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Hi, and thanks for a nice theme!

But I have a question: Why is the theme installed in app/design/frontend/default/ma_cerashop instead of in app/design/frontend/ma_cerashop/default? With my limited Magento knowledge, it seems like this makes it more troublesome to make changes and additions to the theme.

Tips about best practice for making small changes to the theme, that will not be deleted if I update the theme will be appreciated.


This theme use “default” package. When you install template you don’t need change default package. You change only template name.

Hello, great theme. Im going to purchase it but before I would like to know:
  1. It is compatible with the last Magento version, 1.8.1?
  2. will come the other pages (about us, Privacy Policy, Terms & Condition etc etc) with the theme? Because I cannot see them on the online demo.
  3. I could not visit the shopping cart except then clicked on Go to the shopping cart in the popup window (Add product to Cart sucessfully). Is this the only way? The other ways bring me always on the checkout, directly.
  4. The banner with 3 image in home page, you can read the price and “shop now” but you cannot click on it, will be possible put the item on the shopping cart directly from the banner?
Thank you in advance for any answer

1. It’s compatible with magento 1.8.1
2. You can add more pages if you want (about us, Privacy Policy, Terms & Condition etc etc)
3. You can click “My Cart” link in the header go to shopping cart page.
4. You can add link for banner on the home page. If you need we can help you do it. You don’t worry.

Thank you for your prompt answers, just did not understand if the other pages (about us, Privacy Policy, Terms & Condition etc etc) are pre built with the template or I should create them

You can make it in the admin panel ( admin > CMS > pages)

Hi, i’ve purchased this theme and works great. I have only a problem with the newest products grid in homepage. The grid takes the latest SAVED products, is it possible to show the newest products by date instead?

Hi, i’ve submitted a ticket. The only problem is that i don’t have a ticket id, it showed me this as id i though ”#XXXXXX”. Will i receive the ticket id by mail?

You get the ticket id by your email

ok thank you! :)

Nice theme!

But somehow the delete from cart functionality doesn’t work out properly. Neither deleting the cart completely nor deleting a single item take in effect. What might cause this issue?

You can make a ticket . We will help you solve this issue

Done! Thank you so far!

You can check your email and your ticket

Is it possible to have a quick installation package based on Magento 1.8.1 instead of 1.8.0 (i sent you a ticket) ?

You can install Magento 1.8.1 with database sample then upload our template.

HI How to put product into the Sale Products listing on home page? i try to put special price already, but it not showing.

You can set Sale products by attribute
Special Price 
Special Price From Date 
Special Price To Date
After you changed catalog you can re-index data ( admin > sytem > Index management > re-index data)

Hello, I need customize your fine theme to contain a search filter in side bar , and add to some languages – currencies. what does it cost ?

You can contact us and provide details. We will help you

I have a pre purchase question Do you have to subscribe to Magento GO Service or any other monthly service to use this theme? can it be hosted anywhere or just special Magento servers?

You don’t need to subscribe to Magento GO Service or any other monthly service to use this theme. Our theme uses for Magento CE version. It’s free. You can use for your website.


I just bought this theme, as it shows it should be compatible with 1.5, however when downloading the file here, there’s only 1.6, 1.7, 1.8 templates – How do i get the 1.5 template?

that’s the error messages that I get with 1.6 theme

how can i best contact you ?

we have got your email

please reply on the email

Ps: theme on your website is different to one on themeforest ? Please replay on e-mail.. followed the manual and didnt get any luck with it .. 404 on all product all the way..

Hi, You need check .htaccess file on your server. We think you lost this file.

Hi, i have purchased the theme a while ago and i am having trouble removing the category list from the sidebar, can you please tell me where should i look for that ??

never mind i found it ..

ok, thanks !

Dear support, Now cerashop magento theme default 4 product for one column. So, can i change set 3 product for one column? Hope reply

We will help you change it.

So now I have to do how

you can check your email