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Awesome theme! So far I’ve enjoyed working with this theme except for some reason the sliders are not showing up on my clients website? And I also can’t get to fix the missing google map on the “Contact Us” webpage. Please advise.

You have to add scripts or it won’t work… – I’m getting 404 error for all scripts.

I totally missed that, thank you!

You’re welcome. :P

Hi there,

The weirdest thing happened. The beautiful tweeting widget with two tweets suddenly decided to only post one tweet instead of two. I even started over with a virgin index page that showed your two tweets perfectly and bam, it only shows one of ours again.

Has anyone ever seen this happen or have ideas as to why it happened?

At your leisure – we will be working on this for a while :) usr: azomite pword minerals123

PS – I am getting so much out of everyone else’s posts – really digging this theme and discussion board :)

That’s nice and saves me a lot of time, thanks. :D

Hi Vasterad, loving working on the theme… Ive only ever done my own very basic web sites in the past. Ive created a couple of issues dont know if you can tell me where ive slipped up? 1. I cant get the contact form to forward emails using // ====== Your mail here ====== // $to = ’<>’; 2. Ive done some thing to contacts form. It works but not google chrome or safari Doh!

im going to get the wordpress theme next week …Cheers

Sorry, but you don’t have buyer badge. If you want to get support, contact with me from relevant account or buy theme. ;)

Now you can see why im having problems, Hope this is the correct account :(

I’d like to make the link in the nav bar colored on the page that I am on like in the sample. Not sure how to do this.

Add “current” class in css with “background: #XXX !important;” then add this class to relevant link.

Hey Centum,

So far this template is incredibly easy to edit, thank you for your good work! What I can’t figure out is how to change the background color of the main menu items (Home, Features, Shortcodes, etc.), not the on-hover accent color, but the actual default background color that is a darker gray / black color. I can’t seem to find a background image for it, or anywhere that it is defined in the CSS . Please let me know, I need to make the menu a reddish color. Thanks! :-)

Edit in style.css #navigation on 110 line (background: #xxx). Cheers.

Hi Vasterad,

How would I go about changing the format in which form elements are displayed. Ideally I want to be able to display text beside a text input and then a select element without each dropping to a new line.

Add this code to style.css:

.field label {
float: left;
width: 80px;
margin-top: 8px;

awesome, thank you!

You’re welcome. :)

When I view my site vertically on an iPad the menu is not displaying correctly. The Directory link gets pushed down.

Any ideas?

Ppen style.css, find Tablet Portrait (devices and browsers) at the bottom of file and add there this code:

    #navigation {
        float: none;

    .js .selectnav {
        display: block;

    .js #nav,
    #navigation ul li a {
        display: none;

Thanks! it’s not as pretty as the other menu but at least it works!

Sure thing. :)

Hi Centum,

LOOVE your theme – thanks! Couple of things tho - The form works but when pressing ‘submit’ it says ‘error, please try later’ yet I am actually getting the email.. any ideas?

Also, on a couple of pages I am trying to get a fade in and out image to work with java but when I put it in the drop down navigation stops working. I would love any advice. Many thanks in advance. Amy.


As for contact form – are you sure that your hosting has PHP ? Could you provide me a screenshot of your second issue?


Hi thanks for the quick reply. Yes I definitely have PHP working – I have another form working fine on the same domain… You can see the issue for the drop down here ‘Projects’ Usually drops down.

Thanks again! :)

Why you don’t use Flexslider instead of custom Java Scripts for image sliding?

I managed to fix the javascript error at last! I will check out flexslider tho, thanks! Do you know why the form is making an error message? Kind regards Amy

Have not idea right now, but please compare your contact form with mine on demo. Best regards, Mateusz.

Hi Vasterad,

Thanks for this nice template. But I’ve got a problem, the responsive is not working in IE7 and IE8 ! Any idea how to solve this problem. Thanks in advance BR

Sorry, but it definitely isn’t possible to make responsive site in IE7 /8.

Ok no worry ! Thanks for your quick answer

Sure, you’re welcome. :)

Hi Vasterad,

Wonderful template, worked great for me! One question – on my mobile version, it shows “Menu” as an item on the main navigation menu – I would like to remove that if possible. How do I go about doing that? I looked through all my site files and couldn’t find anything…


Hi, but what would you like to remove? Dropdown menu or just “menu” item from list?

I would like to keep the dropdown menu, but remove the “menu” item from the list.

Unfortunately you can change it for e.g. on “Select Page”, but not remove.

Is it possible to add an icon to a button?

For example, in the contact form, I would like the Send Message button to include a right arrow within the button by using ico-right-arrow.

Hi, unfortunately you cannot add icon to contact fom send button because it works as an input, but you can do i with default button by adding icon shortcode inside button’s div. Cheers.

Thanks. If I add it to a default button, can I still use that button to submit the form? If so, could you please share the code I should use?

Unfortunately it’s not possible on that button, sorry. :(

I am using the orange theme and was hoping that the list icons in the list styles (/images/icons/list/) would also follow the same colors.

Can you provide the orange image files for the list images?

I just tried updating all of the list images. It works for most but some don’t update nicely. I am using the paint bucket tool which works well when the image has well defined borders. It doesn’t work for the following: - list_circle, list_cross, and list_star each

Can you provide those using #fa5b0f as the primary color?

Never mind. I got it to work using the Color Replacement Tool in Photoshop.

Ok, I’m happy then. :P

Any idea why sometimes I make a change to a HTML file using DreamWeaver CS3 , and it loses all javascript? Menu,Testimonials,etc won’t format or function until I re-upload the JS Folder Never Edited JS Folder). This is on a Mac and in three different browsers.

Sorry, but I don’t use Dreamwaver and can’t help you.

Hi, How do I add more than one image to the pop up image on the portfolio page, i.e. maritime details…


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Also can you look at the menu bar on, it doesn’t look quite right??!? Thanks


Menu fix – in green.css on 5 line change background-color to background. As for images – in slider put images inside links e.g

<a href="images/portfolio/portoflio-08-large.jpg" rel="image" title="Coffee Time"><img src="images/portfolio/portoflio-08.jpg" alt="" /></a>
Don’t forget about rel="image".


I just purchased this theme, and there appears to be a glitch on the home/landing page. When I roll my cursor over the nav in a horizontal direction, from left to right, the top nav section flashes/blinks. However, if you do the same thing on another page (eg: About Us), it works fine. Any ideas why this is happening? Nice theme btw! _Cheers! _A

Could you provide me a screenshots? Cheers.