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Just thought I’d let you know, the last example of website on your description isn’t using your theme any more ;-)

Ooops, thanks for the info!

this is a pretty simple question, but how do you change the color of the font for the footer on a site. I’ve looked everywhere. I’m not sure if i have to update that through the editor or is it somewhere else that I’m just overlooking

Hi, you need to add to Custom CSS box in Theme Options:
body #footer, body #footer p, body #footer a { color: red; }

Great theme! I saw your comments about removing page titles. But was wondering if there is a way to put the page title within the content. Here’s an example of my page content using the full-width page + revo slider:

[rev_slider about] Insert Page Title here? [column width=”sixteen” place=”first” ] Content goes here….

Why don’t you use Page Template with Revolution Slider? It’s basically the same layout as you’ve described. Thanks


I have a front page showing my latest posts. How do I set which sidebar I want to use on the front page ? I dont seem to be able to find that option



because there’s no option for that – sidebar can be only selected on Pages or single posts, for blog posts list, archive page or category page there’s always default Sidebar displayed.

I purchase this theme but don’t plan on using it after I discovered this once I installed the theme:

This theme requires the following plugins: Envato WordPress Toolkit and Revolution Slider.

I installed them and now it looks like I have to register Revolution Slider which require a purchase code for the slider. I am not going to buy this slider, I have one I already use.

Maybe this is a good theme if you take the time to figure everything out and maybe pay for another plugin that is required to go with it.

I have another theme that has great capabilities and is less work to get up and running so I won’t be using this one.

Maybe I missed the main page where it said these plugins are required. I say maybe buy it because the sample looks okay, I just don’t have the time to fight with the limitations of the theme.


we have a little misunderstanding here. If you’ve bought Centum you already have Revolution Slider – it’s included in theme – I’m not author of that plugin, but I’ve bought it on extended license and with permission of authors of RevSlider I can bundle it with my theme – the notice to provide Purchase code you see after installing it (which probably caused your comment) is just there in case you’ll need some extra support from plugin’s authors – as in this case it’s not bought from them and just included with my theme you don’t have this support – but I always try to help with problems with slider so that’s simply not required. You can hide this message (there’s a cross in right top corner) and use this plugin and theme without any limitations.

Envato WordPress Toolkit is free plugin and it just helps with auto-updates of theme.

Also, there’s not really much to figure out about Centum – reading the documentation should be enough http://www.docs.purethemes.net/centum/ so I hope you’ll give it another chance.

Kind regards,

Lukasz Purethemes.net

HI .. I installed the theme in WordPress and did the setup for the Home Slider but it appears with the following error: Error Revolution Slider: Slider Home with alias not found. What did I do wrong.

Hi, have you created any RevSlider?

HI, I was doing wrong. I created a new slider and got. Thank you very much.

Ok, thanks

Dear PureThemes, it is a great theme and thanks so much for creating this. however, I have some trouble when customizing it: 1. How can i make the [feature] box have icon (i have tried the shortcode on document but there is no luck)? 2. How can make the About Us page look exactly the same like yours? 3. And finally, how can I retrieve recent posts (using shortcode [recent] for a particular Categories, for e.g, I just want to view recent Videos category)

I would be very appreciated if you can help me. Thanks so much! :)

Thanks so much for your help. :)

i am sorry for disturbing you again, i just want to ask how can i rename the “Portfolio” to another name such as “Bios”. Thanks very much for your help :)

Hi is it possible to do not display the featured image within the portfolio page. So to have no gallery inside the page, just start with text

Hi, if you won’t add images to Gallery field there shouldn’t be any. Hi

please open a private ticket on my support forum http://purethemes.ticksy.com/ with login details to your wp-admin, if you want to modify this file.

Hello purethemes I saw that on the live preview, that you have google maps in the contact form. I can’t find how to add it to my contact form.

Thanks in advance! :)


this is just a widget, you can find it in Appearance -> Widgets, it’s named just “Search”. The layout (sidebar side) can be chosen for all blog posts in Theme Options, or for each post/page individually in it’s own settings under content editor.

Okay thanks for the help! :) Nice support, i have a new problem, which is not this stupid as it has been so far. :)

The Revolution Slider won’t activate, iv’e tried Username and Evanto API key is inserted correct. The Purchase Code on the other hand, im quite sure about. Iv’e tried to add the Purchase code for this theme but won’t work. Should i not activate the Slider or what? :)

Again thanks for nice support. :)

You try to activate it (it means it’s not working at all now) or just register it? Because registration is only for buyers of standalone version of slider, bundled version cannot be registered with the purchase code from theme. You only need to register it if you want to have premium support and auto updates.

Hi. Great theme. I would like to add a new gray icon that I can use on the home page. Much like the ones on the shortcodes page, the ico-tint, ico-mute etc. Is there an easy way to add a new 35×34 ico so that I can use it with a shortcode?

I’d like to use it in the following code: [feature title=”Feature Title” icon=”ico-globe”]. Mine would be ico-radiation. Is that possible? Thanks.

