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Another dumb questions … How can I see what icons can I call up with command: icon=”AAAAA”

I would like to see all available icons, and exact code that I need to write under ” ”.



How can I remove path bellow page Title?

So, I am currently on page called “Products”.

And title bellow main menu looks like this: “Products Home > Products”

I want to remove path “Home > Products”. There is no this in your demo! :)

In Theme Options – General II – set Enable breadcrumbs to ‘No’


Hi, any ideas when an updated woocommerce template is coming out? I keep getting this message since I updated to the new woocommerce version:

“Your theme has bundled outdated copies of WooCommerce template files – if you encounter functionality issues on the frontend this could the reason. Ensure you update or remove them (in general we recommend only bundling the template files you actually need to customize). See the system report for full details.”

The products in my front end look a bit messy…

It was just released today, the version number is 2.3, be sure to enable update notifications in Downloads page. Cheers

woohoo!!! thanks for the quick answer, kudos!!!


I don’t find it in the documentation, how do I just use an icon on it’s own? e.g. add a phone icon infront fo the telephone number. I’ve tried [icon=”ico-iphone”] but it doesn’t seem to work or if I remove the ico part infront.

Please help.

Thank you. Jhorene

Hello, can you please provide me with support with the above queries?

Thanks in advance.

You just need to create html element with class with the name of icon, for example:
<em class="mini-ico-bell"></em>

WordPress sometimes has problem with nested shortcodes, so it would be actually better to create html code for columns and put it in content of tabs

Thank you. I will give it a try. Just one last question, how do I make the button URL open up in a new tab?

Dear Purethemes, I really like your theme and your support… Almost everything is solved. Only few small issues :)

Please tell me how can I change portfolio URL’s?

My current URL, for example: http://www.MYWEBSITE.com/portfolio/digital-world/ I would like it to be: http://www.MYWEBSITE.com/products/digital-world/

Of course, this change would be valid for all other portfolio items/products.

Thanks in advance.

You support really rocks… only if users were not as lazy as me to check your website for this answers :)

I will recommend you to everyone and continue to be your customer in future!

Thanks! :)

How do i setup woocommerce just like you have on the demo site i tried everything but it still looks messy i have the newest woocommerce plugin


please open a private ticket on my support forum http://purethemes.ticksy.com/ with login details to your wp-admin, I’ll check what’s wrong.

Thanks i will do that but i forget to mention another thing : When im logged in on my wordpress website the font i like to display is open sans 15 PX in my menu bar it’s all good when im logged in but when i log out and go to my website the font seems to be bold while i didnt set it to be bold it whas good at first but now its acting strange i want the same font you use on the demo theme

Dear Purethemes,

How can I change portfolio title (title in my browser). I have successfully changed subtitle bellow main-menu, URL from “portfolio” to “products”, but I can’t find option to change website title when I am in the Portfolio section (now called products).

I hope you understand what I want to change.

Regards and thanks in advance

I’ve replied to your ticket

Hi The SEO analysis tools are all penalising me for missing alt tags on “transparent.png”. This is not an image in my media library. Any ideas what I can do about this?

Love the theme, by the way.


I’ve checked the theme but there’s no transparent.png being called anywhere, so maybe it’s some plugin, could you show me your website?

Thanks. My URL is www.optimaandco.com

This transparent.png is part of Revolution Slider and it indeed doesn’t have alt tags, but it’s not necessary in that case and as it’s 3rd party plugin I can’t change it. I also see error in Firebug you might want to check: GET http://ppmarketingcommissions.com/3239/TheBlackBookOfTwitterMarketing/?e=3239/static/retweets.js 404 (Not Found)

The guy above me www.optimaandco.com haves the perfect example his menubar is open sans but its also bold i dont want it to be bold and it whas good before i dont know what happenend do you have any idea? Thanks in advance

I have installed the newest update but im afraid the problem is still there ..my menu bar stays bold

nvm i forget to click on update settings it is working now thanks!

No problem :)

Hello I update your theme in my wordpress site but woocommerce show a error message and I can’t see any product in my admin products page, in wocommerce status I’m getting this message ¿how I can fix that?

archive-product.php, cart-empty.php, cart-totals.php, cart.php, cross-sells.php, mini-cart.php, shipping-calculator.php la versión 1.6.4 no está actualizada. La versión del núcleo es 2.0.8, cart-errors.php, form-billing.php la versión 2.0.0 no está actualizada. La versión del núcleo es 2.1.2, form-checkout.php, form-pay.php, form-shipping.php la versión 1.6.4 no está actualizada. La versión del núcleo es 2.1.2, review-order.php, content-product.php, content-product_cat.php, content-single-product.php, quantity-input.php, sidebar.php, wrapper-end.php, wrapper-start.php, add-to-cart.php la versión 1.6.4 no está actualizada. La versión del núcleo es 2.1.0, pagination.php, my-address.php, my-downloads.php, my-orders.php, order-details.php, tracking.php, external.php la versión 1.6.4 no está actualizada. La versión del núcleo es 2.1.0, grouped.php, simple.php, variable.php, product-attributes.php la versión 1.6.4 no está actualizada. La versión del núcleo es 2.0.8, product-image.php la versión 1.6.4 no está actualizada. La versión del núcleo es 2.0.14, product-thumbnails.php la versión 1.6.4 no está actualizada. La versión del núcleo es 2.0.3, related.php, review.php la versión 1.6.4 no está actualizada. La versión del núcleo es 2.1.0, additional-information.php, description.php, tabs.php, title.php, up-sells.php, single-product-reviews.php, single-product.php

