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Hi, I would like to know how to change the logo size, meaning id like to make my logo bigger like width ,hight px, without the page miss aligning. Thanks

Nice, it works great, thank you very much. You rock!

You’re welcome. :)

Hi, My contact for works fine I get all the emails. However once you send the form the following error code ’’Sorry, unexpected error. Please try again later.’’ comes up any idea how to stop or change it? Thanks

Hi, something is wrong with contact.php. Please edit and save it by using other text editor like Notepad++.


We have a series of thumbnail images that when one is clicked a larger, overlay image is shown. However, it takes 2 clicks on the arrows to advance/return to the next/previous image.

Any ideas? Web page here:

Thanks so much!

I see unclosed tags, there may be the problem

Bonus points for the quick response. Fixed. Thanks very much!


I have mistakenly thought this to be a wordpress theme and bought only to later realize that it is a template. Any chance that i can pay an additional amount and download the theme for wordpress? Would really appreciate your help in this regard.


hey me again! Were are the toggles and how do I get them to work? I am using the html and not the wp one…


There’s no toggles available in Centum, only accordion.

Hi Vasterad Great work! One question about Template Update….... I have an older Version from Centum and i would like to update the Slider to the latest Version. Wich files i need to replace for that?

Thanks a lot. Hulk

You need to implement all layerslider files into your template from new version. I’m sure you can do that, just look on html markups, CSS and js (slider script and some code lines in custom.css)

Hi Vasterad,

Happy spring!

Have you heard of another change in the twitter API? Our stream quit propagating this morning. After three changes in the last year, you would think they could stay put. They have a site stream rollout planned for tomorrow – maybe they are early? New schedule: Old discussion:

Please let us know how to address. I will keep looking for new info too.

Thanks in advance!


I’ll be worrying if twitter feed won’t work after API changes. :D

OK, me too. We can have a worry party! :P

Hi there,

Wonderful Template!. I would like to inquire about inserting a carousel function for the “Our Clients”section. What and where would I made the mark-up corrections?

Any help would be very much appreciated.


There’s no such script for that included with Centum. I’d recommend to use any from CodeCanyon. :)

Hello Vasterad, Great template, nice clean design. I am teaching myself html/css from your design. Need your help regarding portfolio images. I am using the portfolio 4 html page. Want to link each portfolio jpeg image to its own single project html page so that when you click on one of the portfolio images, it goes to the single project page for that particular project image. Can you tell me how to do that? Thank you

Hi, you need to make subpage for each project using single_project.html file e.g. project-1.html. Then just put right source link for each image

<a href="single_project.html">... rest of portfolio item code here...</a>

appreciate it!

Hi Vasterad-

Something isn’t working with my contact form. Can you verify that it’s uploaded in the correct place and that the form itself isn’t buggy?

figured it out, disregard. FYI- there are some bugs with the delivered contact.php file on lines 6-8…

$name = ($_GET['name']) ? $_GET['name'] : $_POST['name']; $email = ($_GET['email']) ?$_GET['email'] : $_POST['email']; $message = ($_GET['message']) ?$_GET['message'] : $_POST['message'];

should actually be

$name = ($_GET['name']) ? $_GET['name'] : $_POST['name']; $email = ($_GET['email']) ? $_GET['email'] : $_POST['email']; $message = ($_GET['message']) ? $_GET['message'] : $_POST['message']; (some spacing errors)

Thanks for the tip

I just bought your theme last week and started working on it. its great.

I need to place the .slide-caption to right but cant seem to work with replacing left:0 to right:20px. I had a timeline so for a meanwhile, I placed only one image and changed slide-caption’s margin: 0 20px 20px 0; to margin: 0 0 0 610px !important;. This only seemed to bring the caption on right but I know its not a permanent solution as I need to change the nav buttons too and currently caption is staggering on lower sizes.

please provide the solution with current theme version.

Please follow layerslider docs (#positioning)

Hello, how do I change the background color (gray) of the slide captions in the image slider?

Change .slide-caption background

awesome sauce! thanks again

You’re welcome


when I have just a 4 rows of content the footer is no longer “sticky”. Can you fix this or provide a solution?

Thanks, Julian

It depends on screen resolution so I’d suggest to add < / br> below text.

Thanks for you help! Is there a way to make your footer “sticky” without messing with the code?

Hi, unfortunately I don’t really know how to do it in this case.

Hello, two quick questions regarding the “mobile” formatted version of template. 1) How do I reduce the space below the logo and above the contact info? 2) How/where do I edit the color & font (or can I?) of the drop down menu for mobile? Thanks. And thanks for the great template. It’s a thing of beauty….


1. by adding an extra margin / padding below logo in media queries

2. It’s not possible for mobile menu. :)

HI, could you guide me how to do or have something ready, without being wordpress, to update the contents of the blog.?

Hi, unfortunately it’s not possible in HTML template without any CMS like WordPress

Hi, I am customizing the template and have run into an issue with form buttons which are not appearing. Is there some input tags I’m missing? Please advise.

See mailing list box:

You didn’t add any call to action button there. :P

Hi. I have a problem with contact form. It doesnt work. My hosting support php and i have already uploaded contact.php and when you click sen button, is says “your essage has ben sent” but i cant receive any e-mails. could you please help? Here is the contacts link: Thanks,

Any word on an updated Twitter feed file? Ours stopped working a few weeks ago. Thanks!

Everything works on demo preview.

I’m a newbie to web site creation about to create a single site for my POA. I do not foresee a second web site project.

I noticed that the Centum template uses PHP. I’m still new to HTML and CSS. Will I need to modify any PHP files to customize this template? Should I restrict myself to no- PHP (HTML/CSS only templates)? Thanks

It’s just HTML/CSS template. PHP files are only for contact form and twitter feed.

First… thank you for an awesome template! It was well-built and very organized, making it simple to altar.

In just a couple of days I have almost completed my website. Now I’ve been testing it on an Apple 5 and Android. It works perfectly except when I click the top navigation dropdown menu, it opens the a different menu (using my menu items) instead of just showing the dropdown menu expanded. I’d prefer it just show the dropdown menu expanded for an easy click in navigation. Can you instruct me how to make it happen?

BTW: When I test the dropdown menu on my desktop computer after shrinking my window size down so the dropdown appears, it works like I want it to on my desktop, just can’t get it to work that way on a phone.

Thanks again!