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So far I’m extremely happy with your template thanks so much, but when I try to add a caption to the third image of the slider by cutting and pasting the code above the page layout disconfigures, can you help me please? Thank you

Could you provide me a link to your site?

It’s not live yet but I think I finally resolved the problem a stray at the end of the layer slider…?

<!-- LayerSlider / End --> <!-- LayerSlider Container / End -->

Thanks for your prompt replies.

Ok, I’m glad you solved it.

Hello,How to compatible IE6.0?

Hi, sorry but IE6 is not supported.


I need the menu to be sticky. In general i think thats a great plus for the usability of this website, unfortunately i can’t do it. Can you do it for money or with an update for all?


Are asking about HTML or WordPress version? Anyway, sticky header is not available for Centum by default and we’re not freelance available.

Hello Vasterad,

I’ve a minor problem with the comments on the blog page. When a comment is quite short (contains only a view words) the text is moving to the left under the avatar image. To recreate the issue please open the file blog_post.html and cut some words from the sample text on line 227 like the following:
<div class="comment-by"><strong>Kathy Brown</strong><span class="reply"><span style="color:#aaa">/ </span><a href="#">Reply</a></span><span class="date">August 12, 2012</span></div><p>Curabitur lacinia neque non metus</p>

How can I solve that?

Hi, I’ll reply with delay. Send me an email. Sorry. :P

Done today at 09:50 am

Ok, please reply me now. :)

Nice simple clean style design, great job!

In the mobile mode, is it possible to have the social media be present as currently it disappears

When the browser is resized to mobile size or in the mobile version the social media icons disappear, how can I make it so that the icons don’t disappear?


Yes, it’s possible. Find ”.social-icons” class in media queries at the bottom of style.css (that class has “display: none” value) and remove ”.social-icons”.

Perfect! Thanks for your quick reply.

Question on the slider. How can I make the slider images a clickable link? I need them to be able to link to a page.

How do I go about doing that?

Perfect! Thank you! :)

Hi Vasterad! Have you missed me? I’ve been promoting Centum like crazy and hope to have a few more corporate client build-outs soon :)

Quick question (no rush). We want to make the quote source line “Azomite Mineral Products, Inc” align right as this screen grab:

We changed the code and base.css, but it is still aligned left. Is there any way to nudge it over a little?

On this page (bottom paragraph):

Thanks in advance!

Hi, it’s not really possible without making an extra class for headline that is aligned to right. Adding simply “float:right” won’t help. :P

OK. not worth it – just in the one spot. Maybe I’ll replace it with a gif later. Much later ;)

Hi, i have a question about the TAB. How can i load a page with activated second tab? is not working. I think i need a javascript function..

Can you help please? Thanks a lot

Hi, I don’t know any simple solution for this, sorry.

When I integrate recaptcha in the contact form of the template then the recaptcha is not showing up correctly. I think this is probably caused by a css conflict. Can you help me?

Hi, sorry but I don’t have any experience with captcha.

Hi, I am interested in this theme. Do you have a different language tab or how would user pick his language? Thanks!

Hm, there no dedicated thing for that but I don’t think it’s hard to make using guides from the internet.

Ok. Thanks for your prompt response.

You’re welcome.

No idea if you can answer this, but I created this site using your template (believe it or not lol). The client now wants it converted to Wordpress (or another CMS) to allow gallery plugins and client logins so it’s easier for her to upload/add/edit/delete photo(s). Any idea if I can already do that in HTML? link here:

Hi, you can make basic PHP admin panel to manage content, images etc. In pure HTML it’s not possible. Cheers.

when viewing a page with a side bar on a mobile device i cannot see the content in the side bar which just happens to be a menu, any way around this?

Remove sidebar from media queries that are disabled.

I have another question. (yay!)

Previously, you gave me a code to make a subscript work on this page Second paragraph for the “2” (K2O). This code was in addition to the html class= subscript code. I can’t remember if we changed it in the style.css or where. If you remember what we did, please remind me. :P

I want to be able to do this for the ® marks throughout the site. Do you remember what we did? And is there a way to command ALL the ® throughout the site to be superscript at once?

Thanks in advance— and no rushes. Just something that I want to do for them at some point.


Unfortunately you will be forced to put ® in any tag (e.g. <b />) then set CSS for this thing.

Okay. How did we add the subscript in the css like we did on ? I had to do it in two places. In the html and somewhere else. Where was the somewhere else?

If you let me know, I can do the same thing for my ® marks.

Or if you know a way to check the history here by user, I can try to find it.


You can’t do same thing for ® since you didn’t put them into any class.

Hi, I purchased your template the other week and have to say it is fantastic!! Easy to use and get around.. I am not a web designer ( I am actually a Exec Chef) and still I can use IT!!!!! One thing, how can I add facebook feeds instead of twiter? Thanks

Hi, please send me an email trough profile page.

Hi, Have a couple of questions. I have added my email into the Contact.php but when I hit send on the contact page it stills says unexpected error please try again later??? Also when the email is entered incorrectly the box only turns red with no warning is that correct? Thanks

Does your hosting support PHP, did you upload correctly contact.php file if so is source to that file correct? All jQuery scripts are uploaded?


how can i make the “devision” / “devision line”, which separate the content coloured? I prefer a green line. Thanks for help!

Hi, it’s headline-bg.png file.

dzi?kuj?! :D


Hi Vasterad. I have bought a Centum template some times ago. I have 2 problems with it: 1. I need to rotate the “our clients” (like slider) when the number of clients become more than 4 and I don’t know how to do it. 2. I’m using the “Testimonials”(Shortcodes page) in the footer of my site, but it fades background of my site after a few seconds. I tried to solve it but without any success. thanks for your help. my website :

1. How do you want to rotate it, could you clarify?

2. Your site doesn’t work for me so I can’t check it.

How can I save my style I make with the Style Switcher? so it stays there forever and hide the styleswitcher so others cant change it?

Please read documentation.

Is there a common include or template for entering Google Analytics code in this html theme or will I need to enter manually on each page?


Hi, unfortunately you need to do it manually for each page. Cheers.

Hi is it possible to add another CSS file? When I add it to the file, with or without ; in front of the line, It wont load?

Any idea?

Looks like a cache error.. : ))

So everything works fine now?