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I am loving the design!! I have a question about pages.

I am embedding a vimeo link and for some reason it is not coming up centered. Is there something I am doing wrong? Is there a workaround for the problem? Here is my page


Hey There, I got everything back up and running, is there a way that we can add a photo and text to the preview of a post?

This one just shows that if you click it, something will play, but if we could just have the image and a little piece of text, it would make things so much more clear… Is that something we can do?

I meant to show you this link of the preview. The post I’m talking about is the one on the left…

Tumblr from the back-end is a real mess and it treats audio posts as a video posts for unknown reason and the “play” icon is displayed in the video posts, which doesn’t have a cover image. So, that’s why you see it now.
If you want to have an image as a thumbnail and also a title on it, like on my preview, then I suggest you to use Photo post type instead of Audio and embed the SoundCloud music in the description area.
For more details of how to add titles, please head to the documentation file.


I would like to remove the arrow keys (<>) from the main page.. just would like it cleaner and let the slide show run without any input from the viewer.. Can you tell me where I can remove the arrows?


In Ceres 1.7 remove two lines of code: 1589 with id arrow_left and 1590 with id arrow_right.

Hello, quick question. I notice that when I post a “video” the thumbnails on the main page seem to be a bit pixelated. Is there a way to up the resolution of the video thumbnail within the HTML code? Thanks in advance.

As far as I know it’s impossible.


Not too sure if this is doable, but Is there anyway to make the external links open in a new window rather than navigating away from the page?

Thank you.

It’s possible but it’s also a bad practice and you shouldn’t do this. If you still want it, you must manually add to every link:
Read more about this attribute.

Ok thanks for the info. I’ll leave them as is. Thanks again!

Thank you for creating this theme! Do I need to do anything to make theme responsive? when I open my site on mobile, it doesn’t show my slide show images.

Thank you,

found it, just need to un-check the “optimized mobile layout”


Hi, loving the Theme. How do I get a picture in the middle? The text is in the middle, but when I add a picture, it’s more to the left. How can I make it look good with the text?

Turn on Center Images In Description option.

I must be missing something obvious. How do I edit items form the project tab and how can I add a slideshow to them as well?

I don’t know what do you mean by items form.

How can I add a slideshow?
Make sure that you have Show Slideshow option on and also upload at least 1 slider image.

When I click “customize” on Tumblr it gives me options to add pages and name my portfolios. However, there is no box/option to actually add content to my portfolio pages from the dropdown menu.

To add content to your portfolio use Text, Photo, Photoset or Video post types from the Tumblr Dashboard.

When I turn off the about section the social media links are also gone, is there maybe a way that I can use them with out the about section?


Yes, in the Ceres 1.8 go to line 2029 and there will be an h1 tag. Inside this tag replace the word Category with your own.


And yes, me again haha. Is there maybe a way to get the white stroke between the text and the title to 0? So its fit perfect.

This is how it looks now : And this is what I want :


It’s possible but it’s also not so easy, because if you’ll do this, then it’ll destroy the layout in other places. However, you can safely reduce that space by 70px. All you need to do is to insert this code into the ADD CUSTOM CSS box:

.text .caption {margin-top:0;}

When is it fully supported on iPad?

The site is done and works perfect on my Macbook and iPhone, but when i’m opening it on the iPad of a friend of me, I need to do a very strange thing to get an portfolio object open..

Is there maybe a way how I can do it with HTML?

I have an idea how to fix it, but I can’t test it, so could you contact me through my profile page and I’ll send you the code and then you’ll let me know if it’s fine?

i already follow your tutorials on “help” folder, and i already copy those index.txt on my “edit html” page, but it still blank white. i opened it using TextEdit on mac, how bout that?

Contact me through my profile page, please.

i sent you a message

I replied :)

Hi there, I love the theme so far now that I have it up and running. Is there a way to make it so when people hover over the gallery links (on the portfolio page or in categories) it will display the Gallery title? Thanks!

I don’t know which gallery links do you mean.
There are the titles displayed on the thumbnails already, as you can see on the demo page.

Hey guys!

Everything is working fine for a while now, got a lot of compliment’s about it, THANKS!!

Now one question.. When I embed a Vimeo video, it show up in the “customize” window. But not on the actual page..

This is how it looks on the customize page : And like this on the page : How can I get this right..?



I tested it and it works. Make sure to paste embed code instead of link to the video.

I think i’m getting crazy or something..

Doing EVERYTHING you say, and nothing is working! This is how it looks :

Send me a message and we can try to solve this problem.

hey… ceres isn’t working for me. do you have any suggestions? I’ve followed the instructions below:

open TEMPLATE > TXT folder. Open an index.txt file in any basic text editor, like Notepad or one of those. Select all the code using keyboard shortcut: CTRL+A. Copy everything using CTRL+C and go back to Tumblr. In the empty space, paste all the code using CTRL+V. Click on Update preview button on the top of the window – you’ll see Ceres theme in the preview area on the right side.

I’ve refreshed… etc, still I’m getting nothing. Can you help me out?

Email sent.


Love the site – just wondered if I could get rid of the wavey lines that break each section up?







@How do I change the font…
All the necessary info is in the documentation file.

@Can I make the thumbnails square…
Yes, just change previous code in the ADD CUSTOM CSS to:

.divider, .corner_top, .corner_bottom {display:none;}

I am using this theme for videos – but the thumbnails in the portfolio page use a screenshot from the video which looks low-quality. Can I use a different image for this that when clicked takes you to the video?

Unfortunately it depends on the video provider. Read more here.

Hey there! I absolutely love the template—congratulations! I have a couple of questions:

1. Is it possible to add another navigation tab that is that same as the ‘Pages’ one?

2. Is it possible to take away altogether the ‘Contact’ tab? I’d rather have another ‘Pages’ one, instead.

3. Is it possible to change the color of the title font that’s over the slider?

Thank you so much! Again, congratulations! Really rad theme!

Thank you!

Some of them are possible and some aren’t. Please contact me for more details.

how would i be able to replace the title name with a logo.

thanks in advance, love the theme.

You don’t need to understand coding. Just check out my attachment again. All you need to do is to replace your old Tumblr code with this one.

If you have more questions please reply to my email.

Your a mother%&*$@# BOSS!

Thank you so much.


Just bought the theme, and eventhough I’m following the instructions quite carefully, I don’t get nothing on the page…

Thanks j

sorry, fixed!

When I hover over this it say more images instead of quotes

How do I stop the this from happening /tagged/Archive#Content

content stop any post from loading

Also I want to eliminate the folio section on the home page without it doing it to any other tagged/Archive#Content sections

Please contact me and explain with the details, what do you want to change.