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Quick question, is it possible to add icons on the left handside of the title in the TOGGLES keeping the small cross on the right handside?



Hi, by default no, but with some new CSS rules it would be possible.


Does the nav menu have sub-menu capabilities like your Sandglass theme?

Hey there! No, this does not have that functionality!

Hi this item can support wordpress 3.9 ?

Hey there! Our WP developer says it works like a charm! If you run into any complications, we will gladly assist you!

Is there a way to just have a blog page only? Remove the menu/heading as well? How is support? What if I have a issue and it needs to be fixed ASAP?

Hi, you can remove/customize the theme as you wish.

If you find a bug (that is not the result of customization) then you can contact us and we will help you fix it.


Hi. Great themes!! Question: Can I create a child theme and develop in my personal usual workflow? … add my own functions.php file in a child theme … custom page templetes in child theme … custom written functions / plugins

… Are your templates based on a grid system possibly?

What is the layout on the desktop look like in your responsive themes?

Thanks. Looking forward to getting started with your themes asap!!



1) Child themes should work without problems

2) The theme uses a custom CSS framework

3) It’s a mobile theme, not intended for use on desktops, but it will adapt and take all the space available on a screen



It don’t work for me, i can’t install it using WordPress 3.7.

I have this message : “Are you sure you want to do this? Please try again.”

I reinstalled wordress, but it still doesn’t work.

Thanks, Guillaume

Hi, thank you for your purchase!

Please make sure you’re uploading the theme only, and not the entire main ZIP you downloaded from ThemeForest.

If you’ve done so and are still having problems, please use the support form to contact us, and we will assist you further.


How do I add more of the images on Gallery

I’m sorry that didn’t help, but your patience is appreciated, some weekends we work late, but some we need time to relax and spend with our loved ones! I’ve sent him an email as well to let him know it’s urgent! I’m pretty sure he’ll get back to you within 24 hours! Again, thank you for your patience! :)

no problem, i’m waiting I wish you an enjoyable vacation

Hi 4Memo, please check your email, and if you have any questions feel free to reply there.


Hi…considering buying this theme…will this theme work with a site I run on wordpress multi site?

Hey there! This page requires a separate WordPress installation!

Hey. I have the HTML version, but interested in this WP version too. Is there a possibility to have the menu stick in the footer instead of the header?

Hi, as the author already mentioned, it is possible but only if you modify the theme. It’s not a default feature.


Thanks for the reply, Cosmin! Can I get some custom coding help with find problems with it? I got some issues adapting the HTML version, so I might find some in the WP too.

I’ll modify the theme a lot. Its an amazing theme, but my interest is exclusive on the menu. With the menu working, will customize the rest of the blog =)

Hi, if you find a problem just let me know and I will help, otherwise I’m available for freelance if you want me to make the customizations for you.


I want to give a public vote of admiration for this programmer on as many of his products as possible.

There is a reason.

When we’re buying templates and themes, we need more than a batch of code which works properly. We need to know that the programmer behind it is serious about his or her work, capable of responding, able to offer reasonable custom work and upgrades – and most of all concerned that we get the product we need to solve problems and create solid projects.

Enabled is that kind of provider. I will take as much time as I can to tell as many people as possible how good his work is, how much I appreciate his talent and how much money he saved me in outside development.

When I need him, he’s there. Whether via email or Skype, he provides extraordinary service as if he’s just another seamless part of your team.

I rarely say I can’t wait to buy more of someone’s products, but he is the resource I’ll return to every time I need anything related to desktop or mobile design.

Bring your project, bring your skill level and explain exactly what you want to accomplish. You won’t find anyone better.

The beautiful bonus you get is being able to envision how a theme might work, and not worry if you have trouble customizing it to your own idea of what your project must look like or accomplish.

Ask him, rely on his expertise, and you’ll befriend one of the world’s finest programmers.

I’m putting my name on this, because I believe it with 20 years of experience in tech. Hire this guy, at any level, and you will be pleased with the results.

Jason M. Kibby, CIO Wortham Laboratories, Incorporated HDYellow/CraftGeneration Chattanooga, Tennessee USA

Jason, thank you from the bottom of my heart for being such an amazing customer and for your purchase and rating! It’s been and will always be an immense pleasure working with you! These are the things that keep us going and keep motivating us to making better and more amazing products, for amazing customers like you! Cheers my friend! Thank you for everything and for your amazing feedback!

Hello, Very intreated in this theme however i know this may be a mobile version and sorry for this dumb question but is this for desktop verson too ? if not where could i buy the desktop version ?


Hey there, don’t worry, it’s not a dumb question and we’ll answer gladly! This is strictly built for mobile devices, so it does require a separate installation and you can redirect your mobile users to this mobile version with great ease. Unfortunately, we don’t have a desktop version of Chalis. Our specialty is mobile devices! Cheers, and don’t shy off from asking questions. They aren’t dumb, and we truly understand the importance of getting to know a product before purchasing! :)

I am interested in this mobile theme. Does it support custom post type.

Hi, the slider items and portfolio items are custom post types.


does support RTL

all right can you assist me with that if i pay the plugin

all right can you assist me with that if i buy the plugin

This is not a plugin. It’s a WordPress theme and it requires a separate installation. We do not provide customization services for our themes at the moment! Cheers! :)

how do i fix the footer and install new fonts


Thank you very much ofr swift action i would like to fix the footer because the footer its not bene faxied on the page

and i try to remove the page title but i couldn’t if you may to assist me with that

Hey there, please use the support form to get in direct touch with Cosmin. We don’t share code syntaxes in the comments zone as they show badly.

will this theme work with Wordpress 4.3?

Hi, yes, the live preview is running on 4.3.1 at the moment.

Excellent. How easy is it to change colors and font? There’s not much info on the framework you’ve built into it. Thanks

The theme uses a custom framework, you can change the fonts and colors with CSS.

A pre buy question. I have WP site and I want to integrate with this mobile site. Can this do it and do you include documentation for it?

Hey there, and thank you for your question! This requires a separate installation and is managed separately. it does not pull any data from your main WP page. Cheers!

When do you update this theme??

Sometime in the next few months. We’re working on a better framework for them! Cheers.


I am wondered how can we do search? I don’t see any search form in the theme. I want to implement it to the mobile menu.


Hey there, and thank you for your purchase. Chalis does not have search function added. Cheers!

Can we add it?

If you add custom code that feature in, yes, but by default it does not have it and and we don’t plan on adding it to the item. You can try adding a plugin for it and it might provide you with the required functionality. Cheers!