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Thank you! :)

Thank you!


I would like to get this template but I noticed that when viewed on a ipad the footer doesnt stick to the bottom and in places like the contact page you could see the side menu under the content.. is this something that I would be able to work around?

It’s a mobile template, not made for tablets. :)

hello, enabled I want to buy this theme, but I need it is a sidebar to the right and if possible it is as mobilebar on a column, I summarize the left and right of the chalis of mobilebar, is possible to merge the two themes? and is it possible that it is compatible phone and tablet because I did not know too. thanks !

hello, enabled I want to buy this theme, but I need a theme sidebar chalis left and if possible, mobilebar bar right? iphone and tablet-compatible. thank you!

It’s not a theme.

Please help me!!

I have buy this template but I don’t have any idea about how can I install it… Like a theme, a plugin??? How does it works?? PPPLLLEEEAASSSEE

It’s a template, not a theme!

Ok so you mean dat i can’t put it on a wordpress website, but on a notepas website?


Will this work with phonegap to produce a mobile app?

Answer for PhoneGap, to build an app for any store, you require an extended license.

Hello, sorry for the disturb, I saw that you’ve mentioned this is only mobile template but we can’t design another for tablets, this theme work great and the best for me so far among your others, please tell me If I buy this theme would you give me little help on (re-sizing the logo) and to make (Home page like your “HANDEE” template’s home page) ?

I can manage unless above are explained in the docs.

Deat enabled. We are interesting in These mobile Version. But the Navigation dont work with Iphone4. Is this correct? The Navigation is cut when are more Navigation-Points. Do you know this Problem? Thank you very much for Little info.

Update your iPhone 4 to the latest iOS. It works perfectly on our iPhone 4!


I'm having some issues with using multiple dropdown-menu in a page. It seems to work on the first one loaded in the page but then the second one breaks.

Any ideas on how to be able to use the dropdown-menu in multiple places on the same page.


Hey there, thank you for your purchase! This usually happens if your don’t put the dropdowns with the proper classes. Please be sure the structure is correct!

Hi, I only see a .PSD file inside, for the index. Where are the rest of the Psds for each category??

Hey there! Only the main page is PSD designed. The rest of the pages are browser built.

I want to put a backgroud picture and logo in main page. How do i put this?

Hey there, first of all, sorry for the late reply, had some technical difficulties! Did you read the documentation on using the template?

Hi, great template. Just got one question: When I click on a button link, the sidebar opens instead of opening the requested page. Check http://bankaidesign.nl/klanten/bizziphone/index.html Hope you can help soon!

What makes it strange is that the facebook and twitter icon in the footer do redirect to an other page, so why do my buttons do the same?

Ah, I found the problem: the buttons included the classes “flat-menu” which triggers the sidebar menu.

Hey there! Yes, I was just about to reply exactly that! That class will deploy the sidebar menu, we added that as well in the template in case you want your users to deploy the sidebar from other places rather than the top menu! Glad you found it! :)

Hey. Great work! Is there a way to display the menu icon to deploy the sidebar in the footer instead of the header? I’m looking to have a fixed footer and from there be able to open the menu!

Hey there! Thank you for your purchase! By default the menu only triggers from the header. To change it to the footer requires some custom coding. Please contact us through our support form here, and we’ll assist you! :)