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Hi, just purchased your template.

Trying to insert my logo but the width is 700px.

Seems to mess with the wrapper. Could you please assist me in fixing?

Hi Vasterad, changed logo container to twelve and div next to logo to four coloumns but still having the same issue :(

Disregard i fixed it :)

Ok, great.

Hi, Having some trouble setting up the twitter feed, Where do I input my details in the code bellow? Thx

<script type=”text/javascript”> jQuery(document).ready(function($){ $.getJSON(‘twitter.php?url=’+encodeURIComponent(‘statuses/user_timeline.json?screen_name=Vasterad&count=1’), function(tweets){ $(”#twitter”).html(tz_format_twitter(tweets)); }); }); </script>

how do I get flex slide

hey vas, if I limit the number of images in the slider to 4/5 it works..? is there anything in the JS that might limit it? thx

Hi, I’m not author of LayerSlider but there should be no limitation for slides. Check code of flexslider and use it. I’m sure there won’t be any problems with.

hello, i have a small problem in the chromebrowser under the slider on the startpage there is many whitspace.

In the firefox everything runns correct. can you help me please ?

regards ingo

Hi, to be honest I have no idea what;s wrong. Probably it’s because of your customizations. On demo live preview everything works fine, so please compare code with default files.

Hi Vast,

Having some trouble making my header div bg white at

Can you pls help me? Have tried everything.

Then I can’t really help because it’s Skeleton, not Twitter Bootstrap and they work differently. :P

Think I like bootstrap better, skeleton is very restrictive

Personally I prefer Skeleton because code is much cleaner than bootstrap. :P

How can i change the color of the navigation bar? I can´t find the code :)

And I need the heximal code for the used color “green”. Thanks!

It’s #navigation div.


need to updated the js for ie10, some js file outdated for IE10

Hi, could you clarify? Template works properly on IE10.

HI Vas,

Noticed contact form doesnt let the user know when they have not filled in a field. Submit button is always active. Do you have any examples of these added features?

Regards, Motion

Hi Vasterad,

Me again. Do you know if there is a way to make this template work in Internet Explorer 8?

I’m glad you solved it. :)

Thx, do you know where I can find documentation on Layerslider to make changes?

I can send you docs. Contact me via email.

Hi…had a question…

When in mobile mode, the logo and the contact details align to the left which leaves a big gap to the right.

How can I make the logo and the contact details center rather than align left.


Sorry there are no classes only ID for the contact and log…Anyway I already knew where to locate these in the CSS file…but have tried everything I know….text-align:center; but nothing is working….The ID is currently reading under (All Mobile and Devices) with the css #logo { text-align: center; float: left; }

Are you able to write the specific values for this?

contact-details and #logo, these classes exists. For contact details remove “float:left” and and add “margin:0 auto; float: none;”, as for #logo remove “float:left” and add “margin:0 auto;”

Thanks for that.

The logo center didn’t work but I realized that it has a link tag on it (a) so in the CSS for the mobile it would be the below not #logo unless the a tag was removed then it would work.

logo a img {

margin: 0 auto; float:none; }

Thanks for your help

Hi! I´m from Sweden and really like Your Templets, specially Centum. But I have a small problem. When I use the portfolio page with four columns and uploaded it with my own images, the page opens very slowly and the images overlaps. After a while the page appears to work but it seems to be something wrong. Could You help me?. Regards Hasse Strom Motala Sweden

Please download latest version of Centum and replace isotope script with new one on custom.js.

Hi! Thanks for a prompt reply. I have replaced the isotope script with a new one from the latest version of Centum but the problems is still there. The images will overlap at the moment when the page opens. But after a click on one of the filter buttons everything goes at the right place, but something must be wrong. I want the images to opens in four columns and four lines. Kind regards /Hasse Strom Motala Sweden

You have still an old isotope script. I told you to replace that one in custom.js not whole isotope file. Just part of code in custom.js.