Hi, it will be fixed today, sorry


I’m using your theme (awesome by the way) but I have a problem. I’ve tried everything but on the homepage the text I place under the slider doesn’t align with the rest of the content. It’s like the margin is just gone. It doesn’t matter if I use columns or not, everything in text is just a bit more to the left than the rest of the content. You can see it at www.haarlemsemaat.nl. Can you please help me?


Hi, in case of Home Page which is build a little bit different, you need to put it in [column width=”sixteen” place=”center”] text [/column]

Thanks so much for the quick reply. Unfortunately it’s not working. Not with one column, but also with 2 or 3 columns. I’m using the “Home Page Template with Flex” and didn’t change any settings…


please open a private ticket on my support forum http://purethemes.ticksy.com/ with login details to your wp-admin, I’ll check what’s wrong.

Hello, I have an error in the products admin page, I can’t see any product to edit properties, and I have 6 products loaded… how I can fix that. By other side I need to change the store view fom 3 columns to 4 columns and no sidebar, how I can do that… thanks in advance

Do you have the latest version of Centum – it’s 2.4 ?

Yes I upgrade 2 hours ago


please open a private ticket on my support forum http://purethemes.ticksy.com/ with login details to your wp-admin, I’ll check what’s wrong.

I see a slight offset below the flexslider on homepage. I set 1/3first - 1/3center - 1/3last and 1/2—1/2 in the columns.And the template for Homepage with flexslider . V2.4 http://www.vizport.de/


please open a private ticket on my support forum http://purethemes.ticksy.com/ with login details to your wp-admin, I’ll check what’s wrong.

no I found the bug. If you set the placement other than “none” it creates an offset to left. So with the default setup in the docs it’s working! If you do it the logical way like me with “first”, “center” “last” it’s wrong ;)

That’s actually only required for Home Page template, on any other page you should do it the ‘logical way’ ;)

Hi Admin,

I have a 3 column portfolio as a homepage, I want to link the portfolio thumbnails to custom pages how can i do that.

Thanks Murendeni


This sure is possible, but I’m afraid it’s not built into the theme and would have to be modified especially for you. We’d love to help you with this customization but we are only able to provide support for basic theme issues and bug fixes. We do provide support for small customizations but unfortunately this request is beyond that. You could also hire a developer to help you with your customizations.

Thank you for understanding! Cheers!

Regarding the Lightbox… Should I use the woocommerce lightbox by clicking the checkbox in the settings? For some reason I have a plugin called jquery lightbox installed that delivers lightbox support for the blog. I don’t know if you have a lightbox implemented. Tell me what you would set up? Thank you.

Hi quick question about creating a contact form. How can I add a custom page to the page attributes so that I can use a custom form that I made?

Also, what is the easiest way to add this contact form I am working on to the contact page in my website, the address of the form is here: http://www.blucable.com/wp-content/themes/Centum/contactform.html

Hi, you would need to create Page Template http://codex.wordpress.org/Page_Templates – you can use one of included as a base, but that would be probably a little more complex task to use that form and make it work.

Thank you buddy that helps a lot

No problem!

Hi, After creating this site http://www.animal-welfare-consulting.com/ with Centum, i wanted to say that it’s easy to work on andthe after sale is very good and fast Thanks guys for this work. I will take a look on your other themes for my clients. You have my 5 rate stars

Long live to Purethemes Best regards Marcello

Thank you! :)

hi, I added a few audio players, but the space around the players is too big. can’t find a solution to let them appear close to each other. does anyone have a hint?

what’s wrong with the default WordPress audioplayer? http://codex.wordpress.org/Audio_Shortcode

ok, this one works … but is it customizable (colors don’t fit my design)?

You can always customize it with CSS but it won’t be easy process


I just bought your theme, again. I’m trying to build a webshop using woocommerce. I’m having a problem with the single product page. In your documentation it says that I should uncheck “Woocommerce CSS”, but that option is not there anymore. When you go to the page www.geboortechocolaatjes.nl/voor-meisjes/ you can see the products. But when you click on a single item and go o the single product page, the is a huge picture. And I don’t want it there. Can you please help me?

Hi, if you’ve bought it again, download it again ;) there’s version 2.4 available, you are using 2.2.2 which doesn’t work with latest WooCommerce

You are my hero! I’ve been trying to figure it out all day and couldn’t have wished for the solution to be this simple. You’re awesome!

No problem ;)


How can I enable a lightbox for a video on youtube/vimeo?


Hi, unfortunately it’s not possible.