Discussion on Charlie - Light Minimal Creative Portfolio WordPress Theme

Discussion on Charlie - Light Minimal Creative Portfolio WordPress Theme

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I might be wrong but it looks like this theme is not really updated? 3 years ago someone asked if it was possible to place a logo instead of the sitename on the main page and you said “In the future I will update of the theme and image logo will be available in WordPress Customize in admin panel.” and now 5 days ago someone asks the same question and you answer: “Now theme support only text logos for set image logo need to edit header.php In the next updates will be light replace text logo to image.”

Hi! Thanks for your interest in Charlie Theme. The last update of the theme was in November 13, 2020. A big update is being prepared now – with WooCommerce and other features that haven’t been added before.

Hello there!

Thank you for creating simple and beatiful theme! Providing the demo content helped me navigate through the site and it is fairly intuitive, however I’m struggling with the site name on the main page. Currently it seems to be a text from the site tagline, however I would like to replace it with a picture (logo). Is this possible?

Thank you!


Hi, Jakub! Thanks for choice Charlie WordPress theme!
Now theme support only text logos for set image logo need to edit header.php
In the next updates will be light replace text logo to image.
But now you can sent me mail@feelman.info url your logo and I will edit file to you.
Or you can replace this code in header.php (line 91), where http://url.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/logo.jpg is your logo link: https://codepen.io/feelman/pen/BaLPVzd


I am thinking about buying this template, but first I would like to know if it supports video file upload (not embedded link)? thanks!

Hi! Charlie Theme supports embedded link. Thanks for your message!


I’ve added new items in the Portfolio menu, and they’re appearing on the home page (https://kathryndeissart.com). However, clicking on an image shows a 404.

I’ve also created a sample category and added a few of the images to it, but the name of the category doesn’t appear in the footer. Is there a step-by-step manual? I saw the readme files but there wasn’t any documentation in them.

Thanks in advance


Thank you!

Thanks :-) If you like my support, please rate 5 stars in Downloads.


I have a question regarding viewing on a mobile. I have the portfolio page as my home page with a grid of 9 images on, can I change it so when viewed on a mobile you see all 9 images together instead of one at a time and having to scroll down?

Also I have emailed you yesterday requesting to change my text logo to an image.

Thanks, Cal

Hi, Cal!
You can to customize CSS of theme, but it will be look not cool https://prnt.sc/m7sqms .
What about image logo I answered you yearsterday on email, please check it (may be spam folder).

Question! :D When i set my porfolio as a static front page, i loose my portfolio submenu and “next page” buttons. Why? Thanks!

Hi! Because portfolio submenu and navigation buttons only on portfolio page http://feelman.info/wordpress/charlie/all-works/.
Home page have All Works url below portfolio posts http://feelman.info/wordpress/charlie/.
It’s feature of Charlie Theme.

Hi! Is it possible to “Pin” one post in the portfolio, to make it appear on top always? Thanks!

Hi! Portfolio is sorted by date. New at the beginning, old at the end. You can sort the portfolio by changing their publication dates.

Thanks!, i also would like to replace the text site name with an image logo. Is it possible? Thanks in advance

Please, upload logo on your site and send message with url on mail@feelman.info. I edit the file of theme and will send you. In the future I will update of the theme and image logo will be available in WordPress Customize in admin panel.

Hello, I would like to replace the text site name with an image logo. Can you please advise how do that? I don’t see the option in them the customize appearance options…

Hi, please, upload logo on your site and send message with url on mail@feelman.info

Hi there,

I am interested to purchase the Charlie template. I have two questions to ask: The price is one off or is it yearly? Could the colour of the background in Charlie template be changed or is that not possible?

Many thanks.


Hi, Miri!
1. The price is one off.
2. Yes, you can changed the background-color from Additional CSS in WordPress Customizer (it is so easy).
Thanks for your choise!
Best regards, Feelman.

Hi! In the portfolio page menu: is there a way to display the category names in an other way that in alphabetical order? I would like to choose their position and I don’t know how.


Hi! Portfolio category names on portfolio navigation display only in alphabetical order.
Best regards, Feelman.

