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Is it possible to add some “pause” in the menu animation? Both mouseover and mouseout?

Hi gplough.

I don’t think I understood… Can you explain me exactly what is the behavior you want for the menu?

Best Regards

once you mouseout it would be cool it there was a little delay before it goes away. does that make sense?

I’ve understood now! You’re right. It would make sense. Although that is not possible now in Chapter One. I will try to adding that in a further update… I will let you know.

Is this theme for joomla, and can it be installed, by that i mean does it have its quickstart package?

Hi. This theme is not for Joomla. It’s just an HTML template. Regards

Very nice work!;

Thanks man!

I want to control the width of the buttons and not have the width based on the amount of text in the buttons, how can I do this? Thanks! Love your template!

I’ve just answered you in the support platform. Regards.