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Excellent project! :)

Thanks for your kind words!

Thank you, that’s very good to hear!

Very nice! Good luck :)

Thanks, Veronica :)

Why I can’t see the live preview?

Your live preview link is down. Can u please update the link.

Sorry about that guys, the preview is working now.

Great template!

Also… I maybe found something to improve:

When users scrolls the page down, the navigation still highlights the last clicked link with the white bar on bottom of it. Automatically moving the bar when user scrolls the page would be cool! :)

Thanks, we will fix it in the next update :)

beautiful work, Good luck :)

Thank you :)

wow unique touches :)

Was this supposed to come with a contact.php file to run with the contact section?

Yes, we’ll add the contact.php file today.

Love the site, anyone that can make me look that good is my buddy!! Any chance of that contact.php file??


Thanks! :) We added contact.php, and the current version of the template includes a working contact form.


I added a new item in the navigation called blog with the following url http://blog.domain.com however when I click the link it does not direct me there.

here is the line I added:

  • BLOG
  • Thanks for the help.

    Try add class=”page” to the <li> element. Hope it works

    You are a star. Thank you :)

    You’re welcome :)

    Hi, Very nice template and code !

    Is the scroll “problem” fixed? (=> Deltac0: When users scrolls the page down, the navigation still highlights the last clicked link with the white bar on bottom of it.)


    Hi, thanks for your comments, we will update the theme within a week.

    Hi, are there any improvements that you talk about a month ago ? My client begins to be a bit nervous… Thank you.

    Hi, so sorry about the delay, we’ve been swamped here. The updates should be up within the next couple of days.

    Hi, this is great work.

    One question I have – if I want to create a brand new section (the full horizontal), what are the steps I need to follow? Would you be able to elaborate please. Thanks.

    Cheers, Ajay

    Hi, unfortunately the theme doesn’t support dynamic creation of new sections.

    Hi, I would like to know how to add more than one image in the portfolio section.

    I mean one thumbnail to open the lightbox style gallery, then be able to have multiple image to browse like the preview here:


    => third thumbnail: Ouistitee

    Thx !

    Sorry, but theme support only one image per item

    Weird, it’s possible in your live demo

    In the live demo in the gallery showing item with similar tag, not 2 images on item

    Hi, if I can’t use more thean one image per item how I can make gallery showing item with similar tag? I want next and prev buttons and I don’t know how to fixed it.


    Try to put similar value to rel=”” attribute.

    Thanks for this great theme, after some tweaking for my application, here is a site that is almost ready for launch soon > http://www.jshnapp.com

    Thanks for the purchase. Great site :)

    I really like this site for it’s clean simple and responsiveness to most devices. I have been looking at a lot of them for a portfolio and I nailed it down to yours and one other. I have a few questions though before possibly purchasing.

    1: BG Layout – in each section can i edit the BG? i would like to have solid colors without the diagonal slice similar to how it shows up on mobile and ipad portrait view – is this a bg image i can swap?.

    2: Buttons and “Skills” UI – Can I edit the look and feel for these? I would like to replace the rounded look with a flat sharp edged look and change colors of the buttons is this possible?

    3: sub nav and section edits? My subnav may need to support one more section than 5 navi items here for a total of 6 navi links. Will this template support adding one more section? or duplicating the about section in the code and editing the additional section to fit my needs?

    4: Is there a reason this template doesn’t support IE7, 8? haven’t seen what it looks like on the older browsers but is it a minimal difference or is there major issues when viewing on 7 and 8?

    thanks, Joey

    Thanks for the comment, see our answers below:

    1. You can edit the color of each section, but don’t edit the block structure and remove the pattern.

    2. This block can be edited only by color of the block and progress bars.

    3. You can add/remove the navigation links if you need.

    4. Responsive technology doesn’t work with these browsers from the box, so we wan’t use additional hacks for this.

    great thanks!

    correction to my last comment for browser support. i meant to say: IE8, and IE10. i don’t care about version 7?