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sorry I goofed I meant to purchase the Nevia HTML not Centum, may I switch this??

Thank you

Unfortuantely I’m not able to do this. Please contact Envato Support.

no worries, purchased the other one, will probably use both.. thanks

Thanks and cheers. :)

Vasterad, I’ve updated my html page with the new Twitter html code and edited the twitter.php file but it’s still not working. Can you help me?? Thanks Seb

Did you upload on hosting your site?

Yes can you look at the code ? Can I send us the twitter.php file?

I think I wouldn’t help even if I could see your code. Please follow this guide step by step

Can you please update the Twitter instructions to account for the sunsetting of @anywhere?

Since Twitter no longer does this, your instructions don’t make sense.

Any updates here?

Does your twitter feed work?

Hi Vasterad,

We’re moving the website – whoohoo – to a new server. However, the form page is no longer working :(

Does something need to be updated in the php or permissions?

Viewable here on new server:

Also – the current site (on our old server) is also not working – we get this error message:

Which made me wonder if there’s an update to be made.

Thank you!

Upload new contact.php file and set an email again. I don’t know what could be the problem.

Hi, same issue as alanwalker 10 months ago. Just unzipped and found a missing resource, indeed, it is not needed, but it just looks messy. We are very fond of a site without errors. Where can we disable the code that loads this resource?

GET http://xxxxx/layerslider/skins/fullwidth/skin.css 404 (Not Found)


I have an issue that has popped up here in the footer i seem to have removed something that i should not. I have had a play but it still seems not to work any ideas?

Hi, currently I’m on short holidays, so can’t really take a look. Please download Centum from ThemeForest and compare that part of code (footer).

Hi – if I buy the Centum html template, am I able to remove the Copyright 2012 by and replace it with that of my own? Thanks.

Sorry, I meant the Copyright 2014 by Centum. All rights reserved part!

Yes, of course :)

Hello great theme, have an issue with email nor arriving. I see this has been an issue in the past. Can you please take a look at my code?

All I have changed is the email address..

code looks like this:

$to = ‘’;

I get green message saying email has been sent ok.


all my test emails ended up in junk

contact form is no longer visible on your website

Hi Vasterad. First of all a great THX for this wonderful theme. Nicely coded, all workes smooth, and I like it very very much … ... but one thing: I cannot find the spot to change the hover color of the navigation an slider back and forward buttons :) Seems to be a background color but I cannot find it. Thanks for your help an regards.

Dear Vasterad, no need to bother! I successfully changed the colors. style.css—> background: rgba (.....). Regards.

I missed your message by the way, so I’m glad you solved it. :D

hrhrhr. Nevertheless, five stars!

Hi there

Two more questions - Is it possible to increase header height for a logo of around 90px high? - Social media icons arent showing up on Mobile. is there a fix for this?

Yes, both things are possible.

Hi: This is an awesome template. Just one question: where do I permanently change the bg color. Can’t seem to locate the class.


base.css, body background

That worked. Thank you.

You’re welcome.

I notice an issue on iPad viewing portrait mode the main navigation wraps around.. I have a screen shot?

What you are saying makes no sense!! I have tried the code 20 different ways!! Can you PLEASE do a screen shot of how the code should look…????

It’s know “bug” if you have many items in menu. This is quite normal and everything you need to do is make padding between items and it’s font smaller…

ok I give up….thanks

Hello and thanks,

So far very simple however when altering the layerslider styles and content for no reason to my knowledge everything below the the layerslider-container has now shifted approx 20-30px to the right including the footer. I have replaced all css files with the originals (Although wasnt editing any css) and still I can seem to figure out why.


Thanks ahead of time.

Nvm I figured out a solutions so far. Thanks anyways.

Ok, I’m glad you solved it

Hi there,

Love this theme so far!

I’m running into an issue with the custom sidebars though. I need to have upwards of 2-3 custom sidebars for different sections of a web site I’m working with but when I create 3 sidebars in theme options they save but when I go into widgets I can see only the 2nd sidebar I saved. Sidebar 1 and Sidebar 3 are not showing up in widgets.

As well on pages I can only select the 2nd sidebar I created for all the pages. If I select a different one it will revert back to the 2nd one.

Any ideas?

Thanks, Tanya

you can format the select field to be in the same form customization?

Do you have a SiteMap page?

Hi, unfortunately not


I’d like to change the background in wide mode. I know actually the doc says that it’s not possible. But I’d like to ask if there is any chance to change it?

Thank you.

There would be one more solution for my problem. I don’t like to space at the top of the page in boxed mode. That’s why I use the wide mode. How can I remove the empty space at the top of the page?

Thank you.

Ok. I got it thank you. :)

Hey and thanks for this awesome Theme.

I have a question about a news/blog section. Is there an admin pannel – or some Free Stuff, that the admin can add simple news and edit them? Or do i have to buy the wordpress theme for it ?

Iam just looking for a very easy solution, just a login and a “create news – delete – and edit news” nothing more – would be nice to use this in the blog section

Thanks alot!

Hi, regarding to your first comment – the best solution is buying WordPress version. As for second question, Centum supports WPML so it’s possible

hmm okay i bought it ; ) – hopefully there is great support too :P

Yes, my friend Lukasz provides as well support as me. :D

Hello Vasterad,

I would use the accordion shortcode on my website. In the demo version, one of the tabs is always open. You can start the page with all the options closed? If possible how should I proceed?

I am desperately in need of this answer.

Thank you.

In custom.js find ”Accordion” section, then remove this code: