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Excellent Work !! Keep it Up

Thank you very much! :-D

Hi, a few pre-purchase q’s…..

1) Can I change the text in the talk bubbles?

2) For changing the dog, do I just replace 2 images (second image with legs in different running positions) and then it will be animated?

3) Can I change the globe image to my own image?

Hello friend, and thank you for your interest.

1) Yes, the talk bubbles can easily be changed, simply change the HTML code. 2) Precicely. 3) Of course; the globe is a big image. Photoshop also included for editiing.

Thank you again, Nikos

To maintain the branding & look-and-feel of my WordPress-themed website, I’d like to put your 404 page in the body section of my Wordpress theme. (between my header & footer)

Can this be put on a WordPress page? Or does it force itself to display in the full browser screen?

(and if you’ve been involved with adding it to a Wordpress page in the past, then do you have the necessary code changes?)

Thanks! Mark

Hello there Mark,

With some customization, it can be put into a WP theme, although it won’t be able to be changed from within WP.

Please use the contact form in my profile page to help you through it.

Thank you, Nikos

Hi Nikos, just now purchased, and will be emailing you for the WP customization info. Thank you. Mark

Hi routsounmanman

I would like to integrate this into my Wp Theme, please could you help me on this one ;)


Hello there, JP,

thank you so much for the purchase! Please use the contact form in my profile page to help you through it.

Thank you, Nikos

I emailed you thru the contact page, did you receive my message?

Thanx again for your help.

Just replied to your mail, please check your inbox :-)

Hi! Great Work

Bought and set up in 5 min.!!!

5 Stars…

best regards

Thank you so much, for the purchase and the recommendation! Glad you had an easy setup, and you’re satisfied :-)

It’s nice, but in iPhone loads very slowly and my target users browse a lot with this smartphone..

I don’t see such slowing issues in my iPhone4S. What model are you using?

The download has no index.html page and nothing in the “extra” folder!! I will contact envato to get my money back!

Hello friend, and thank you for the purchase.

You haven’t even tried to contact me and ask for support, and yet you cry about getting your money back, potentially alienating other purchasers, all with you being at fault!

Why there should be a index.html file? The main file is the 404.html one, and you can rename it to what you want…

Also, in the extras folder there is a .htaccess file, used to configure your server to redirect to this 404.html page, but it is concealed by Windows as a “hidden” file.

To see it, you need to toggle the visibility of said hidden files.

Please ask for support and help before screaming for your money back, like you had been robbed or something.

Thank you, Nikos

The css preloader ”#universal-preloader” seems to be requesting an image called ”../images/background.png”, however this file doesn’t appear to be included within the package. Can you confirm the file is missing from the package and provide me with the missing file?

Hello friend, and thanks for the purchase!

No file is required, it’s a CSS rule ommission, will make sure to update shortly.

Thank you for bringing this to my attention. Nikos

Hi, I would like to buy this theme but on my Iphone 4s it looks not exactly ” responsive ”.

Please see attached pictures as references;

https://www.dropbox.com/s/kd3kpljiq61u9bl/Foto%2008-03-14%2012%2044%2006.png https://www.dropbox.com/s/i5jcf9pxyihe7q3/Foto%2008-03-14%2012%2044%2012.png

Is it normal? Will this be fixed? I red you have an iPhone 4s too so you should know the problem.

Just purchased, would like to add it to our WP theme. How do we do this? Thank you – bullymaxinc@gmail.com

Please contact me via mail to offer advice on how to achieve this.

Thank you, Nikos

When you click on the Live Preview link your 404 page doesn’t appear. Have you taken it down? :(

The live preview is back on; sorry for the inconvenience :(

Hi, pretty awersome 404 template! Where can i buy puppy i vector?

hi just a pre buy question. As I purchased 404 template earlier and didn’t got any great support. I am interested in buying this one, so please let me know will you help me installing it and how can we install this template in magento?

Hello there, friend, and thank you for your interest in my template.

As long as you want simple integration (replace the 404 page, but not directly edit it from withing Magento admin), yes, I can help you installing it.

Thank you, Nikos

hi, is this topic active ? before to buy this I want to integrate this my wordpress theme can you do it ?

Hello there, boyka!

As long as we’re talking about simple integration (the page simply showing as they default 404 page) and not dynamic links etc, yes, and for free as well.

Any further is considered customization and may include fees.

Thank you for your interest! Nikos

sorry, double message:)


I am thinking of buying this script. I was wondering if I can stop this script after a certain period? I only want it to run for a certain period of time or stop when user scrolls down

Hi, I need your support, I bought this item but I couldn´t install it on my web page, I’ am using WIX. I wrote you days before my purchase but I didn’t receive any response. I have bought HTML thems before and they have worked perfectly so I decided to give it a try with yours. I hope you can help me. Many thanks in advance,

can we change the background from blue to any other color ?