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I can’t get this to install on 1.9.1

I tried to raise a ticket on your site but your site seems to be down.

Hi, You can contact this link:

thank you i have sent you a message

hello, i can’t install it on magento…


You can contact us and provide detail. We will check and help you

Will this Template available for Magento 2.1? If yes, when?


Currently, it doesn’t compatible with magento 2.1

From Plaza-Themes:

Hi, If you want latest version, you can try install it.

Best regards,

PT Team

Themes Plaza,

I’m really very disappointed with such response from your company.

When there is latest version of the magento, you installed the old version. We are facing problem with the old version of magento you installed together with the theme. That is why I requested your help to install for us.

We need this theme to be installed for our client of ours and because of your theme and older version of magento, we are facing problem.

Now you ask me to install myself. This is how you provide customer service? If we purchased your theme and you provide the installation service for us, isn’t it so you should ensure updated version of magento? You have the responsibility to ensure the theme come with the latest magento platform and you suppose to provide your support to us!

We facing many issue with the old version of magento you installed. How are you going to resolve this issue Plaza-Themes?

Kindly advice.

Your theme is not compatible with Are you sure it will works? Can you kindly please advice Theme Plaza.

You see, if we brought a theme from you guys, I not sure how to get it work and now it is facing problem. How can you help as promised you given the support?

I really upset from all this experience I got from this theme. Are you really able to help me fix it? Kindly please advice Theme Plaza.

Hi, We’re checking it again for you

When I add the magento new products widget, I only get a one column display. What is the right approach to show a new product grid with this theme ?


Sorry, we don’t understand. You can contact us and provide detail. We will check and help you

Dears it is supported magento 2.1.x and RTE?


Thank for your interested. We will update it for magento 2 later