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Can this handle vimeo embedded responsive video?

Eg on the single project page instead of the slideshow?


Yes, of course. Just remember to make your embed inside “embed” div like on example below:

<div class="embed">Vimeo Embed Here</div>

This way you can get your embed responsive.


I have just purchased this theme, while installing i get “The parent theme is missing. Please install the “Centum” parent theme.”

Please help

It is just HTML template, not WordPress. You cannot use templates in “Site Templates” category as WordPress themes.

Next time look at the price. There aren’t WordPress themes which cost lower than around 35 USD . Maybe try to contact Envato’s support if you want refund. Anyway WordPress version might be avalaible for sale next month.

Greetings. :)

Hi there :)

I purchased your theme (and by the way it is one of the best themes I have worked with so well done and thanks!) and I just have a couple of questions.

1. I have managed to change the color by linking it to the appropriate css file (easy) but all the list items are of course still in green and there are no alternate images provided with your theme to match the alternate css color files. Any chance of getting the list images in the other colors (or the psd files so I can change them myself)?

2. I have the portfolio filtering working no problem. However, my navigation has menu options that point to pages where I want the corresponding filtered portfolio images to display rather than all the images. I still want the filtering menu available on these pages. So for example, the main portfolio page shows “all” images and can then be filtered (as in your example theme). I have duplicated this code and placed it on individual sub-portfolio pages (eg portfolio-landscapes, portfolio-portraits) so I can point my navigation to these individual pages and want to display the corresponding images to that sub category. I have changed the “selected” to highlight the correct filter and this is working but I’m not sure how to change it so that only the images associated with the sub-category show. Any tips?

Best regards, Leanne


1. To change color of these list’s icons you should do it by any graphic editor.

2. Could you provide me a link do your site? I just want to see these portfolio pages.



Thanks for the quick reply. Actually I had just opened this page to let you know I realised your icons were pixel perfect and it was easy to change in photoshop to the same high standard.

The site is not yet live as it is an update for an existing site so unfortunately I do not have a link for you to look :(

Cheers, Leanne

Hi Vasterad,

I can’t seem to get the contact form to work. I get a success message however no mail.

I checked the contact.php file is edited and linked correctly.

Any ideas?

P.S. Exceptional code btw!

If I could bother you for one last thing…on my portfolio page: the items collapse on each other when you hit refresh in Chrome and Safari but have no problems in Firefox and IE. (In Chrome and Safari the items also collapse on the first page load before the website has been cached.)

Can you test Chrome on that page and see if you get the same result? I am using php to break up the code in order to make site wide edits to the header and footer easier. So I tested the page as a pure html with no php and it behaves the same.

Screenshot of collapse with refresh or first page load in Chrome or Safari:

I apologize for the inconvenience!

Add this to <head> section:
<style type="text/css">
    @media only screen and (min-width: 960px) {#portfolio-wrapper img {min-height: 290px;}} 
    @media only screen and (min-width: 768px) and (max-width: 959px) {#portfolio-wrapper img {min-height: 229px;}}

Wow your fast! That fix’s all my problems :)

Hi, I just bought it because it looks so nice! Thank you for the great work.

But nearly all downloaded pics are white/empty. Is that correct? Live Preview works, but I can not see them when downloaded (neither Safari, nor Firefox) Thank you, Ronny

Hi, I can’t include these images. It would be against law… but if you want to buy one from PhotoDune I will give you links with pleasure!

Centum Theme Do you have plans to make/convert it to WordPress?! ? I Want buy & Convert to WordPress Please give me permission.

Hello, Centum’s WordPress version might be released this month, sorry.

Hi again Vasterad :)

I am having the same problem as Devin March above where my portfolio images are collapsing upon each other. I tried your solution above and it fixes the issue but it stretches my images out of proportion. I realise now it is because I am using a 3 column portfolio not 2 as above. Could you tell me the dimensions to add to the code you provided above for a 3 column portfolio?

Many thanks!

Cheers, Leanne

Here you are:

<style type="text/css">
    @media only screen and (min-width: 960px) {#portfolio-wrapper img {min-height: 189px;}} 
    @media only screen and (min-width: 768px) and (max-width: 959px) {#portfolio-wrapper img {min-height: 149px;}}

Also, is there a way to set the item description so they display at equal height? Some of my descriptions are a bit longer than others and it is causing the next div in some places to display out of line.

Unfortunately not much, but I think adding extra padding / margin to shorter item’s description might help.

Thanks so much once again – the fantastic support you provide for your theme should be noted by all! You are definitely deserving of a 5 star rating!!!

Cheers, Leanne

Thanks! :)

It is what i need! but some questions: 1) Can I work with it on Wordpress? 2) Will it work with cyrilic (russian) fonts? 3) Can I put in the gallery a video instead of picture?

1. No, it’s only HTML template. It isn’t WordPress theme. 2. Yes. 3. Yes.

I bought your theme. It’s so incrediblely easy and nice. but I have some problems… I can’t use my country’s language. It’s Korean. which point I have to change that? please? Thank you.

Hello, change:

<html lang="en">
<html lang="ko">

Thank you for your fast reply. so I changed that what your wrote. changed index.html . but… does not work till now. what do I have to do? sorry I’m a very beginner of this. - oh!! It work now. changed utf-8 to ecu-kr . Thanks anyway ;)

Ok, awesome. ;)

Hi Vasterad,

Absolutely love the theme, just what I was looking for. Just got to say as well, really well put together and so easy to modify. Thanks for taking to time to make everything so easy.

Quick question: Have you included a class to keep menu items ‘active’ when they are selected?


Thanks very much for your help, that has got to be the quickest turn-around for support ever on ThemeForest!

Good stuff mate.

Thanks, you’re welcome. :P

Is the comment feature a part of the template or is it just a display? If yes, how are they saved?

Hello, comments are only example and to work needs any CMS .

Hi Great theme. Will be looking to purchase a wordpress version asap but will use the static version at the moment and plugin Cushy CMS .

My question before purchase is can the slider be reduced in height?

That’s all. thanks.

Yes, slider’s height can be modified. :)

Hi, just purchased this. Can you let me know where to change the slider height? Thanks.

Hi, at the bottom of CSS file:

@media only screen and (min-width: 960px) {
    .flexslider.home {
        min-height: 400px;

Hello Vasterad,

I like you theme a lot. But Link buttons doesn’t work. Why? It just work in Internet Explorer. Any problem?


Hi, what link buttons? Could you provide me any screenshot?


Yo can see there, that the first orange botton has a link to contact.html and when you click the link doesnt work.


Remove style switcher (switcher.css / switcher.js).


cant see it on the demo but are there any columns shortcodes ?


great work. but one question. I really don’t understand about ‘blog’ menu.

Can I write post directly like ‘word press’? or do I have to insert another blog system on that page? or… do I have to post ‘html editor’ every time?

Sorry I’m a very beginner of this. can you explain to me in detail. I really need to blog menu. please.

Hi, thanks for purchasing. As for blog page – you need to use html editor every time when you want to add post, because it’s only HTML template. This month might be available WordPress version.

Hi ! I have just purchased your item, thanks for your good job ;) I had just a question : how can I change font ? I would like use one of mine (“Bariol” font). Thanks !

Yup, to use these features you need CMS like WordPress or somethin’ similar. Anyway WP version might be avaikable early next month. ;)

Argh ! There is no other way to do that ?... snif… My last question (I hope for you !) : how can i add automatic modal video when homepage is opening ?

Thanks again

You can do it by a few HTML /CSS tricks I guess. It’s our of support, but I can bet that you’ll find solution by yourself. ;)