

I would like to know if there is a way to load only the items of one categorie when I enter the page, then, if the user wants, he can click on show all or show other categories.

Is that possible and how should I proceed to do that?


Unfortunately it’s not possible and will needs some custom work with Isotope.

Don’t mind, I got it just by adding the code below in the head tag:

[code] <script> $(function() { $(’#portfolio-wrapper’).isotope({ filter: ’.scenery’ }); }); </script> [/code]

That’s right, I thought that you want to make a link from other inner page of your site with linking to isotope filter. :P

I love this theme, but I am a noob with jquery.

All i need to do is have all the accordions on a page closed on load and only open on click.

That should be fairly straightforward ;)


/*----------------------------------------------------*/ /* Accordion /*----------------------------------------------------*/ (function() { var $container = $('.acc-container'), $trigger = $('.acc-trigger'); $container.hide(); $trigger.first().addClass('active').next().show(); var fullWidth = $container.outerWidth(true); $trigger.css('width', fullWidth); $container.css('width', fullWidth); $trigger.on('click', function(e) { if( $(this).next().is(':hidden') ) { $trigger.removeClass('active').next().slideUp(300); $(this).toggleClass('active').next().slideDown(300); } e.preventDefault(); }); // Resize $(window).on('resize', function() { fullWidth = $container.outerWidth(true) $trigger.css('width', $trigger.parent().width() ); $container.css('width', $container.parent().width() ); }); })();

Replied via email. :)

Wow, Thanks so much. If I could give you 6 stars I would!

Ha, thanks a lot – since 6 stars are not available I’d be really grateful for 5. :P

Hi… nice template!!!

I have a little problem, When I look out on mobile devices the pictures and descriptions of portfolio doesn’t appear!!! How I can fix this?

Thanks for your response!

Alright, but is there anything else you need? :P

No, only I need to fix this question…you know where can be the problem?

Without seeing your site online I can’t say what’s wrong. However it’s probably not related with template (because my demo live preview works) but with your hosting or just customizations you did. :)

Hello! First of all, lovely template! I’ve got a quick query about it. The 1/3 portfolio page only has space for 9 images, but I’m thinking of putting dozens of images on that page, which will affect performance on slower networks. Is there any way to put a script at the bottom of the page to load the next/previous set of 9 images on the same page? Thank you!

The 1/3 portfolio page has unlimited space for projects. Regarding to script – It’ll need custom work and it’s out of support. ;)

I am trying to get the navigation to be fixed to the top of the page. I moved the navigation code in the html and I added: position:fixed; top:0; to the navigation css but it stretches the navigation to the right. Can you help me?

Hi, sorry but custom work is out of support. :(

I couldn’t seem to figure out how to do it without editing the php file, but would it be possible to add an option to target=”_blank” for the Flickr widget in future updates? Thanks for the great theme!

Could you write from an account where you bought this template? I need to verify your purchase. Thanks. ;)