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Wordpress Version?

Sill in review process. Tomorrow’s morning I think will be available. Follow my ThemForest’s partner because WP will be on his account. Cheers. :)

Hi Vasterad. I am looking to have a form popup using the lightbox/fancybox effect. Is this possible?

Thanks. :)

Yes, it’s possible. See examples on author’s site:

Hi! I was trying to make the first accordion to display “closed”.. i read a comment above where you said that removing $trigger.first().addClass(‘active’).next().show(); can solve that issue.. but when deleted, the “eight column” property no longer works, and the accordion is displayed as a sixteen column… do you know how i can edit the code so the first item is displayed closed and the eight column section remains that size?

Thank you!

It won’t work, because it’s accordion’s script, not toggles. Sorry. :(

ITs ok, i’ll try to use it on the sixteen column then…. Excelent work and thank you very much for the quick reply..

Sure, you’re welcome. I’m here to help you! :)

Hi Vasterad. Small issue with IE8 . The overlay on a portfolio item appears as a black box instead of first showing the image. Do you have a css fix for this to disable on ie8 browsers and below?


Hi, unfortunately not, because ie8 does not support css opacity.

I’ll just disable it then. Thanks.

I have a bit of a strange problem

on this page next to each property there is a view button

if I use

class=”button gray”

then the button link doesnt work

if I use

class=”button liight”

its works ! Any ideas what it could be ?

Hm, try to rename “gray”. Maybe there’s conflict with something after your customizations. :)

Hey there – is the twitter feed posting area actually fed through the html – or just for show? Thanks.

Oh – also – what about the photo stream? Is there a way to have it call up photos from somewhere else? Server gallery, facebook, twitpix – cool feature. Thankz.

Hi again – sorry – just found the answer in the doc – whoo-hoo. Just leaves the one question – has anyone configured an alternative to flicker?

I am loving this template – big love!

Not much, but you can put there self hosted gallery.

Hello, it’s possible define color for list icons in file cyan.css or only with images?


Unfortunately if you want to change color of list elements you have to modify it in graphic editor. Cheers. :)

ops,Vasterad, sorry for click on report button…

Haha. No problem. :D

Thank you. How would one flip flop the caption shading from the lower left to the lower right of the slideshow image?

Hi, in style.css on 337 line “.slide-caption” change “left: 0px;” to “right: 20px;”. But then you’ll need to change navigation’s arrows position to the lower left. So go to the style.css and change in “flex-direction-nav a” “right: 20px;” to “left: 20px;”, then find “.flex-direction-nav .flex-next” and add there “margin-left: 36px;”.


Hi again – one more (for now) – would you happen to know the twitpix code to use twitpix in the photo stream rather than flikr? Have I mentioned how much I love this theme today?

Unfortunately I don’t have experience with Twitpix, so I’ve no idea how to include this one into this template. :(

No problemo – thanks – I gave it a shot and actually found your flikr feed looks much nicer so did that.

At your leisure, how would one change single-project.html code (under the image) so the text extends the width of the image box? It is lovely but as we add content, we may want a little freedom. Thank you. In the template it’s the area with Client:Google, four columns, twelve column tooltips, six column alpha etc. (I removed some tags so it would show up here):

div class=”container” style=”margin-top: 30px;”

div class="four columns" 
    ul class="project-info" 
        li>Agriculture Use

div class=”twelve columns tooltips” div class=”six columns alpha”

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Vestibulum id ligula felis euismod semper. Donec ullamcorper nulla non metus auctor

Donec sed odio dui. Nulla vitae elit libero, a pharetra augue. Nullam id dolor id ultricies vehicula ut id elit. Integer posuere erat a ante

I’m not sure what do you want to do, but content has 940px and it’s 16 columns, so you can modify number of columns. This way you can get width of any element that you want.

I tried changing it to just one column and it became one column – one inch wide. Will try to get a screen grab for you. Very odd.

I tweaked the code and just got this. When you have a moment can you tell me what went wrong:

Thank you!

How do I alter the area to allow for a bigger logo without knocking the nav links askew as in grab. Also interested in reducing that space above the logo. Thanks!

Hi, send me link to your site via email, please. It would be much easier for me to help you. :)

This theme is great! I am using it to update the school website where I work. I have three scripts including the accordian from this template that arent working in IE8 . They work fine in IE7 , IE9, Chrome and FF. I installed IETester and it came back with two javascript errors: Here is the page that has the accordian on it: Any help would be appreciated.

Hm, so try to operate margin value (first add it) in four column boxes:

<div class="eight columns">
    <div style=" margin-left: -10px;" class="four columns"> </div>

Must help. :P

I had to go back to tags inside of tags to get it to work. I applied your fix but changed the -10 to -1 and got it to work. Thanks!

I’m glad you solved it! :)

just noticed that form select dropdowns are not formatted on this template, any reason for this ?

Unfortunately they aren’t and won’t be, because it requires some JS / CSS tricks and I don’t think that it’s worth, sorry. :P

How would one switch out an ico for a custom image? I could not find any separated in an image folder. Thanks!

You can try to put link to your custom icon <img src="#" /> in <i> </i> tags.

Perfect. Will give a whirl. :)

Ok, let me know about effects.

I will :)

Is there any chance of getting a modded / improved pricing table with item details on the left of the price grid,

examples can be seen here

Yes, but need to have basic knowledge about HTML /CSS.

What I meant was would it be possible for you to include this? I would be more than willing to make another purchase if it contributed towards this.

I am by no means as skilled as you are and by me implementing an external css to accommodate this I would most likely break the responsive features of your template.

Sorry, but I’m not planning to add this feature.