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Can you please explain more on how to remove the max logo height?


Open /css/screen.css find ”.logo_wrapper img” remove max-height

Hi It seems like Cesar has a problem with Jetpack 2.9.3: when activated, the content (images and text) of the pages is not visible. When deactivated, the content is visible again. No problem with the standard theme twenty fourteen. WP 3.9.1 is installed.

Regards from Brian Bjeldbak

I just realized that the Theme Setting may not be working at all. I have v1.2.4 and WP3.9, and am using Chrome and Safari. Perhaps, it is no compatible with WP3.9, yet?

Nope, theme demo also use Wordpress 3.9 so theme works fine with Wordpress 3.9

I reinstalled the theme and now it seems to work. However, Google fonts setting is not working.

What’s not working? please describe more in detail. Also provide URL of page which has issue please.


When I moved finished page from temporary domain (which I used for renewing webpage) to my actual demain contact form got lost. You can see the example here: It doesn’t show anything else than button “Send”

What should I do to get the contact form back?



Please add contact fields to your contact form using Theme Setting > Contact

Thanks! It’s working now.

I have one more question – my logo is shown really small in browsers. I know there is “retina logo” for high resolution screens. It says it should be double size of normal logo, but when I upload it and do preview logo is totally streched. What size do you suggest for logo and for retina logo?

Open /css/screen.css find ”.logo_wrapper img” remove max-height.

Hello, i have a problem with the “posts”.

Each post appears on all pages with a blog template. But I would also like to write posts only for certain categories. Unfortunately, this is not working.

Would be nice if you could help me there.


When you create a post you can assign it to certain category using categories box.

Then go to Appearance > Menus and you can add a category to menu item so it links to category page.

Hello again.

I understood your explanation and your proposed solution. You want me to create a category of “blog” and the contributions refer to the corresponding category. (Box-click) The problem with a category, however, is that I can not set a “blog template” for this category.

In “Pages” but you can choose a “blog template”. When you do this, all posts will appear on this site because of the selected the “blog template” for this page.

Can you rule out any specific categorized “posts” for certain “pages”?

Hello. I had a gallery protected with password using page options several months ago and it worked great. Now it says it’s still password protected, however when I enter the correct password it will not go to gallery. It is still asking for password even though I enter the correct password. I am using the password for page options. What is the reason for this?

Please provide FTP account, not hosting account and send it using my profile form mail. Don’t post it here please.

It seems to be working ok now.

Ok great! :)

The theme has been working great for me until just recently (today) I was going to log in and create a blogpost but cannot log in because it tells me the wp-admin.php and wp-login.php both are redirectly in a loop. How does this happen with no changes to the site? is there an update that fixes this? My host is telling me I need to change to default theme in order to fix the issue.


It’s your Wordpress installation issue. Theme has nothing to do with Wordpress login system. Try to re install your Wordpress.

Ok. The host is telling me it’s the theme. Is it possible to just replace those pages without messing up the rest?

Nope that’s not true. There are 900+ customers sites and also demo site work fine with Wordpress and Wordpress login system has nothing to do with theme.

Why is the gallery of galleries page all messed up?

See link –


Please upload gallery featured image using “set featured image” box.

When I am on the gallery of galleries page and i click on a gallery i want to see it does not take it to the page i made with 4 column setup. how do i make this happen.

Is this something you can help me with?


I have a problem with the responsive design of my blog posts on the iPad and the iPhone. I’m a photographer and use severalpictures in my blog posts.

Please have a look at the following post:

If you look on it on a desktop computer everything is fine, but if you look on it on the iPad or iPhone the pictures are out of the post frame. How can I make them responsive so that they are fitting in the post on tablets and phones also?

Thank you Nadine


Please update to the latest version of theme. It should fix your issue.

Download from Themeforest > your account > downloads and replace all theme’s files and folders using FTP account with the new version.


thank you for your answer. I did a lot of customizing in the template. How can I update the theme without losing all my customizing? Can you tell me, which file exactly I have to replace to fix this issue?

Thanks Nadine

Hello, thank you very nice theme. I would like to demo the same in view of the slider, but I could not. Can we import slider demo layer.


Contact me using my profile form mail please.

Hello again.

I understood your explanation and your proposed solution. You want me to create a category of “blog” and the contributions refer to the corresponding category. (Box-click) The problem with a category, however, is that I can not set a “blog template” for this category.

In “Pages” but you can choose a “blog template”. When you do this, all posts will appear on this site because of the selected the “blog template” for this page.

