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Fresh and fantastic job. GLWS :)

Thank you! :)

Really good-looking theme!

Thank you Oliver!

Thank you! That was exactly what i was looking for!

Thank you too!
BTW, awesome portfolio Egor!

thx… i’m a newbie in all that.. could you please advise how to center post previews for portfolio. ) i think the answer will save me couple hours :)

Yes, send me an email and I’ll send you back the instructions.

Do this theme work well with video?

Specifically, Vimeo embedding.

No, it supports only a photo types at the moment.

It works with the video already.


I’ve tried installing this theme and all I get is a blank white screen with the tumblr buttons for customize or dashboard… PLEASE HELP!

Thank you for all of your time!

Not yet, but I’ll try to work on it soon.

Thank you so much! I know I’ve been a bit of a bother, but I have one last question.. Is theme limited to having only two pages?

No, you can add many of them.

Hi there! I just installed the theme and it looks great! Is it possible to make the slider click-able? I would like to direct the images to my online store. Thank you so much!

Sure, just send me an email and I will modify it for you.

Hey, I love your theme! Just purchased and installed it without a hitch. My first post isn’t showing up in my portfolio (I tagged it Writing and then made sure Portfolio no.1 was also Writing). Help?

Hi Michael and thank you for purchasing!
You can’t see your posts on the home page, because you are using Text post types and they’re not supported in this theme at the moment. I could add them, but I’m not sure how to design the thumbnail. I created this template especially for the graphic designers and photographers, that’s why only a Photo and Photoset post types are supported.
Give me some time and I’ll try to change it in the next update.

OK, Text posts are already supported and Ceres is ready to download.

Thank you!

Thanks for the update to the theme. Which of the options will allow me to set the bars for HOME PORTFOILO PAGES CONTACTS to transparency?

I am going to play around with the fonts tonight….


nevermind i found it.. :D

Please please add infinite scroll to the next update! Thank you so much for an awesome theme!

Is there a way to change “Portfolio” on the homepage to another word?

Never mind, I was able to change it :)

A request is if the social media icons can be centered relative to the “About” section if not all icons are used. Any way to fix that?

The quickest and easiest way is to add this code into Add custom CSS window:

.network {
.network li {

Custom CSS

Thanks! Will give it a try!

Worked like a charm. Thanks!

How do you edit the “contact” tab or link a page to open with the “ABOUT ME” tab

Please go to the documentation.

infinite scrolling would be wonderfull….

Hey, i don’t even know if this is possible, but… is there some way to have the thumbnail on the Portfolio section of the home screen be different from the first post of the photoset? I want to use GIFs for my thumbnails, but not have them show up in the set itself.

Thanks! Awesome theme, BTW. Just what I was looking for.

As far as I know, it’s not possible.


I am noticing that I can not click on any of the photosets I am uploading to my blog using the iPad. All it seems to do is highlight the image but nothing else. What I did notice is if I select to open in a new tab it will work. Anything I am missing? Here is my blog that you can see for yourself.


Unfortunately I don’t have an iPad and I can only guess, but I think I know what is going on and I will change it in the next update.

Is there any way you can add a blog section?

Tumblr is a blog platform as a whole and Ceres template is a part of it, so it’s impossible to separate it somehow and add an additional blog.

oh i see. ok. Thank you for replying! :)

Great theme!

Is there any way to redirect the “contact”” page to a custom page rather than to the “ask” tumblr function?

Sure! In the newest Ceres 1.7 go to line 1569 and find:
<a href="/ask"></a>
Then replace ”/ask” with any other URL, e.g.:
<a href=""></a>

Thank you!

Hi there,

Just another quick question.

I can’t seem to create a “redirect” page within the tumblr options when adding a new page. Do you know how I might be able to fix this?

Thanks in advance!

I tested it and there is no problem with the redirection. Simply, choose Redirect from the drop-down menu and fill all the data and don’t forget to check: Show a link to this page option.

Thanks a lot !

Thank you soo much for this theme. I’m a Brasilian Singer, and i buy this. But, i just wanna change backgroud color for dark gray. And I’ll work a bit more on the whole customization. To launch in the coming weeks as my new website. ( Thank you!

In Ceres 1.7 go to line 148 and change body background color from #fff to any other, e.g.: 500+ Colours