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Great , Good Luck

Thank you, LioIT.

Looks nice, good luck with sales!

Thanks WPExplorer! Good luck to your sales too.

Beautiful work!!!

Thanks tagDiv!

This is great!

Thanks lordthemes!!

Very nice Theme!

Question: Where are the Background-Image? (Little Dots Main Content). Sorry for bad english – i´m from germany ;)

Hi Vodavid.

Thank you for your purchase.

Are you talking about the Business Skin? That background image are in chapter_two/framework/skins/business/images/patterns folder. That specific image is the dots.png file.

Best regards.

Thank you for your answer. And how can i put the pattern in the background? Can´t find the Option Background Image in the Theme Options. I use Wide Mode. Thanks

Hi Vodavid.

The background-images from the theme options panel are only available for the boxed layout mode – for the outside of the box.

The background-images of the main content area are native part of each skin. You can change them through options panel. You can only change it, manually, replacing the file in the directory I told you in my last message.

Although if you need further support in this subject I would like you to use my ticketing platform: http://oitentaecinco.ticksy.com. Thank you in advance.

Best regards


With “custom backgrounds for boxed style” feature, is it possible to have different background for each page? or a random display of backgrounds set ? Thanks for your time … its a beautiful theme …


Hi vlaaD.

No, it isn’t. The background you define will be the same in all pages. I will register your “suggestion”, maybe I might contemplate that feature in a future update.

Best regards

Hi, Do you have multi-language support

Hi BySingin. Yes. The theme is translation ready. You only have to create the .pot file for your language.

Beautiful theme. Pre-sales question. I use Layer Slider instead of Revolution. Will the theme accomodate that instead and if not do you have plans to do so in future updates. Thanks

Thank you, onevoice4.

For now, the theme only accommodates Revolution Slider, the one that comes packed. I can’t tell you right now if in the future I will include support to that slider.

Although, if you buy it… I can personally try to help you making it work with your slider.

Best Regards

Awesome theme…again. Always shinning ;) Congrats bro….

Thank you very much for all your support!! ;)

Great theme! Good luck :)

Thank you louiejie!!

Hi, First apologize for my English, I come from Spain.

I’m thinking about purchasing this theme. It looks very nice. Yesterday I purchased another theme and I had a bad experience. And before purchasing it, I’d like ask you some questions.

Is it possible to translate the whole theme?: titles,buttons… for example, at homepage, this theme shows “Our Projects”. Can I translate this title into spanish?. or in Standard post, you show: admin, 4 comments … can I translate this too?

Hi Esmaven.

You don’t need to worry about it, the theme is fully translatable! You only have to create and provide the .pot file.

Regarding your examples:

- “Our Projects” is on the homepage’s content. You will have to write it in your language. (the homepage is built with shortcodes)

- “admin, 4 comments”... Admin is the post author name… Comments is translatable with the .pot file… As all other internal theme labels…

Best regards

Amazing Work!!!

Thank you TritonB7!

Great theme and amazing documentation. I just installed it, and I’m configuring it now – the documentation mentions that part of the styling (step 2.3.2) is to set up the home page content. But on the styling tab I don’t’ see anything related to the home page settings – it just offers me the skins, color schema, etc.. I’m also not seeing it on any other tabs in the theme options.


Hi deNovoWeb.

Thank you for your purchase.

Please, ignore that part of the documentation, it’s there for mistake. The homepage mechanism was changed lately… I’ve documented the new one, but by mistake, that piece of text wasn’t removed. To setup the homepage you should go through the chapter 4 (Homepage Setup).

I’ll update the document as soon as possible. Thank you for noticing that.

Best regards

Thanks for the response. I really am loving this theme.

I’m glad you’re loving it! It means a lot to me.

If you find any other situation that you need my support, I would like you to use my ticket system: http://oitentaecinco.ticksy.com Thank you in advance.

Hi, do you plan add next/previous function for portfolio single item?

Hi MeruzhanPainter.

I’ve registered your suggestion. I’ll add that feature in the next update. I’ll let you know as soon as it is implemented.

Thank you. Best regards

This theme seams to be perfect what a client of mine.

Localization with 3 different languages should be fine?

Hi alintiniuc

Yes. There’s should be no problem. The theme could be localized in unlimited languages.

Best Regards

Hi, love the theme. Does it come with the xml files to make recreating the example pages easy to do?

Hi daviddeering.

Right now the theme doesn’t come with XML sample files, because the default WP export/import engine isn’t able to take care of all the theme’s data.

But that’s something that I’m working on. In a near future I will try to add an auto-install-sample-data feature.

Best regards.

Is there a simple way to recreate the sample pages, then?

Yes. Until I don’t have the feature ready, I could personally help you importing the contents. Contact me trough my support platform…

Excellent work my friend!!!! Beautiful…;)

Thank you juanmita.

And congratulations for your work. I appreciate it.

Hey, In the technical details, You wrote “WordPress 5.3”. It is 5.3 or 3.5

BTW. Nice theme. :)

Thank you very much, for noticing that and warning me. The description is now correct.

Thanks!. Good luck with sales :)

Hi just wanted to say what an awesome theme! Wondering is it possible to center the logo up in the header? Thanks

Hi Ronnie67.

The theme doesn’t have any option to set up the logo position. It could be possible only by changing the CSS manually. If you want I could help you with that… Just contact me through the support platform: http://oitentaecinco.ticksy.com

I’m glad you like the theme.

Best regards

Hi just bought the theme and am loving it and the meticulous documentation. I had a question relating to the divider lines under the page titles. Is there a way to edit/remove them?

Hi Ronnie67.

I’m glad you’re happy with my work.

It’s possible, with a couple of adjustments on CSS. Can you submit a ticket on my support platform, so I can guide you trough that process from there?

Thank you in advance

Thanks for the quick reply, I’ll do that.

Thank you.