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Support for Email Template - CHARISMA

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Update / Changelog

- January 29, 2014
Tested across Browsers, Desktops and Mobile Devices once again. Works perfect as expected. We are bulletproof for your luxury. Thank You!

- January 25, 2013 : A minor scaling issue on Android devices fixed for a better mobile experience.

- August 7, 2013
Help files updated with up-to-date screenshots and more detailed instructions.

How can we get in CONTACT with YOU?
I haven’t done e-mail campaigns before. How can I edit (update) the templates with my content, I mean, using what program..?

Changing the content is really easy , even by just following the comments in the HTML file you can very easily update the content. HTML File is very well commented. You can use any text editor (even notepad) to change the content. Just read comments in the HTML file carefully and it should be ok. Also, A very descriptive help file included within the download. Anyway, please never hesitate to ask any questions, I’m here to help.

Can I customize my template with a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor, for example, like DreamWeaver’s DESIGN view?

You shouldn’t do it because WYSIWYG editors adding unProper code to your html file , causing the layouts break. You should customize your template within HTML file by using a text editor. If you’re using DreamWeaver, use its CODE view instead of its DESIGN view.(In DreamWeaver, you can open CODE view from Top Menu > View > Code) You can alsa use any of your favourite text editor (even notePad will do) to customize your template.

Code is deeply commented with detail, read the comments in the HTML File and you’ll see it is really very easy.

Why do I need a SUBSCRIBE option

Because , if one of your customers forwards your email campaign to some of his/her friends by using the Forward To a Friend link , they will need an option to be able to subscribe to your emailing list.

I have a SPECIAL CASE . For example, let’s assume that I want to use the HTML in this template as inserted into -mountain lion for use as stationery, is it possible ?

In special cases, just contact with me from my profile page, I can send you an example layout from the product. You can examine the example I’ve sent you and then you can make your decision with 100% confidence to purchase it. Everybody wins. :)

I did a TEST with one of the files at the LIVE PREVIEW BEFORE PURCHASE , but it doesn’t look as it should be. Why..?

If you perform a test with the LIVE PREVIEW, you will NOT get the results you should, because it is only a LIVE PREVIEW and encrypted for security reasons. The files which you are going to download with the purchase are all tested with LITMUS, and all are working fine (all have Embedded and Inline versions). Anyway, If you need a sample to be sure before your purchase, please get in contact with me and I can send a sample file for you to test. Everybody wins :)

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