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What exactly are these admin themes/templates for? cPanel or some type of admin panel that I would code?

How do I force a drop down menu to expand to the width of the longest option? I’ve tried using force width but have had no luck. Any help would be appreciated.


How many levels does the drop down menu support? In the demo there’s only two.



I’m aware im going to sound like a massive tool but, i’ve purchased this theme as it’s exactly what i need and now…well…i just dont have a clue how to set it up :) ha. All i need to know is how to set the graphs to read off of my own data not the data you’ve manually put in? Can you explain or if not, point me in the direction of a website that can?

Cheers :)

Does it come with some ajax autocomplete textfield? I saw that you have on Utopia demo, but I didn’t manage to find in this theme.

Hi, we have a tag input field which works with a set of data, but not the autocomplete field yet. Point noted and we will add this control in our next update. Thanks

When are you planning to release this new version with the autocomplete? I really liked this theme more than Utopia, but for me it is a must to have the autocomplete.

Or maybe you can help me implementing one, i.e. giving me the JS/CSS I would need to use in order to achieve it. Thanks!

Hi Themio,

Great admin theme. Was there ever a wizard available to get users to enter details through a series of steps (1,2,3 etc)?

Hi, Thanks for purchasing Chameleon Circuit. There is no form wizard in this theme, but in out new admin panel Utopia.


Wow, it’s amazing. Congratulations! I want it! :P

Hello – I am trying to include the HighCharts charting library rather than Flot…the HighChart charts do not seem to work in this template – if we include all your .js and css files and remove all the content in the body except a HighChart div, it works – when we add the Chameleon themed divs, the charts no longer appear – any idea where the conflict exists? Thanks in advance.

You can disregard the issue above – we are recomposing the layout piece by piece and it is working – thank you.


Thanks for admin template first but i have a problem with sidebar layout.

When using admin template with lower resolution screens if you have a larger sidebar menu you cant scroll down and see menu.

Shortly i have to scroll sidebar as i scroll content area. Is there any easy way to do this ?

Yes, Chamelion Circuit was not designed for smaller viewports and is not responsive. You may check out our other templates for that feature (Bolt or Utopia)

The Chameleon Circuit – Full Featured Admin Theme is offline, how can i see it working?

Sorry we are moving server at this moment, it will be live again in 6 hours

Its live

The website looks offline

Hello do you give already a made script in the theme that enables the Visitor Stats of the dashboard?

no. but you can include any third party scripts

Nice, but where are all the pages ?

Is it possible to link to a page AND a certain tab within tabbed content?

I have a page that has tabs like your unlinked table, and sometimes I would like to link to this page and have one of tabs (not the first) open up. How would you go about doing this?

I saw that the links for the tabs are simple – #nameoftab, however, it doesn’t work when I try and link to the page and adding #nameoftab onto the end of the page. For example – mypagename.asp#nameoftab


I am used to use WordPress as back-end CMS. But I’m interested in this template for using it as: A members place for my website. So, my client will come in to my normal website and press something like ‘My Account’. Then he will come to this template where he need to login to enter. After that, he see his own profile, where he can add documents like his passport copy, bankcard copy and other personal things. After that he can see other things, like messages that we send to the client and events and other things.

We are an administration office, so when we make something for example with the Bank for the client, we want to put it in his profile. So he can download it later, it will be very nice if he also can get a mail that something is uploaded to his account.

But it is very necessary that it is all very security, because it will very personal (company) information.

Is this possible with this theme? Is there something like an admin panel in the back-end for us? I have no experience with themes like this.

Thank you for your respond.

Good Morning I would like to have information about your product. I would like to create an intranet for a company. I would also like to host the site with a web host with my choice. The intranet should be used to organize permissions (habilities), download, upload modify, edit PDFs, DOCs POWERPOINT etc online, and classify documents by reference, Title, Edition, Revised, Head of updates and rest of the features contained in an intranet website.

I wonder if all this is possible, it is urgent. Thank you.