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Hi, I have used a few Centum themes and would be buying more. My site is at Is it possibloe to get a banner across like and still be responsive? Please let me know how I can achieve this. Thanks Mohan

Hi, My site is at Is it possible to displat the contact details “Koning Webster Lawyers in Britannic bold please” I have added a css #contact-details { display: block; float: right; margin-top: 90px; font-size:30PX; color:#000000; font-family:”Britannic Bold” !important; }

It does not seem to work. Thanks Mohan


I have a problem running the twitter page. I gave all the settings and configured the files and still can not see twetts on the site. Can I ask for help.

Faktycznie dziala :) Sorry za klopot cos widac dream dodawal od siebie.

Everything works correctly, dreamweaver add something when inserting codes. Vasterad thank you very much for your help :)

You’re welcome. ;)

question 1: hello vasterad I want to add more form fields to the contact form, do you have a manual for that?

question 2: is it possible to open a fancybox with a contact form instead of a image

1. Yes since you got some PHP knowledge. At this moment I can’t help you in this case and would suggest to use any plugin from CodeCanyon
2. Yes it is by using iframe content. Check fancybox guides.

Hi andzieba – Twitter switched over to SSL certs in January so the twitter settings on your doc will not work :( I have emailed Vasterad concerning this twice but so far I have not got an email back. I am not a coder and therefore cannot help with the issue, I wish I could then I could fix my own site, the documents on twitter are very ‘techy’ :( and so until Vastetrad has looked at the new settings and has new documentation to cover this then the twitter feed will not work :(

Hi, changing “http” to “https” helps . If you don’t believe then look at my demos, twitter feed works everywhere. ;)

I’m having trouble with flickr, I changed the code with my id but its not working any suggestions? (I’ve also tried, still nothing)

<script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script>

“user” isn’t a nickname, but code related with your account e.g. “36587311@N08”

this is very important please. I cannot get past slide 2 with the flexslider on my homepage. In dreamweaver it looks good, all 5 slides show, however when i upload it to my site I cannot click past slide #2. Please advise, Thanks

“In dreamweaver it looks good” it’s because of dreamweaver. Try to edit by using any text editor like Notepad++, Intype or whatever but just don’t dreamweaver. Also try to move navigation to other place than caption.

Can you see what’s wrong with this contact form? It keeps loading when I click on send.

You didn’t upload contact.php to right place.

I am wanting to enable DataTables into some of my pages. I am starting very simple….

What is the process for enabling dataTables, is there anything in the Centum JS or CSS files that would prevent the standard dataTable setup to run. Should I be adding the calls to custom.js?

Having some trouble with getting the the datatable to initialize


Is that question related with?

I have added the DataTables JS, and CSS, and the DOM call, the table has the correct ID, yet the data table is not initializing. I am wondering if something in the theme could be interfering. I have used datatables, many times, just unable to get them to work with this theme.

To be honest, I’ve no idea. I’m just providing support for html/css related issues.

Hopefully a simple question. On the jQuery Accordion on the ShortCodes page, how could the code in “custom.js” be edited so that all containers are closed by default AND when any is clicked open, the same container could be clicked again and it would close. Thanks!

That’s not possible because it’s accordion, not toggle script. :P

Could it be both? See link below for an example.

If you know how to use that I see no problem to use that code with Centum.

hi – is it easy to turn off the responsiveness of this theme? Thanks

Yes, you just need to remove all media queries from skeleton.css and style.css

Hi, is there a way that I can add 2 makrers on the Google map section?

Thanks Ross

Hi, unfortunately you need to use basic embed code with map from google.

I just purchased this template and did not get the instructions/parameters for the Layer Slider. Can you please provide me with those?

Hi, sorry – I missed your message. Please send me an email trough profile page. I’ll send you docs.

I sent you an email through your profile page and I still have not received this information. I have a deadline to meet and would appreciate your quick resolution of this matter. Thanks!

Hi, please send it again. I didn’t receive anything or just missed it.

Hi there!

Question – would there be a way to code the background of one of the nav choices on can either be highlighted all the time – or reverse highlighted?

Like Buying Guide here:

It was just the cache :P:D

I know. I’m renewing now. :)


I have 2 questions. Does it possible to change responsive behaviour of all devices to orginal 960 px media behaviour but just smaller puntos to fit all devices.

I need instruction parameters for the layer slider? Can you provide me?


You can adjust everything in skeleton.css. It’s reposnsivle for that how site looks on each resolution.

Yay – buying another download for their sister company. Whoot.

Question: Why is there so much black space around the text in the first slideshow image as compared to the others? Can I reduce that margin? Weird, no? I even tried adding a break to the line and it didn’t shrink the box.


Add inline CSS style to that caption:

<div style="width: 25%" class="slide-caption">m/code></div>

Thanks so much!

Hello again,

I changed the color style to navy but the text is still green. How to make it match?

Thank you! :)

It’s good to take a break during the weekend. All customer’s issues are being solved by themselves. :D

You are tricky and smart :D

Hi Vast,

I am trying to get the accordions to open and close when clicked.. They are closed when the page loads and then open one at a time when clicked clossing the next but I want to be able to close them all any ideas? I have checked out toggle options but pft?


Why don’t you try to use toggles from Centum? :P

As for slider, are you asking for layerslider of flexslider? Anyway, if course it’s possible.

really they are in the temp..where??? Any slider.. how would I make it smaller on a page? thx

by putting container with slider in grid e.g. <div class="eight columns"> </div>

Hi. Thanks for a very nice theme.. Is there a way to have a <NoScript> tag where the photo Slideshows are? Cant get it to work, and it would be super for when the users don’t have Java support activated. now its just a huge white space…

If I add one it refuses to stay within the DIV boundaries and becomes to large. Please help.

My form is not sending the email. I have inserted my email address into the contact.php page. When I hit send I get the success pop up but I do not receive the email. I also have the Nivia theme installed on the same host server (GoDaddy) and its form works as it should. The form on the Centum themed site is not working. The site is at Can you have a look and let me know what you think is going wrong?