Hi, Something happend with mi porfolio and appears like this: http://one-frame.es/portafolio/ And i want to see it like in the beginign like: http://feelman.info/wordpress/charlie/ Do you know how can i do it? i have try a lot of things. Thanks!

Hi! Looks good. Portfolio on demo page http://feelman.info/wordpress/charlie/all-works/ and your portfolio http://one-frame.es/portafolio/ looks the same. Or I not understand you? Please, write what you want to do.

How do you filter the number of portfolio items displayed on the home page? Right now, my site is showing 10 items on the front page. I would rather limit that to 9 so that it keeps the columns even.

Hi! You need go to Dashboard -> Settings -> Reading and set 9 posts on Blog pages show at most. Screen https://prnt.sc/idz8v2 . Please, try.

Perfect. Worked like a charm. Thank you!

Thanks :-) If you like my theme and support, please rate 5 stars in Downloads.

Is there a way to NOT show the portfolio image on the “Portfolio item” page? I would like to see the item on the “Portfolio Template” page (i.e. home page), but when I click on the item, I want to be able to fully customize the linked page WITHOUT the image.

Want you the Featured Image will be only on Portfolio Page https://prnt.sc/id4m2h, but not will be on Portfolio Item https://prnt.sc/id4mf6 ? Theme has not this function. But it can be do only for you. If you need this sent the letter on mail@feelman.info

Hi, I followed your explanations for the Portfolio template in your documentation but the option “portfolio” doesn’t appear on the left of my back-office (contrary to your screens). Is there something I didn’t see to make this option appear? thanks

Sorry, didn’t install the plugins before. Don’t need ti answer to my question

Hi! Very strange, this should not be.
Try to install the theme on a test subdomain with a clean WordPress and check whether there is a Portfolio. Perhaps now there is a conflict with any plugin that is already installed on your site and who is also responsible for the portfolio.
If there are problems – write to mail@feelman.info

And check please, plugin Feelman Portfolio Post Type is active or not.

Sorry for the basic question, but I’m new-ish to wordpress. How do I get a page like the demo home page? Every time I put images in a page, I just get a them stacked on to each other left justified (test.andreahanzlova.com). I’m sure I’m missing something simple, but can’t seem to find it!

Hi! The theme has Portfolio Template for home page and/or blog page.
In order to use this template as a home page, you have to create a new page (in admin area choose Pages -> Add new) and choose Portfolio Template for this page (you will see a metabox on the right). Publish this page. Screen https://prnt.sc/ia8usy .
Now go to Settings -> Reading and do these:
1. Choose ‘A static page’ option in ‘Front page displays’ settings
2. Choose created previously page in dropdown titled ‘Front page’
Screen https://prnt.sc/ia8v7t .
Save changes.
To create Portfolio Item you need go to Dashboard -> Portfolio -> Add New.

Thanks! Everything looks good except that last part. There’s no “Portfolio” option in my dashboard. I saw a previous post about a plugin, and tried that, but still no option to add in a portfolio.

edit: Wait! I figured it out!

Ok, very good!

Great template, congratulations! but, is it possible to reorganize the porfolio without starting again?

Hi! Portfolio is sorted by date. New at the beginning, old at the end. You can sort the portfolio by changing their publication dates.

ah ok thanks!

Hi there! Nice theme, but I wanted to see if there was a way to add a navigation on the bottom of the individual portfolio pages. For instance, I want to add a “next” and “previous” link or icon before the footer.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

Hi, thank you for purchasing my Charlie theme. Are you talking about previous/next navigation on portfolio page here before footer http://feelman.info/wordpress/charlie/portfolio/graphic-design-tablets/ ? If so, then theme has not this feature. But if you want, I can make this feature in the next update.

Hello Guys.

I write you a message because i need your talent to help me with your theme.

I have some questions about your theme: - for the footer (widget)i cant modify the text position. how can i do? -where can i modify all typography and color? - where can i delete the grey case (with the title and the share link) or modify the elements ? because i just want my website all in white. - Is it possible to align my logo with the “slider”? - where can i modify the text’s position in project category (and delete the grey case) because the text is in center – left but not in left really?

If you want some image to see my trouble. my mail is soha@sohaconception.com

My website : http://sohaconception.com/

Thanks in advance

Hi! I wrote a very big answer to your question and sent the email.


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