Can you rule out any specific categorized “posts” for certain “pages”?

Hi there,

i can’t upload any image files for logo, favicon etc. via the admin panel. Also it’s not possible to upload them by copy and paste. If I try that, the context menu (right click menu) is not available.

Any idea? Thanks.


There is no copy and paste for uploading image in Wordpress. When you finish uploading your logo. Click on “File URL” button and then click on “Insert to post” button.

Hi, sorry I didn’t explain very well. It’s not possible to upload a logo image in any way. When I click upload, I choose the logo file, I click insert – and nothing happens. Although the tab is loading and I get the message that it was successful the image doesn’t appear. The write settings on my upload folder on the server are all on chmod 777. Maybe somewhere there is a bug in the javascript? Thank you. Kind regards.

Please check. There are javascript conflicts between theme’s script and plugin’s script. Try to disable all plugins.


I am using the cesar template for my site. ( The images on the home page overlaps each other unless I refresh the home page the second time. Not sure whats going on with it. :(

Please have a look and let me know.


Could you send your Wordpress account and FTP detail please. I will have a look.

Sure. Where do I send those details over?

Send it using my profile form mail please.

Good afternoon, I have 3 questions. Here’s my site:

1. The home page image is getting massively stretched. What’s displaying on the homepage is only a portion of it. I’ve tried reducing the size of the image and it still comes out gigantic. 2. How do I make the gallery images clickable? As it currently stands, a visitor can only go into the slideshow view by clicking the title, I’d like both the title and the image to be clickable. 3. How do I reduce the size of the contact fields on the “Contact” page? I’d like them to take up less space.

Thanks and great template. Been relatively easy to work with!



1. Open Theme Setting > Gallery Portfolio and uncheck “Enable/disable image cropping to screen resolution”.

2. Currently It doesn’t support that. I will consider to add it into the future if there are many requests from customers.

3. It couldn’t be done using theme admin. However you can edit theme CSS file to change that

Did you know about Firebug a Firefox plugin? It will help you inspect all CSS and HTML elements, really help if you do a lot customization

The main CSS file is /css/screen.css

I want 6 columns portfolio is very important for me. And sliders in the demo for the original want to import. Mailed thank you.


Sorry, it needs a custom modification. This type of customization is a bit more complex and is not covered under normal theme support.

If you’re interested in hiring a developer for building out this custom page template for you, we highly recommend to check out: Tweaky

thank you. scrool bar menu is under. Is there a setting for this problem?

Can I change a gallery into a 4 col. view instead of carousel with out creating a page for it? If not is there a way to link a gallery to a page that is set up for 4 col?

Example on my gallery of galleries page can i link the gallery to a page set up with 4 col instead of going directly to the gallery?

My Gallery of Galleries page is still not viewing correctly

Is there a reason why you are not responding to my questions?

Hello, I just bought your theme and I have a question…

-I want to have a menu tab on home that says Portraits, and when client put the mouse on it I would like to display different pages with different galleries. But my question is… Is it possible to have this PORTRAIT menu just as a menu, and not as a landing page. I don’t want it to be clickable, I just want it as a big category name.

How can I make that?


If you are not familiar with Wordpress custom menu below are some tutorial.

When you create a menu item, use custom link and add # for its URL

Thanks! It worked

You are welcome ;)

Btw, Could you help me rate for the theme please?

Attempting to create a child-theme appears to break functionality. The theme is attempting to load /cesar-child/templates/custom-css.php when it doesn’t exist (and shouldn’t need to with a basic child-theme). Is there a way to fix this manually until this is fixed in a future update?


Issues with the Theme Settings still persist (like image links being broken), so I imagine there may be similar lines that require fixing elsewhere in the theme.


Could you send your Wordpress account and FTP detail please. I will have a look.

Unfortunately I can’t grant you FTP access. If you attempt to create an empty child-theme with a new installation of your theme, you should run into these issues yourself.

Hello, I have some issue with BLOG page. As you said in the manual I made a new page, went on Page Attributes” box and selected “Blog with sidebar”. Well, i can’t see any post! How can I do?

Second thing. I created a slideshow for my homepage. How can I change the transition? I want a FADE between the pictures.

Thank you!

Yes please.

The e-mail?

Send it using my profile form mail please.


I have a problem with filterable column gallery.

Even though the filter works correctly, when I click on an image to view larger, the image displayed when I click next is not the next image from the filtered group, but rather the next image in the gallery.

Is there any way to fix this?


Currently navigation will open next gallery image without filtered but I will look for the solution and release the update soon.