Perfect! Thanks for helping me. Everything works fine /Hasse Strom Motala Sweden

I’m glad you solved it. :)

Love the template. Just one issue I’m having with top nav menu link items being forced down below menu bar when viewed on iPad mini screen. Seems that the coding that triggers the mobile/tablet device version of the menu does not kick in until the screen becomes 767 or less pixels wide. Anything above 767 pixels wide shows the full menu bar, but if there are a lot of menu items, the ones on the far right get forced down below the main menu.

Please look at the two screen shots I’m including in links below.

View using iPad Mini screen resolution View using Laptop 15 inch screen resolution

Is there any way to modify the code that triggers the mobile/tablet device menu to appear so that it will appear at lets say 950 pixels width and lower?

You have too many items and too big font size for lower resolutions.

I can not get my social icons to show up on the responsive version of the site.

Any ideas of why?

They’re displayed in media queries in style.css. You can enable them by removing from “display: none” section,

Thank you! Next question in regards to that. Is there a way to get them to position differently in the mobile version? Right now on my mobile device they sit right up against my logo and then there’s a big gap:

Hi Vas,

On the side bar right pages I would like to change the image to a mouse over or out slide show.. how can this be done? Great template though!

Thanks Anthony

Hi, sorry but I have completely no idea what do you want to do. :P

hi, what I want is instead of a static image on the page I would like a slide show where the picture is now..

If you want slideshow on page other than homepage you can use flexslider code

How can I get my social icons to appear lower on my responsive site? They are sitting right up against my logo. I changed the setting to have theme display, but they need to be moved lower…

My contact form successfully says it sends an email, but I never receive an email. I have checked my email address in the php file several times. I even changed email addresses and I get nothing. Im sure Im missing something small, but I need some guidance.


Did you try to send message with default files from themeforest just with changed email to yours? Maybe you’re using folders on ftp e.g. /contact instead of contact.html

Yes, if I upload the website with no edits, it still doesnt work.

My contact form is doing the same thing as bwood84. My contact form successfully says it sends an e-mail, but I never receive one. I have tried several e-mails as well. All you have to do is change the e-mail on line 22 of the contact.php file correct? Or am I missing something?

Could you give me a link to your site?

Hi Vasterad, I bought the very nice Centum responsive HTML-Template and I have a problem with contact form. When I want to send an email, i get the error: „sorry unexpected error, please try again later“. In some browsers, the form can not be filled after the first trial. My hoster says contact.php ist allright, but it has to be a problem with the javascript code. Can you please help?


Please reupload contact.php file because yours is bugged:

Fatal error: Class ‘Mail’ not found in /kunden/416052_83703/webseiten/contact.phpon line 16

Thanks a lot!!! Now it works! Is it possible to integrate smtp-Auth to avoid spam without spoiling the php-mailer again?

Hi, everything is possible since you have PHP knowledge. I’m definitely not expert of PHP so can’t help you much. :D

Hi Vasterad,

Happy New Year!

Hey, is there yet another twitter code update? This morning the feed quit working. Crappers. It was such a pain last time. Will you look on some Centum sites and see what you can see? It is not visible (again) on



I found it! Whoo – hoo. We just have to change http to https in the twitter.php code. :P

Hi, you’re big woman. Thanks. :)

Hi Vas,

Could you please tell me how to add thumbnail previews to my LayerSlider?

Regards, Motion

I think it’s normal that during the weekend people usually don’t work. ;) As for me, I give a break for myself with support and I work on another projects.

Anyway, send me a message trough profile page. I’ll send you updated LayerSlider script, because in Centum this feature won’t work because I removed some kind of styles.

Hey Vasterad, sorry for my impatience. My client is busting my balls on this website which I just want to work on other projects too.

I purchased Layerslider v5 other day but think I may need your adjusted file

Stand by will email you

Hi, replied via mail.