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Can you change the menu names? Like #contacts.. I changed it in the menu to #contact. But now it wont find the page..

Also how do I set SEO for the home page?

You can change the menu URL’s. Go to Appearance->Menus and change the URL here – http://take.ms/LkLsD. After that go to Appearance->Editor, choose the index.php and replace the id=”contacts” with your one.

You can use all in one seo pack plugin for SEO settings.

HI ,

We purchased the theme two days back . Is the theme limited to wp 3.5 only ? Dose it work for new version of WP 3.8.1 ?


Thanks for the purchases. Yes, theme is compatible with 3.8.1.

“we installed the theme on wordpress3.5.1 and couldn’t see any theme options. Also there are no options to add content to the home page as mentioned in the screenshots. I would like to know if its compatible with this version, or do let me know the steps to get these features”

Please email us to info@webcodebuilder.com and we will help


I bought your theme, but when I installed the theme in WP, I could not find the theme option?


hi can you send me the demo content for this theme. thanks.

Hi, the demo data and instruction is on HELP folder of the download package


I want multi language in my site how can i do this ? Thanks for helping.

Sorry but it doesnt work. Still description of photo can not seen under the photo and i can just show one photo for each work. If you send me an email i can send you screenshots.

I will send screenshots in a few minutes.


I need 2 portfolio tabs. Is it possible to add another one? Thanks for the support.

Thank you for the support :-) ! Recommendable…

I go to install and says stylesheet.css is missing. Paid $30 for this…

Just upload chamfer.zip from the downloaded package. Not main zip. Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

I had to unzip the folder in the downloaded zip folder (because the style.css was missing) and the theme installed.. but there’s no customization panel(s) or anything. How do I get this?

How do you get the main menu at the top. I have created a tab for each page. Can’t get the menu to appear at the top.

Thanks for the purchase. Could you email us with link and wp-admin credentials. We will help you

After installing this theme into my Wordpress 4.0 page, the color scheme is ALL GRAY, and I don’t see an editor function that I understand.

I did download Theme Tree, but I don’t understand how to use it. The help author on this site said to “read our instructions,” but where?

I then downloaded another plug in, Theme Tweaker, which also didn’t solve the problem.

What am I doing wrong?

I think that I got it working.

YES, it did take the Option Tree plug in, and the copy / paste script within the HELP document was CRITICAL to the install…

Please send me the URL and wp-admin credentials and I will help you.

Hi,I have a small issue that I could use some help with.

On the Skills Tab I wish to get rid of (or hide) the ” /10 ” at the end of each ‘skill’ as I’m using these fields to simply display a price. I can see the code when I do an inspect in my browser, but I’ve searched all the files and can’t find it. I’ve attached a screen cap for your convenience.


Thanks, B. Gallagher

I purchased the theme Chamfer. This is a great theme. I have one question. I try to add a new setting in Option Tree – the section “Contact”. The new item is City. I added the new setting, wrote all parameter and moved the new section in to the Contact. In the Themen Optins i wrote the name of my City. Unfortunately I can’t see this item, after save changes on my Contact page. What do I wrong?

Hi Donald,

Thanks for your question. I can help you if you send me the wp-admin credential to your website. Email: info@webcodebuilder.com


Hi. 1. I wanted to know if I can download a free demo of this theme. 2. I also want to know if once you install the theme, will be like the demo (http://webcodebuilder.com/envato/chamfer/wordpress/)

Thank you.


Sorry for the late reply. Below are my answers:

1. Unfortunately you can’t download the free copy. This is an Envato policy.

2. In case if you buy theme and follow the instructions you get the copy of the demo website, instead of main profile picture.

Regarding the compatible version – yes, Chamfer is compatible with latest WP, and we will be happy to help if you gave any problems with installation and setup.

Hi. I wanted to know if I can add/remove sections and change backgrounds with PHP/CSS code. Can I change the order of the sections? Thanks.

Hi, unfortunately you can’t remove the sections, but we can help you with this in case if you need help with code organization.

this template will be compatible with the latest versions of wordpress? Thanks.


Just wanted to check, is it one page wordpress theme?? Right now if we click on any option in menu it scroll down and takes you to the section. Can we do something like when someone click on menu it takes them to other page?? Seo is possible on one page wordpress themes?

I am trying to add a child theme but cannot get the theme to recognize it. I followed the general WP instructions and get no error messages. My child theme is properly chosen under APPEARANCE but the styles are being ignored.

Hi cssimi2, could you please send me the URL and admin credentials? We will try to help you? FTP account can be helpful as well.

I can’t get the Contact form to work, I tried changing the setting on the Plugin’s back end but still doesn’t work. Where else can I make sure is going to the right email? whats the email so I can send you the temporary access to the page in cas you need it?.

Please send me the credentials to info@webcodebuilder.com

Hello! With this theme I can change the words on the menu? I would like to change the words to the Portuguese language.

Hello. You can edit the menu items though Appearance – > Menus. This is a standard Wordpress interface.


zopaks Purchased

I recently purchased your theme, but when I installed the theme in WP, I could not find the theme option at all hence can not continue customising the theme.

Secondly, I will like to know if the theme is compatible with the latest version of WordPress and if the style.css is available in this version of the theme installed on my site

is this product still be actively supported by the author? i have reached through emails for the past few days with no reply.

Hello, sorry about the delay. Could you please send us your wp-admin credentials to info@webcodebuilder.com and we will help you. Thanks!