Discussion on Centum - Responsive WordPress Theme

Discussion on Centum - Responsive WordPress Theme

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vppadmin Purchased

We have 2 production sites and getting some errors trying to upgrade to PHP 8.0 and have confirmed the error in the parent theme.

The error is….

Call to undefined function create_function() in …/Centum/option-tree/includes/ot-functions-admin.php on line 69

Will Centum be updated to support PHP 8.0?

Is there a code or snippet of css to keep a main menu tab colored when on a certain page?


emobrus Purchased

Hi—I am using WP 5.8.1 and Centum 3,3.13. I’m generally very happy with the Centum theme, but recently I have run into a problem. The blog comments do no longer show up in the browser. Instead there is a comment count which says “5 thoughts on article x”. Is there a way to make the comments appear again. FYI: they are still available in the WP dashboard. I have the feeling the disappearance of the comments coincides with the upgrade to WP 5.8.1. Please advise. Thanks.

i have been running centum [and paying for it] for many years now. i see you have ended support for it. i am running 3.3.1 but when i download, i do not get current version 3.3.6

how do i get 3.3.6 ? can you recommend a supported newer theme to replace centum that will require minimal tweaking?

thank you


I just downloaded it to check and the latest Centum is 3.3.13, if you download it from your https://themeforest.net/downloads you will also have this version.

We don’t have any other theme this type that we maintain. No point in competing with Avada and other top themes like that.

Does this theme work with wordpress 5.7?

This theme is not supported anymore, but it should work on latest WordPress

Hello, where can I find the Purchase Code for my Slider Revolution plugin? I updated it to version 6 but I see an alert telling me that I’ve to activate & register the plugin. Thanks.

I think it’s easier to add a Slider choosing it from the Slider settings section in the page, but I continue with no seeing any slider, I modified the Page Attributes to “Page with Revo Slider” but I can’t see any slider: https://imgur.com/ErZjkqV

Please contact me via form here https://themeforest.net/user/purethemes with admin access to your site, I’ll check it

Hello purethemes, did you receive my message? I continue with problems with my RevSlider :(

The menu has vanished from this website https://www.car-transformers.co.uk I have version 3.3.13 of the theme. And the slider has also stopped working on the Homepage. They seem to be okay on mobile view but not on desktop?

Probably because you have
#navigation {
    display: none;
in Custom CSS

Not that I can see? But I have added display: block and it now shows. Thanks for help.

Hello. Any way to get the menu on the same line/level as the logo and social icons?? Thanks

Hi, that would require code modificaton, sorry.

Hi, I wanted to know on witch number of versioning of your theme you are, with the last file? I need to upgrade the PHP version to 7.4. Is Centum is ready for that ? Thank you by advance Marcello

3.3.6 is the latest version of Centum. It should work on PHP 7.4

Hi purethemes, could you please update the theme with the latest WooCommerce files and plugins (WPBakery security fixes)? Thank you!

Yes we will post update

Great, appreciated!

It was updated today

Hi, do you plan to release an update with the latest WPBakery plugin after the recent vulnerability was disclosed in older versions?

Hi, will you be updating the WPBakery plugin to the latest version please?

After one year without problems, the Slider revolution stopped working. Version 6 has to be purchased now!?

You’d have to start with buying Centum :) you don’t have Purchased badge on your comment

Does this theme work with WP 5.5?

Does it work for 5.5.1?

Hi. On one site I remained at version: 2.0.4. I can’t update the theme. How can I solve it?

Hi, you don’t have Purchased badge.

Was not purchased with this account. I have the purchase license.

You need access to the account you bought the theme and you just need to download latest version from https://themeforest.net/downloads

I just purchased the theme but there is no option for support?

I would like to also know can we update to the latest version of wordpress??

It’s always worth to make a backup but it shouldn’t be a problem

Hi does this work with the latest version of wordpress? Thanks.

i’m a licensed user. most recent centum version has wpbakery 5.6…. current wpbakery version is 6.1…. do you provide a wpbakery update? if yes, how… if no, why not? thank you

Hi, if there a changelog for this theme? What version is it on right now?

Can I add one more menu location? now just one menu location.

Hi, unfortunately not


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