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Does your theme support Wordpress 4.7?


I haven’t encounter any problems and no one reported any so I think it’s safe to update

What is the latest version of your theme? 3.1.4?


it’s 3.2.2

What’s odd is that I’ve updated my site to 3.2.2 but don’t see visual composer as an option to use on my pages. Do I need to manually upload the VC plugin from the theme download package?


you should have notice in dashboard about plugins to install, but if you don’t see it, in Appearance -> Install Plugins there should be Visual Composer on the list

Hi, I’m using this theme for several years now. Recently I switched to HTTPS and I noticed a weird 10 second initial delay on requesting the website. I figured out it’s not related to the webserver it self and the problem doesn’t occur when the site is HTTP only.

After the session has been setup the website response is very fast but after some time it will again wait for 10 seconds.

Does this theme fully support SSL? Anything I need to be aware of?


I’m 99% sure there shouldn’t be any problem with Centum on SSL, no one reported any so far. I’d need to check your website but I can’t access it

problem has been solved :-)

Hi, I’m having an issue with the “Recent Posts” option. Some or the articles showed by the CentumWP Recent Posts are not aligning correctly on the homepage. Secondly, this also occurs at the right sidebar in the blog section. How to fix this? Please check this at https://rietveld-ict.nl

Should be working now. Could you please visit again and check the incorrect allignment of the widget content on the frontpage?


add to Custom CSS
.latest-post-blog {
     overflow: hidden;

Thnx, this solved the problem!

Would I be able to do things such as customizing the footer and changing the “Centrum” logo text?


the footer is widgetized area, which means you can add there widgets to create your own content for footer, and of course there’s option to change the logo to your own

Awesome, and what is the return policy if there is one? Thanks

Hi, do u have an instagram icon?

Sorry, there’s no instagram icon in that set.

Since running the Centum theme, both my backend and my frontend response time dropped significantly (from <1sec to >8sec). I am running wordpress 4.7.

When I switch back to any other theme, the problem is solved. I ran wp-optimize without success. What could be the issue?

It looks like the theme has problems working with the tailor plugin: https://wordpress.org/plugins/tailor/

– Disabling the plugin solves the issue – Switching to a free theme also solves the issue

Any suggestions?


please send me access to your wp-admin via Support Tab, I’ll try to check what’s wrong

Is it possible to expand the length of the excerpt on a portfolio (2 per) page? I just want a portfolio page with the image and excerpt and not have it have a link that opens the project to a single page. Hope that makes sense!


if I understand correctly, edit file pftpl.php and replace
$excerpt = get_the_excerpt();
                $short_excerpt = string_limit_words($excerpt,ot_get_option('centum_portfolio_word_count',25));
                if(ot_get_option('centum_portfolio_text')== 'excerpt') {
                    echo '<p>'.$excerpt.'</p>';
                } else {
                    echo '<p>'.$short_excerpt.'</p>';

That worked perfectly. Thank you!

You’re welcome

hello guys :( all “Web Fonts Social Icons” are gone… what to do to fix this problem?

Ohhh no… adblock. blocks icons :D


it shouldn’t, not sure why it does, but I don’t use adblock ;)

Hello, how to turn off CAPITALIZE text option in main menu? I suppose there is some css tip.



maybe you’re asking about wrong theme, because you don’t have Purchased badge, and Centum doesn’t capitalize menu items

When will you be releasing an update to the theme with support for Visual Composer 5.x? Version 3.2.2 still has 4.x.

Yes, I’ll try to update it this week

Hey guys, In theme Centum in Header Social icons, the drop-down list “Choose service” doesn’t have a WeChat service. How can I add WeChat into Centum theme?


You don’t have purchased badge on your comment so for any more questions please verify your purchase first, and I’m afraid there’s no WeChat icon in the icon pack we used

The License Certificate contains the Item ID: 3216603. Or you need a Item Purchase Code?

I need Item Purchase Code but please don’t post it here ;) You can contact me via Support Tab