Discussion on Ceres - Responsive Tumblr Portfolio Theme

Discussion on Ceres - Responsive Tumblr Portfolio Theme

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Hi there, Beautiful theme and I’m thinking of purchasing. I have 2 quick questions: 1. possible to reduce the point size for the body text in the example pages? 2. possible to make the menu bar sticky on top? Meaning the menu bar stays no matter how much the user scroll?

Kindly advise! Thanks!.

Thank you for your kind words!

The answer to your questions is yes.
If you decide to purchase, please contact me after all and I will describe how to implement these changes.

One more question for someone who knows only 1% about coding. About the example page: is it coding that allows the embedding of images within the body text? I need it to look like that similar to a Medium post as I need to document my UX journey. Or is done by doing the typical adjustment via tumblr? Thanks much.

Both, the blog posts and custom pages allow to add your own images in a similar way, simply by pressing the button or icon and selecting the image, so you don’t need additional coding knowledge.

Thanks for such a great theme! Will there be a icon for Patreon added soon? i would like to add it to the other social icons. I am also having a little trouble getting disqus to show up under my images. any suggestions?

Please contact me and describe your issue wit the Disqus. Also, I will add a Patreon icon for you.

Can i hide the portfolio part too?

Yes, you can hide Portfolio on the home page. Just turn off the “Show Portfolio Section” option.

I see there’s an update for “option to hide Portfolio section on the home page only” but I can’t seem to find the option. Is there supposed to be a new toggle switch for this? Please advise.

I sent you an email with the fix.

Hello, the slideshow is fixed or it change images automatically?

The slideshow works, like it is shown on the demo page, but there is also an option to force it to stop and change the slides using the arrows only.

From the demo I saw that you need to click on the arrows or on the image to change. But there is an option that allows images to switch automatically without clicking?

Slides are changing every 5 seconds. Just don’t click on the arrows to see the auto transition.

I want to add a simple link, on a text post, how can I do it? My code is good (a href) but the link seems canceled by the theme. Cheers!

Could you paste an URL to that post or contact me privately?


In my text post, “Ludovox” is a link, for example

Email sent.

Hi, can I hide Tumblr’s button’s with this theme?

Sure, you can hide it in every theme in the “Advanced options”.


I’m using your theme and it’s great. There’s only one problem: when I post a link I can’t see that post into the post list. Text, quotes and images are ok. Can you please help me?

Thank you in advance, Patrizia

Dear Patrizia, this template supports only:
Photo, Photoset, Text and Video post types!

After upgrading to 1.11 the slideshow doesn’t resize the images in the mobile version. The images look huge on my iphone and it’s making it difficult to navigate. By the way, I’m using Google Chrome on my iphone.

I feel ashamed and totally confused, because after a few hours of investigating this issue with my colleague, we still have no clue why these images don’t want to scale on Chrome in iPhone, so I’m sorry, but I can’t fix it.

The photo slides only works on my Safari on my laptop but not on other browser in other computers. www.melanieng.tumblr.com

Please advice asap.

Yes, it was on a PC.

can u e-mail me and help me with this issue? i can show u what i am seeing on my side?

But there is nothing I can do. It works fine. It must be something wrong on your side only. Everyone else should see the slideshow. Just check this out on another PC.

Hi there, Beautiful theme! Congrats on that work!

A question/request: Is it possible to have a Society6 icon for the social networks section? I see a lot of URL but not this one. It’s quite popular for artists and graphic designers, surely would be appreciated! :)

Thank you for your time, Éliane

Also, can I change the transparency of thumbnails portfolio posts? It’s a little too dark. Thank you!

Sure! Please contact me and I will customize it for you.

Hi I just purchased this theme. I have no coding skills and thought i just try to install it. I opened the TXT folder in TextMate but I keep getting a blank page… Can you please help. Thank you!

Email sent.

Is it possible to place an image behind the text on the header of each post?

It’s hard to say. I’ll check if I can and if so, I’ll add it in the next update.

How do I change my favicon with this theme?

By changing your avatar.
If you want your avatar different from the favicon, then please contact me.

I am having issue with just editing this theme in general, I have no experience in coding. I purchased this theme thinking it will be merely simple click of browsing of images and writing texts to have my blog ready and running. i still have no clue on how to add a new page.

I just keep getting SSL connection error everytime I hit on a newly created portfolio gallery. please help me trouble shoot this error

Any form of instructional material on this would be greatly help.

Please help !

Email sent.

Hi everyone!

I am having trouble figuring out how to make the external profile icon links work for this template (aka Instagram Profile URL, YouTube Profile URL, etc), the tabs are in the customize theme area.

Do any of you know how to make this work? If I put the simple URL in, such as www.instagram.com/me it doesn’t work because it tries to redirect to www.myusername.tumblr.com/www.instagram.com/me

Any and all suggestions would be so appreciated! Thank you!

I have never received your email, even the second one. Maybe try again, but this time, exceptionally use “ask” form on my Ceres demo page.

Ok, will send again now. Thanks!

Got it now.


Hope you can come up with a solution

on www.thestereostars.com The social buttons on the top right don’t work. However if I go straight to the page it redirects to it does work. http://thestereostars.tumblr.com/

Thanks in advance

It’s still not working. If you go to www.thestereostars.com its the same site redirectred, but the social buttons dont work.

I came to another abnormality that if the soundcloud plugin is loaded the buttons on top and the titles of sections don’t show up on first loading the site. Maybe it has to do with the loading order?

As I wrote before – these buttons don’t work inside a frame because of the security reasons, so the solution is to get rid of this frame or in the worst case scenario you could try to add target=”_blank” to every social link inside the unordered list called “network” (It’s around line 2042 in my code).

...if the soundcloud plugin is loaded the buttons on top and the titles of sections don’t show up on first loading the site.

I checked your site in every browser and everything is loading fine.

the target=”_blank” works :) thanks. Not ideal indeed with popup blockers, but I guess the best solution.

is there a size limit to the images that can bu placed on the slideshow?


Please help. Why can you include no active links in the body of the text?

This applies to photo and video categories.


I don’t know what do you mean.
Please use my contact form and describe your issue with more details.

Hey hey, me again

I need to make an overlay and paste a HTML / Script in the body text, on a page. Is this possible?

I don’t know. You can always try.


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