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Great work! One of the most complete templates available.

Thanks for kind words. :)

It appears that Safari 5.0.6 is the culprit. It works fine in Firefox and Chrome. Thanks for your quick reply! _A :)

Okay, but please give me a screenshots of that issue in your browser. Thanks. :P

Hi There,

Great Theme. I have a question in regards to the form. Once the message is submitted there is no auto clear of the form.

How can we get the form to clear once it’s been submitted?

This script doesn’t support this feature and it’s task for developer. I’m not JS expert so won’t help you, sorry. :P

how do i turn off the slider on portfolio pages? making it full width wont do it

Just add only one image and slider won’t appear. ;)

Hi! I’m currently working with this theme and think it’s great! However I hope you might be able to help me with a few problems.

1) When adding a third generation page (parent->parent->page) the third generation pages dont show up in the menu. When moving the cursor over the second generation page it should show another slide down menu with the third generation pages, no? How would I fix this?

2) May I manually change the height of the FlexSlider on main menu? Or should I edit pictures?

3) Can I change the order of the menu’s buttons? Is it possible to remove buttons in the main menu?

Thank you!

1) Sorry, but third menu’s level isn’t supported by this theme and needs some custom work.

2) Slider’s height depends on height of picture, also you have to set it in style.css:

@media only screen and (min-width: 960px) {

    .flexslider.home {
        min-height: 400px;

3) Yes, it’s possible.

Great job man!!!

Thanks for kind words. :)

I would like to add an RSS feed where Twitter is at the bottom right. I have the no idea how to do it – could you help?

Sorry, but probably it isn’t possible.

Hey! This is such a great template! Thank you so much for all your hard work. One question though. How do you add more fields to the contact form? Is there a simple way to do it? Or a Guide you link me to!?

Either way, thanks again! Great job

Dave, Long Beach CA

Unfortunately not much, and it’ll needs some custom work and PHP knowledge. :/

One final question, and thank you again! How do you create a testimonial box?


What did you mean? :P

Hi Versterad, thanks for writing back, and sorry for the dumb question. I’m new to tall this, but basically I want to make a testimonial box like you have shown in the short codes section. Can you please explain the steps to do so?

You don’t have a buyer badge. If you want to get support please buy this template. ;)

Ahhh. I understand. Let me talk to my wife and get her log in details. She was the one who purchased it. Thanks. :)

Okay. :)

Great job. I love it. But one question: If I have a design with a 4 column and a 12 column area and the screen is resized to a small size like in tablets, the small column disapears. Can I do anything so that both columns will be visible? (like in demo in blog. the right “menu” disapears on tablet size) Thanks

You can put that content in any div e.g. “hide” then add .hide {display: none;} to media query.

That wasn’t what I meant, but I found it. I had to remove the widget-alt div. Thanks

Alright. :)

Hi Versterad, Just brought this template and think its great! I have one issue which is probably down to my lack of expertise rather than a fault with the template: I am trying to get a piece of YouTube video to work within using Fancybox but keep getting the message “The requested content cannot be loaded. Please try again later.” This is the code I’m using: <div class="picture"><a class="fancybox-media" href="" rel="image" title="Coffee Time"><img src="images/portfolio/portoflio-08.jpg" alt="" /> <div class="image-overlay-zoom" /></a></div>

What am i missing?

Many thanks in advance.


Hi, please check examples of usage:

How do you make the contact page like the Demo. I do not see any shortcodes or contact form settings in the theme.

It’s HTML template, if you don’t have knowledge about HTML /CSS you might be interested in WordPress version of Centum here:

Oh… whoops. I have the wordpress version actually. lol. i posted in the wrong one. But yeah. How do u add the form in the wordpress version?

Please write in WordPress version comment section – Lukas’ll answer you. :P


how can I add google map on the sidebar of centum theme?

Hi, by using google map’s api.

yeah, I’ve tried that one, but there’s something else, I’ve seen one of the page (contact page) it used a shortcode, is there a shortcode on the theme for google map?

You don’t have buyer badge, so I won’t help you. Please write from account where you bought template or just buy if you didn’t. :P

Please help me out in this, I didn’t bought your theme because my boss did it, and I don’t have time to write it, so please help me.

Sorry, but I can’t. :P

Hi Vasterad – great theme – wondering if you can help me – how does the contact form work? i.e. I want to add further options to the form

1) How does it validate 2) Do I need to only alter the form on contact.html and then add the fields to contact.php? 3) Are there any other locations I need to amend to make work??

I tried to change the file name, now it won’t send… wondering if any help possible? Thanks!

1) By using Java Script (custom.js) 2) Both contact.php and contact.html 3) Nope.

You have to know a little PHP to modify it, because it’s not much optimized to easy adding new fields, sorry. :(

thanks guy – sorted it, just done my own script up from scratch – was easier :) ive another lil problem that has arisen – dropping you a private email to let you have a look

Alright, replied. :p

Hi! Great theme! How do you pause the slider when you mouseover?

Hi, open flexslider.css, find this:

pauseOnHover: false,            //Boolean: Pause the slideshow when hovering over slider, then resume when no longer hovering

and set as true.