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Hi, is it possible to increase the height of the Royal Slider. My images are 500px but the DIV is 400px.


In centum/js/custom.js replace line 198 autoHeight: false, with autoScaleSliderHeight: 500,

Hi. Can I show some products of shop on home? I saw samething about ‘nevia’, but didn’t work whit me.

Hi. I solved this with:

[centum_recent_products limit="10" carousel="yes"][/centum_recent_products]

You’re welcome :)


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Hi, can you pls check why my social icons shortcode is not working ? http://springspurstay.com.au/


you’ve set your header width to sixteen columns in Theme Options. With that value there’s no place for social icons and they are not displayed, you have to change it to something smaller like 8 or 10 columns

Hello! I know that my support has expired. But please help me with standard Revolution slider settings. On my site www.signal-detector.ru it doesn’t work correctly. When window size is less 1400 the slider size doesn’t change. Please watch my settings – https://postimg.org/image/jlf8tvwy7/ Thank you! Your theme is best!

Yes. It helps. But in your demo newcentum.purethe.me when layout style is wide image is looking perfect, but in my case when I set wide it works on full width. Ok thank you, I set boxed, it’s enough for me.

Hi, bought this ages ago but I notice on Chrome the menu is a pixel or so taller than the background and the title and tag line or on different lines on all browsers, don’t think I changed anything, was there an update or something causing this?


if you have bought it years ago I assume you haven’t made update since, so try to first update your theme, if that won’t help, I’d at least have to see a link to your website to try to check what’s wrong

Of course it has been udpated. Nevermind I fixed the breakpoints in the CSS to resolve the issue in Chrome.

Ok, thanks

does somebody have the french language ?

I’m sorry but I don’t have

Hello+ I need to update Centum Theme from version 2.4 to the most current version (3.2.2) – Are there any specific instructions you have for this process? Thank you.


Thank you very much for the guidance and assistance!

Here is a link to view my issue (#4 above) about the Shop Page pagination:


The grey boxes around the shop pages (at the bottom, below all of the items shown) are showing on FF, IE, & Chrome… Any advice on how to get those to show properly would be greatly appreciated! +ES

Try to add to Custom CSS:
.pagination li {
    background: transparent;
    border: 0px solid #888;
    box-shadow: 0px 0px 0px;
    color: #fff;
but the problem is caused by some other plugins you have or some CSS changes you’ve made

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Hello+ Thank you very much for the code – it worked!!! Hooray! Please mark this as Resolved! :)

Hi, I just purchased the Centum theme – its a great design. However, the royal slider is not showing even though I selected it to be enabled. http://inspiriacoaching.com/

Hi Contact me please via Support Tab https://themeforest.net/item/centum-responsive-wordpress-theme/3216603/support with admin access, I’ll check what’s wrong

I’ve a problem with royalslider. After the update I lost the RoyalSlider option from the left menu. However I can access through Appearance – Theme Option – Slider but the scale mode does not work. The Fill has the same result as the None. I had no problem with this before. Can you please fix it? Or can you tell me please how to fix it? Thank you

Please let me know if you received the login information. Thank you!

Yes, It’s fixed, sorry about that

Thank you!

Hello! I would like to use a custom .png image for a bullet. Can you please tell me where to add the code and which code to use? Thank you.


this is considered as customization request that is out of theme support scope. Check this tutorial http://techforluddites.com/replacing-list-bullets-with-images-using-css/ – you can put your CSS in Appearance – Theme Options -> General -> Custom CSS

Thank you for that! I figured out how to get these implemented!

On my thumbnails in the gallery, the quality is horrible. When you view them at full size, they look great. How can I make the thumbnails display correctly? http://vindicatedllc.com/gallery/ Thanks!

Right, the resolution of the images is at 72dpi. However, I don’t understand why the thumbnails are getting the black pixelation in the darker colors (it is as if the image is being compressed. I just tried saving an image at a higher resolution and uploading and it looked awful in the thumbnail and in the full size…so the resolution doesn’t seem to be a problem. (I also checked the resolution of these images http://vindicatedllc.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/15thStFisheries.jpg or http://vindicatedllc.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/HomepageSlider-02.jpg that aren’t affected and they are 72dpi also.) The problem is in the portfolio section only. I ran the regenerate, and it didn’t help. Is there anything else that you can think of to fix this, short of me deleting the entire gallery and starting again? It is weird that just moving the site from the dev directory to the current directory would cause this when nothing else changed.

I also have no idea why it doesn’t work. Have you moved it just to different directory or different server? The thumbnails in portfolio are created using native WordPress functions to resize images, it uses ImageMagick or GD library, maybe problem lies somewhere there. I don’t see how it is theme fault as it simply doesn’t have control over that.

Hello, is the latest version of Centum 3.2.2? That’s what we are running but the Visual Composer does not work anymore. The VC plugin keeps asking to be updated but shows “You have version installed. Update to 4.12.1. ”.

Each time we try to update it, we get an error message: “An error occurred while updating WPBakery Visual Composer: To receive automatic updates license activation is required. Please visit Settings to activate your Visual Composer.”

Do you no longer have an updated version of the VC plugin packaged with the theme? Thanks.

OK, I downloaded the Wordpress theme files from my account today and uploaded them to the site but notice the theme version still shows 3.2.2, not 3.2.3 like you had mentioned is the latest version.

Also, when I disabled Visual Composer and tried to update it to 4.12.1, I am not receiving this error message each time:

Download failed. A valid URL was not provided.

What do you recommend?

Contact me please with access to your WordPress via Support Tab https://themeforest.net/item/centum-responsive-wordpress-theme/3216603/support and I’ll update the plugin for you


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Thanks. I completely deleted the VC plugin from the Dashboard today; unzipped the Centum folder from the recent download and reinstalled the VC plugin. This time it worked and shows version 4.12 so I think it should be good for now.


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Hi, in my opinion the enqueing of the styles has the wrong order. The custom style (located in the children) should be loaded last, otherwise people have to use !important very often. Thanks