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Ok removing all the sections from the Skeleton.css file except the Base Grid and the Clearing sections seemed to make it fully non-responsive like I wanted. I only needed to make changes to the Skeleton.css file, no others, right? There isn’t a Javascript that detects device or browser width or anything like that that I will no longer need to use? (Dont want to have a script in place slowing down my pages if its not needed to be there.) Thank you!

Yes, only skeleton.css. Responsivity does not depend on any java script.

Hi again,

So sorry to trouble you again with the same issue…. Thought I had it resolved; apparently not. I’ve tried the following arrangement to play a Vimeo vid in the Fancybox:

        openEffect  : 'none',
        closeEffect : 'none',
        helpers : {
            media : {}
<div class="picture"><a href="" rel="fancybox-media" title="Video"><img src="images/portfolio/portoflio-09.jpg" alt="" /><div class="image-overlay-zoom" /></a></div>

Unfortunately this just results in the a href being treated as a standard hyperlink and simply opens the Vimeo video page in the browser window. Any ideas where I’m going wrong?


Could you provide me a link to your site?

Ok, awesome. By the way one more question. I just previewed my site in Firefox and I see that in Firefox, the slider handles / arrow controls are down below the actual slider, so they push my div class=”twelve columns” which contains my first heading and paragraph of text, down a bit. (I’ve added the sidebar to the homepage using the 1/4 column grid. In Internet explorer it doesn’t look like this, in IE 8 and 9 the slider handles stay in the slider area. If it helps to know, I’ve resized the slider to be this size: 700px (twelve columns class), and the height is 325px (height of my images.)

Here’s a screenshot of what I’m talking about in Firefox:

What should I change in the CSS to fix this? THANKS !! :)

Find this in style.css:

/* Higher than 960 (desktop devices)
====================================================================== */
@media only screen and (min-width: 960px) {

    .flexslider.home {
        min-height: 400px;

and set min-height to 325px

Hello Vasterad,

In mobile width (320 and 480 px) has disappeared the menu. I dont know why is it. Could you check it? What i have done bad?

Regards Thanks

Hm, responsive layout doesn’t work on your site. Check all files, something’s wrong.

What is bad? Can you help me? I didn’t find nothing. Why is this?


Something’s wrong with skeleton.css after Tablet Portrait section. I think it’s because of your custom css classes. Maybe try to put them in style.css at the bottom.

Hi Vasterad,

Thanks again for the fantastic theme. The only issue I currently have is that it the portfolio gallery seems to load all the photos before displaying the first photo. See link:

Do you have snippet of code that would force display the first image in the gallery and load the the other photos in the back ground?

Hm, sorry but it depends on flexslider script and I cannot fix it. :(

Thanks Vasterad, that did the trick! Excellent template support and clean code!!!!

Yea, thanks a lot for kind words! ;)

Hi great theme, can you tell me what is involved in getting the Search form in the menu bar to work?


Hi, you can implement this theme to any CMS or use for example google search. But don’t ask me how, because I really don’t know. ;)

Hi! Congratulations for the theme, it’s nice and clean. I have a problem with the contact form. When i try to send a message an error appears saying: Sorry, unexpected error. Please try again later.

I have been looking the contact.php and it seems ok. I have to fix it and i don’t know what to do.

Can you help me? Thanks


It’s because your hosting doesn’t have PHP or you’re just trying to send email in localhost.


Very amateur web designer here—working on customizing this template for a website, but finding a strange bug that I haven’t seen anyone else write about yet on the forum. When I hover over a drop-down menu, the entire header “blinks.” It suddenly looks like it’s having a seizure. Only while I’m hovering over navigation that utilizes a drop-down menu. Is this a problem with my browser? It’s been happening since I downloaded the template, so I don’t think it’s something I did… Any directional help would be very appreciated! Thank you for the beautiful design!

Hi, on what browser is that bug and is it on live preview on themeforest too?

I’m on safari, and yes, it happened in the themeforest preview, too – I thought I could maybe fix it once I downloaded it. What do you think?

Could you provide me a screenshots, because on Safari everything works perfectly for me. :)


Great theme – can you tell me how I can set the accordion’s to all be closed by default?


Hi, so sorry for slow reply! In custom.css find “Accordion” section, then remove this code:

Vasterad, could you show me how to change the color in this table I created? the website is I still have the same flickering problem in my browser, but no one else who has looked at it experiences the same thing. Must be my own problem. Thank you so much for your help! E

Hi, so sorry for delay! Is your question still up to date? :)

Hello again Vasterad,

I know you’re not a wordpress expert but do you have an idea why I have this when posts are sorted by alphabetical order? It works fine when I remove the order parameter. Is it because items are sorted after being loaded?

Please ignore my previous post, I am sorry but I cannot delete it nor edit it. Can I set the portfolio line height? Because my items have all different height with their description and it looks really unordered when items have various heights. The screenshot: Thanks in advance for your help

Hi, you’ll need to add extra div outside an portfolio item, then add in css rule for this class with fixed height.

quick question, in the wide format is it possible to have coloured sidebars (background) ?

Hm, what sidebars do you mean? Blog’s or something? :P

I meant is it possible to have say green sidebars at the edge of the screen where the background shows through or does “wide” mean there is no background showing ?

Alright. You need to set #wrapper’s width to 1000px, then body’s background to anything you want.


I have a little problem with the tabs. When loading the page I can’t have a tab to become active except the first.

I’ve used

  • on the second tab but his content is still hidden by the first tab page until we click on it.

    Also, sometimes the bottom border is still visible bellow the tab label.

    Would you have an elegant solution for this ?.

  • Hi, it’s probably because of your customization, so provide me a link to your site.

    Hi, Tks for this turbo reply !! You can reproduce the problem with your shortcodes.html. Please just move class=”active” from line 204 to 205 and open it with FireFox for instance. You will then perhpas see that the content shown is still the content of the first tab and perhaps you will see a little worry with the border of the tab caption I mentioned. Tks

    Oh, alright. So looks like we aren’t allowed to choose opened tab. Tab’s uses code from jQuery, so there’s no any bug or something.

    Would you see any way of showing a tab > 1 on page load ?

    I see no solution for it. Only first tab can be opened by default.