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Great theme. Awesome really. Two questions: (1) I’m using images that are 940×200 pixels for the index page sliders. Nav buttons don’t collapse vertically so I end up with a lot of white space between the image and the nav buttons. I replaced all 3 default images. (2) Regarding the comment above about pausing sliders on mouse over, you reference flexslider.css. My download did not include flexslider.css and a text search didn’t turn up “pauseOnHover” in any of the other CSS files.

Hi, in style.css find and edit height here:

/* Higher than 960 (desktop devices)
====================================================================== */
@media only screen and (min-width: 960px) {

    .flexslider.home {
        min-height: 400px;


This is a great template! I can’t seem to get my favicon to appear. Is there something about the responsive layout that might interfere with that? Thanks.

You just have to add this in head section:

 <link rel="SHORTCUT ICON" href=""/>

There’s nothing else to do.

can I adding youtube video page any page othet ways

find my answer

Yes, of course. Just remember to make your embed inside “embed” div like on example below:

Vimeo Embed Here This way you can get your embed responsive


Very nice theme, like it very much :) One issue that I am experiencing. I use the page template ‘portfolio_4.html’ for this page on a site that I am developing: Sometimes the images are displayed on top of each other, instead of placing it in the row below (as well as in Firefox as in Chrome). When I do a page refresh (F5) most of the time all images are in the correct position. Do you have any idea how I can fix this? Thanks in advance.

Hi, add this one in <head> section:
<style type="text/css">
    @media only screen and (min-width: 960px) {#portfolio-wrapper img {min-height: 139px;}} 
    @media only screen and (min-width: 768px) and (max-width: 959px) {#portfolio-wrapper img {min-height: 108px;}}

Hey there! Something weird is happening in safari. The navigation ‘flickers’ from page to page – mainly from drop down nab links rather than main nab links. It’s smooth in firefox. Do you know how to fix this? Or is it just happier in Firefox?

It also happens in your demo here so it’s not just mine :)

Please show me screenshots, because I can’t see.

It’s impossible to take a screen shot of a flicker is faster than the grab speed.

Are you in Safari? Go to your demo > Portfolio > Portfolio 4 columns >click na back and forth and you will see that the page flashes for a nanosecond – becomes white and comes back – like the blink of an eye.

On it does it when I click on most new pages. Nothing happens in Firfox – all is calm and flicker-free. At first I thought it was an extra space somewhere, but everything is lined up – it just flashes. I’m on 10.7 Safari 5.1.3

Oh, I see your email in my inbox. I’ll take a look soon. Thanks for patience. :)

No hurries at all – thank you for being so awesome. I have plenty much else to do and learn in the meantime :)

Hi, really sorry for delay. As for your question – I see no problems on azomite’s site and my demo both in safari and other browsers.

Thanks a lot for your very quick reply, seems to work fine now!

You’re welcome. :)

New question for later: If you were going to integrate a shopping page with just a few products within this theme, what would you use?


I would suggest you to use WordPress release of centum with any wp’s ecommerce plugin. In HTML version you can implement whatever you want, but you’ve to make CMS for template. It defeinitely depends on OS / web browser.

Thanks! We will. And that will look ‘similar. :)

Hi there. I’m having difficulty changing the background image. In the Theme Options, I only get the option to tile it or position it. I want to be able to use an actual image as the background. Any tips would be would greatly appreciated!

Keep up the great work!

Hi, looks like you’re asking for WordPress release. However I can’t support you because you don’t have buyer badge. :P

Please ignore anything we’ve said has happened in safari. We’re beginning to realize that it is a Mac Lion conflict issue – and Centum is perfectly okay.


I think also, cheers. :)

SEO folder question? Have you seen how centum websites come up in Google searches? We’re trying to see if the separate html pages appear as though they are in separate folders – (as for instance a search for Facebook shows up with one main plus six sections).

Or, should we rename each page as index.html, and place each one in a respective folder? Like contact/index.html blog/index.html etc – in order to make this happen.

If you know of some Centum sites out there – or if anyone here can post their url, we can google you to see how you show up. Thanks so much!

For this you should rename each page as index.html and sorry, but I don’t have any links right now, because I’m writing from mobile. :P

No problemo. Thank you!

About slideshow speed – I found the flexslide.js lines 802 and 803 and decreased them. Did I go the wrong way to try to slow them down?

Also, I hate mentioning safari again, but I noticed that there is a white space, as if there is a blank spot for an 8th photo and it looks like it’s stopping. Do you happen to see any bumps in my slider code? (only if you’ve had coffee).

I triple checked that all the images are indeed labeled correctly and uploaded, and they are. I don’t remember this happening before. Thank you so much in advance and good night.

I figured out the speed – but now for some reason the blank white space is in firefox as well. The intended first image does not appear first, and the white space appears before the second.

Will try redoing clean from the download but the code looks identical.

Thanks for you help if you can find any issue.

Disregard above. Promising to wait a day before posting issues. All is good in Centum-land :)

Alright, but now which issues are up-to-date?

All is good. Will start a-new question in a bit. :)


“Das Paket konnte nicht installiert werden. Dem Theme fehlt das style.css Stylesheet. Die Themeinstallation ist fehlgeschlagen.”

Was mache ich falsch???

i’ve problems to install the zip-file. if i want to upload the zip-file following message gives me a hint: “the theme has no style.css” in there”?! what do i make wrong?

thanx for help

This is HTML template and can’t works as WordPress theme. Here’s available WP release:

Hello Vasterad,

I sent you a message last Saturday… Did you get it?

Cheers, Stucky

I remember your message, this is my reply: I would recommend you WordPress version of Centum if you don’t have knowledge about HTML/CSS and PHP:

If you’re still not convinced let me know and I’ll reply on your points from last email. :P

Well thank you, But I do have knowledge… I humbly said I’m a beginner, not a brainless…

And as it is not a blog oriented I wouldn’t need the WP… Summing up, my questions are:

1. the background/color scheme is fine in the red versions, I’ll need only to change the red and instead the black menu bar some charcoal or something… Is it possible?

2. I’d need other (more in number, I assume I can change the lables) main menu items will I be able to add it?

3. It’s not going to have blog and social media and stuff… SO, that imply that I wouldn’t need WP…

4. It’s to be very minimal and professional as it is going to be a sort of gateway to the companies of the client…

5. I’m worried to not “being able” (imply would you help, not I have no knowledge) to take out lots of things and just simplify the way every internal page is showed… For example not using all elements in a page… just a few…

If you could possibly answer me those questions, if they are written in a language a expert wouldn’t think that I’m not literate enough… I do appreciate.


1. Yes.

2. Yes.

3. Ok.

4. Ok.

5. It’s really easy to edit if you have even a little knowledge about it. What’s more you can always ask me anything you want.

Perfect! Thank you and I’ll do cry for your help in case needed.

All the best!