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I have the older version of your theme, prior to your rewrite. If I upload the new version, will it be a separate theme or replace the current Centum? How this happens depends on when I make this swap. Thanks.

That’s up to you actually. You can rename it to for example “Centum_new” and use as a new template, and be able to switch back to previouse one, or upload it instead of the old one.

@kevinwatson I wouldn’t recommend upgrading this theme if you have an old version. I have tried it on my site and it is full of bugs and there is no help either built-in or really from the author. The graphical interface doesn’t work properly (so you can’t use the built-in help) and the help files that come with the latest download still refer to a version from about two years ago. I have purchased support but after two days (which is a long time on a live site) I am still waiting for a response.

This is going to be unprofessional but seriously George? You’ve bought this theme 4 years ago and I remember that on my previous support system you were the “top” customer generating the highest number of tickets. We literally exchanged hundreds of emails and this is just part of it https://www.awesomescreenshot.com/image/2521030/eb7b77803cd9e5364e416a434ba5d66f in 2013

You’ve send me support ticket on Saturday to which I replied and your DNS wasn’t working so I wasn’t able to check your site even if I checked your email on Sunday which I shouldn’t even do, and you send me that message yesterday around 5pm after I left my office, I haven’t even had a chance to see it yet. Now you’re complaining about “no-help” and contacting other customers to shame my theme…

and btw your problem with that page is fixed, you just need to use Default page template and you had the Full Width + Revolution Slider


I really like you theme and I hope help you gave me also helped you to develop the theme further. I can certainly see some of the things we discussed fixed or implemented in later versions.

At the time there was no limit on the amount of support and I have to say you were super-helpful. I have bought support twice since and the previous six month period I only had one ticket so I guess it averages out. I do, however, think that my complaint about the help files is valid. It’s not just that you don’t like me bothering you; I too don’t want to bother you and would prefer to work it out for myself – but you don’t have the useful database support system you used to have or up-to-date help files.

Thank you for fixing the test webpage. My objective isn’t to shame your theme but to help to make it even better. I’m happy to withdraw my complaint as I hadn’t realised you were waiting for me to say that the DNS issue was resolved.

can you recommend any developers that know your theme really well and does custom website work for people like myself that has purchased your theme?

I need someone to make some adjustments for me. I dont have time at the moment to work it out for myself like I usually would.

Hi, yes, you can try those guys https://goo.gl/AewGBH


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Hello My website (Centum v. 3.3.3) is no longer available. This is the new VC 5.2. I have the support contacted and the have checked. They say this is due to Centum. WP Bakery’s Answer: The issue can occur if get_row_css_class or add_shortcode_param was used in the theme. These functions were deprecated in past and your theme is still using it. You can contact the theme author to get rid of these from the theme so that the issue will be fixed at your end.


sorry for that but Centum is not yet VC 5.2 ready, I’m working on an update for this and for WooCommerce 3.1

Actually I just double checked it and Centum 3.3.3 is compatible with VC 5.2 It doesn’t use add_shortcode_param anywhere (it uses the current vc_add_shortcode_param) and never used get_row_css_class

so it’s either some 3rd party plugin you have that creates that problem or you have something in your child theme if you’re using one.

So the only issue is the WooCommerce update

Also, please renew your support as it has expired. Thanks!


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Error found, it was the plugin 4k Icons for Visual Composer. Deactivated and everything is fine.

Hi. I’m not looking for support, just a yes/no really – is Centum 3.3.4 compatible with WordPress 4.8?

It says up to 4.7.x and when I upgrade to 4.8 the site doesn’t load. I can access the admin area but the front end loads the page title and no content (white screen). Just wondering.

That’s more info than I was expecting, thanks for the reply!

Deactivating Jetpack (of all things) allows the site to load. Not sure where/why there’s an issue with Jetpack, but with debugging on, it still displays no errors, just a white screen. FYI (in case there is an incompatibility in Centum):

WordPress 4.8 / Centum 3.3.4 / Jetpack 5.1

Thanks, I’ll check it with Jetpack, but you’re the first one to report problem like that with Centum

Hello~!! “Revolution Slider Error: Slider with alias classic-carousel8 not found.” The message is confirmed.

Sorry. Resolved. Thanks…^^;;

No problem :)


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A non-numeric value encountered in /www/htdocs/xxxxxxxx/xxxxxxx/wp-content/themes/Centum/inc/template-tags.php on line 315

If you’ve used anywhere the attribute ‘limit_words’ for shortcode (like for recent_blog) make sure it’s a number.

Hi. I am upgrading from Version 2.5.2 to latest version but my site is breaking up. Any particular procedure to follow? Thank you.

I’d need more details or even better a screenshot of that. We’ve change the icons pack for Centum since version 3.0 so you probably need to set those icons again for iconbox/feateuredbox if that’s the issue

it is the menu breaking up. plse provide an email so that i can send you screenshots. thank you.

You might need to select menu location again. Use contact form here https://themeforest.net/item/centum-responsive-wordpress-theme/3216603/support

Hi. I want to place the logo in the middle of the header.

There’s option in Appearance -> Theme Options -> Header, named Center logo in header? – set it to ON, but the “Logo area width” must be first set to 16 columns

Hi, I bought this theme a couple years ago (Dec 2014, each page was built with shortcakes rather than visually as now), but it has stopped working for mobile devices and users who view the site just see the shortcodes now which his not great. Is there any way to solve this? If I extended support and bought it again I then would I need to rebuild the site within a new framework (looks like you work with visual composer now) or is there an easy way to make it work for mobiles if I have pages built in the old site framework. Thanks, Matthew


renewing support would still be welcomed ;) but from your description it looks like you have some plugin for Mobiel version enabled that changes the theme, or the Mobile Theme from Jetpack. In that case disable that module

Thanks for your quick reply and help. That did resolve it. The help will certainly make me come back and build a site with this theme again.


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Do you have a changelog for Version 3.3.5 released today?

It’s just update with latest visual composer and revslider


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I see. Thanks!