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Hi there,

Is it possible to add a video to the homepage slider?

Yes, there’s no problem with that. Just use embed.


ronaldihno Purchased 2 years ago Flag

Hi, I just bought it because it looks so nice! Thank you for the great work.

But nearly all downloaded pics are white/empty. Is that correct? Live Preview works, but I can not see them when downloaded (neither Safari, nor Firefox) Thank you, Ronny

Vasterad Vasterad Author 2 years ago Flag

Hi, I can’t include these images. It would be against law… but if you want to buy one from PhotoDune I will give you links with pleasure!


Could you possibly give me the links?

Hi Vasterad,

We miss you!

OK, question. Have you developed any customizable map or “find a location” widgets that we could visually integrate into our Centum websites?

Thanks in advance,


Sorry for delay. I was on holidays. The answer is: nope. :D However it’s html template and I’m sure you’ll find something in the internet

OK thanks. We would rather have one that you designed. Cheers :)

What an amazing great template! Thanks.

1 question. On my Android and iPhone the layerslider arrow stays active after pushing it.

Just switched my html site (centrum theme) from http to https and now slides, menu, photostream, twitter feeds etc. are not working. Any guidance will be highly appreciated. Thank you.

Dear Vasterad, 90% problem has been resolved but Flickr photostream is still not working. Sorry for bothering you and thanks for your guidance.

Try to add “s” to http in flickr source

Sorry, it seems as if everything is ok as Flickr photostream is working properly in Chrome but not in Firefox.

Hi there,

On our old server, the Centum contact form would come through as an email from the sender, so our office could answer easily by hitting “reply”.

On our new server, the sender’s mail is reconfigured to a generic email address, and our office has to copy and paste to reply.

Is this something we can tweak in the code to make it behave as previous? Or is there an update we are missing? We like keeping this easy for our office.

Thanks much.

Well, that’s definitely not issue related with template. I’d suggest to redirect messages but it’s definitely not related with contact form on a site

Thanks much. We changed servers and the new one has something screwey in the CGI. Sigh.

Just purchased again for second client, great theme, good work!!

Thanks. :)

We are using the Centum – Responsive HTML Template on our site. We’d like to remove the page titles with the green underline ( where it says Home). Is there custom CSS I can add to remove both the title and the line underneath? Thanks!

I’m not sure why that is. The theme is in my downloads folder. Do you need my purchase code? I can private message you that information.

I think you’re asking about WordPress release. :P Please post requests there:

You’re right. I’m sorry.

Is it possible to add four slides to the homepage? I tried to add a fourth image and it will only play three?

Is there a setting within the CSS I need to change?

Any response to this question?

Replied in your latest comment

Hi! I purchased the Centum HTML theme for my company website on August 20, 2014. I’ve got the code plugged in, but am having issues getting the background to show, the dropdown menus don’t work, the slideshow doesn’t show up… this is just on the main page; I haven’t even bothered looking at any other pages. I’ve tried figuring things out on my own, but am stumped since these features aren’t working on my personal webhosting either. Is there something I missed?

could you provide link to your site?

She’s hosting on GoDaddy. She currently has a working site someone else built that I can’t take down, but I’m supposed to be updating it, so I’m not sure how to get a link for subfolders/files from GoDaddy. :/

Okay… I reopened my personal site (on Yahoo hosting) and realized I did not have the js folder. I plopped that in and viola! Everything works. Is there something that about GoDaddy that makes the coding not work? (I officially do not like GoDaddy.) She’s in a contract with her current hosting for two years and won’t move, so that option is out.

Worse case scenario, I’ll buy the theme off her and hold onto it myself; I like it that much. But if you have any idea of what I can do, I’d be very grateful.

Hi, sorry but I can’t help in this case other than advising to change hosting provider. ;)

How do I add a URL to the banners on the homepage? That way when the user clicks on the image they go to a webpage? For example this code does not work.


I’d suggest to use flexslider because I don’t see any issue in code so that’s mystery for me. :P

Don’t know why but for some small group of people Layerslider does not work always properly with Centum. If it’s because of their customizations I can’t really help without exactly what and where was changed.

Sorry, but I don’t know what you mean by using flexslider? I thought that was what I was using?

You’re using layerslider. ;) Try to use flexslider and let me know. You can copy html markup from flexslider.html file.

Hi there,

OK, we’ve noticed that when viewing Centum on a phone, the social media icons disappear. Can you write some code that let’s them stay? I guess worst case scenario, we can add Facebook, Twitter, Youtube to the Contact drop down link, but it would be great if your nice icons were there :)

Ignore the above. So what happens, is when the screen is smaller (phone, reduced in browser) the logo loses it’s headspace. It looks great in the centum original. I’ve compared to try to solve the puzzle, and they look identical. If you can tell what is going on, please let me know.

Also – the fix from above, the social icons are viewable on a reduced screen in Safari and Firefox. :) Can’t see them in Chrome. :(

Tagline is displayed like social icons were

Found it, thanks! (sorry for all the messages, I waited too long to delete). Any ideas why they disappear in smaller browser windows in Chrome?

Hey Where can I find the icon list ? Thanks

Found it :)

Hi Vasterad, I Am updating a website that used this theme before and adding a banner advert to the top of the site.

As you can see here the banner advert is to the right of the website and not fitting in.

Change logo’s section width from “eight columns” to “three columns”

Hi Vasterad,

A nice looking theme and I’m currently thinking that I should like to buy this template but, I have noticed that when viewing the “Sidebar Right” or Sidebar Left” template pages on smallest screen size that the content in the left or right sidebars (headed as Menu / Popular Posts / Social) disappears out of view. Is that meant to happen / is there a fix for that?

Sure. :P

Hi Mateusz, the live site is now up at:

Using the template was pretty much intuitive for me, only a couple of challenges got in the way for a while – adding an extra phone field in the contact message form and also configuring it to reach two recipients took quite some working out (I am no php or js expert either!) but got there in the end. I also swapped in a ‘Wowslider’ for the home page banner as I find that much easier to handle and customise with some great effects but, that briefly presented another problem with the navigation menu drop downs being hidden – a little while later that was figured out – now it all looks pretty good if I say so myself. Nice, clean and simple. I hope it’s acceptable that I have credited you in the head section on the index page. Thanks for a great template! With so many options available it was hours of fun deciding which elements to use. Cheers Mick F.

Hi, nice remake of Centum. I’m glad you enjoy Centum. :)

hello, i purchased this template recently, it is working great, thanx for the awsome features, i’m having a small problem with the contact page, when i send messages with hotmail and yahoo adresses, they arrive to the gmail inbox that i set in the php file, but when i try to send from a gmail adress, nothing happens, i couldn’t find a restriction in the code and i asked around in vain, can you help thanx again

but then it wouldn’t send messages to hotmail etc.

so why does it send hotmail and yahoo to inbox and gmail to spam ?? and sorry for all the questions

I have no idea. Script works, so it may be related with domain or something. Dunno

hello, pls i keep getting error from the contact form. how do i use the contact form with smtp?

Hi my twitte feed has suddenly stopped working today. I downloaded your latest update and still not working. Any ideas, thank you, NB

Your twitter feed is working – do you have new twitter files

No, files are still the same.

I have a problem the arrows on the slider in the project page do not work on firefox, any idea how to fix? Thanks.

Yes very strange

I’m firefox user and everything works fine.

dont know what it was but now working, thanks.


Testing my website and noticed the contact form once completed and send message button hit, keeps spinning.

The e-mail does arrive but it looks like it hasn’t been sent.

PHP enabled with hosting.


maybe you didn’t upload some js files or something. On demo everything works and I can’t do anything. \