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Hi, I love the Chapter 2 set. I have been trying to set the grey skinned version as it looks on the sample live view.

I can not get drop down menus . I can not get the portfolio to look like it does in columns. and not a hope in hell of making the contact page with the fill in boxes.

I have followed vids on you tube and followed the instructions in help files.

It does not seem to save. Any advice before I launch it out the window would be great.

I’m a photographer and have not a Scooby about web design. I went for this as I thought it was templates and tweak as you want.

Help and advice please?


Hi, I have followed the docs instructions and I have sorted out portfolio and Contact page to be the way I wanted it.

I have followed all instructions as read. But the site will not add sub headers to the menu. i:e, It shows in back ‘Dashboard’ that there are new pages added to drop down menu. but when you go to the site to view no drop down menus are working/showing up.

Any advice on why no drop down menus are visible?

Please contact the support: http://oitentaecinco.ticksy.com and provide the access to your site so we can see it and help you. Regards.

will do, many thanks

Hi there,

Is the theme compatible with wordpress 3.9.1? I would like to upgrade to the latest version but don’t want to do it before I get the ok from you.

As always, thank you

Hi. The latest version of the theme is compatible with WP 3.9.1! You can update both. Remind that backup before updating WordPress is always recommended. Regards.

Hi there

Great theme but I cannot get the slider to work on the homepage for the life of me….... please help before I go completely mad..


Hi M.

For help, please contact the support: http://oitentaecinco.ticksy.com and provide them the details of your specific problems. Thanks in advance.


Is this compatible with wordpress 3.9.2??

Regards Levt

Hi Levt. Yes, it is compatible with WP 3.9.2. Regards.


I just updated to the latest version and it seems that the shortcodes do not show on the menu bar and if I put them manual they do not work, I am using the latest version of chapter 2 and wp 4.0.

Can you please help me out with this?

Thanks! Regards Levt

Hi Levt. Please contact the support http://oitentaecinco.ticksy.com . They will help you. Regards

We just confirmed… WordPress 4.0 and Chapter Two 1.6 are fully compatible. Shortcodes are working fine…

Hi there,

Is the theme compatible with WordPress 4.1?

Thank you

Hello there. Yes it is! Regards.

Beautiful deisgn and excellent range of options on this theem.

I do have an issue with the Slider. I have raised a support ticket, but wondered if anyone else has this issue -

I have installed the theme successfully, and set up a Slider which I am able to preview, however it does not appear on the home page. It is juts a blank space where the slider should be.

As I say – it does let me preview from the Plugin edit screen – it’s just not on the actual page.

Has anyone else had this issue?

(Also, the Revolution Slider on the sidebar widget shows only one post, no rotation)

How soon will theme be compatible with WordPress 4.4? Thank you

Hi. The theme is already compatible with WP 4.4. You can update it.

PS. It always a good practice backing up your entire site before an update.

Kind Regards

WordPress 4.4.1 options framework did not work :(

<body class=”wp-admin wp-core-ui js appearance_page_optionsframework auto-fold admin-bar branch-4-4 version-4-4-1 admin-color-fresh locale-pl-pl no-svg customize-support”>

Hello there.

Our options framework is working on WordPress 4.4.1. Please open a ticket on our support platform (http://oitentaecinco.ticksy.com) and provide more details about the issues you are facing.

Kind Regards