Hi, unfortunately there’s no easy way, those icons are based on Glyphicons, there’s a file with all those icons in Centum/images/icons/glyphicons.png, so the easiest way would be to edit it and replace one of icons you won’t use with your own image, but you need to keep the same size


Is it possible to show featured image in page?

I have created a page with Full width and uploaded featured image, but it doesn’t show.

Hi no, I don’t think there’s a need for that, featured images are used for things like blog pages where all posts are listed or widgets with thumbnails. If you have page that can be accessed only directly, you can simply insert large image at the beginning of the content of page.

Yea, but if we want to insert large image to the page content we have to crop this image to exact size with some kind of software, and users don’t like/don’t know how to do this. They want to add image and wordpress automatically crop image according to page width.

Personally I think it’s good to have pages with featured images (I used other premium themes which has this feature). Or you would suggest to create pages like “About us”, “Services”, etc. with Blog posts, not pages?

I would like to have these pages with featured image and content bellow image.

You can just edit file content-page.php (or content-pagefull.php) and add <?php the_post_thumbnail(); ?> before <?php the_content() ?>

Hi I just downloaded the latest version but I can’t see a changelog. I also can’t see any documentation.

You’re fast ;) Documentation as always is here docs.purethemes.net/centum/ but it wasn’t updated.

Update to version 2.5 is available

* new Typography options, easily create your own Font Stacks from Google Fonts, and select different fonts for logo, menu, headers and texts
* option to sort filters in Portfolio (edit each filter and add order number to it)
* latest Revolution Slider
* some small improvements

I have created child theme and have activated it now the web site displays link boarder around the logo the return to top button has moved. And the responsiveness has stopped working?

I have created child theme and have activated it now the web site displays link boarder around the logo the return to top button has moved. And the responsiveness has stopped working?

Probably some problem with CSS, please open a private ticket on my support forum http://purethemes.ticksy.com/ with login details to your wp-admin, I’ll check what’s wrong.

How do i open a ticket

OK i have opened a ticket so you can open W-P admin You will see the child theme shows boarder around logo and return to top of page button has moved to right side of screen social media facebook button has gone what else i don’t know


I’m looking to slow down the speed of the testimonials slider. I’ve followed your instructions from someone else’s post (add “speed: 1000 or whatever number in custom.js). It only seems to slow down the entire list of testimonials as one long list making it completely illegible – I want it to stop for X seconds on each individual testimonial. Is this possible?

Thanks ps. still loving your theme!

Hi I was just trying to figure it out for last 30 minutes, but it seems the script is bugged and the setTimeout function is cleared to early, but I couldn’t figure out how to fix it. I think I’ll switch this script for slider to something better for next update.

I have purchased your theme but i do not get the xml file for demo content can you please tell me from where i can download that?

You need to download “All files & documentation” \\ extract it and you’ll find it in ‘extras’ folder

I’m so sorry, I accidentally uploaded the same file there, my mistake (and reviewers ;) ) I’m uploading it right now, and here’s the link to extras folder https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/354598/extras.zip

I have the same issue, there is no “extra folder”. The download option “all files & documentation” has the same content in the .zip file as the download option “installable WordPress file only”

I’m so sorry, you’re right, I accidentally uploaded the same file there, my mistake (and reviewers ;) ) I’m uploading it right now, and here’s the link to extras folder https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/354598/extras.zip

Your awesome! thanks for the quick reply.

Hi, I’m seeing problems when viewing Shop cart and checkout pages on mobile devices.

I have tested with an iPhone 5 and a Sony Xperia T, also on http://quirktools.com/screenfly/.

The shopping cart on the Cart page goes off the right of the screen, and the Checkout page has the various fields all out of line and all over the screen. This happens on my installation and on the Centum demo site. The issues can also be seen by simply resizing the browser on a normal PC or laptop of course.

I have taken a couple of screenshots of the Cart page and Checkout on my iPhone 5:

Cart: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/20173671/cart.png Checkout: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/20173671/checkout.png

I hope you can help, it seems weird that the theme is not correct on mobile devices when it’s been out for 2 years and has had loads of updates all the way through. Has nobody spotted this before??



I’ve just uploaded update to Centum to version 2.1.5 (it’s still waiting for approval), it fixes that problems, cart and checkout pages should look fine now on mobile devices :)


Do you mean 2.5.1 and is it now available? The Latest version on the changelog on the item says 2.5, but there is no date.

Yes, it is, I forgot to update changelog, be sure to select notification box next to Centum on your Downloads page http://themeforest.net/downloads to be notified about updates

Hey, I’m using a pricetable with 4 items but the last item is “hanging down”. It doesn’t start from the same height as the other 3 items. I’ve copied the example of your 4 item pricetable but it has the same problem.

Hi, there’s probably some blank space between shortcodes or list elements, please open a private ticket on my support forum http://purethemes.ticksy.com/ with login details to your wp-admin, I’ll check what’s wrong.