Charlotte Premium Café Bistro WP Theme

Charlotte Premium Café Bistro WP Theme

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Elegant Design with Awesome Features for creatives & designers

Clean Code:

  • 100% Responsive Layout

    With Charlotte every pixel of your site will respond the way it should no matter what the device is (table, iPhone, desktop)

  • One-pager and Multipager

    Charlotte can be used as a slim one-pager as well as a more complex site. Choose yourself what suits you best.

  • Visual Composer Page Builder

    Charlotte comes packaged with a tailored visual composer. Now you create your stunning pages with drag&drop simplicity.

  • No HTML knowledge required

    All themes by createIT are for pros and professionals as well. Our pre-defined elements, layouts and pages as well as friendly admin panel make your file so much easier!

  • Retina Ready

    Charlotte is retina ready ensuring it will look fantastic on High Resolution displays like the iPad or iPhone retina devices

  • Translation support & WPML ready

    Translation of Charlotte is quick & easy! It is also WPML compatible in case you need a multi-lingual site!

  • Mega Menu

    Charlotte supports lightweight and pure CSS megamenu not only working for fixed and responsive layout but also including (almost) any Bootstrap elements!

  • Uber Menu

    Charlotte supports UberMenu- a user-friendly, highly customizable & responsive Mega Menu WordPress plugin. Design with pre-designed skins and over 50 configurable settings!

  • Swipe Menu for Mobile Devices

    Charlotte comes with Swipe Menu. We always make sure that our themes are easy to navigate on any device, good user experience for all.

  • WooCommerce Compatible

    Charlotte is WooCommerce compatible so now only sky is the limit! Create personal & business websites as well as great shops!

  • eCommerce Ready Functionalities

    Charlotte comes with the most comprehensive eCommerce functionalities to ensure your ultimate experience while building, customizing and managing a web store.

  • Built with Bootstrap 3 (Mobile First)

    Charlotte is built with Bootstrap 3 meaning it looks perfect on mobile phones!

  • Clear class naming convention

    In order to make your work easier we make sure CSS class naming is as transparent as possible. At your service!

  • 400+ Font Awesome Icons Included

    Estato comes with over 400 icons from font awesome pack.

Creative Design for designers:

  • Customizable Layout

    Charlotte layouts will make your site look unique.

  • Ken Burns & Parallax Effects

    Charlotte supports multiple parallax & ken burns effects making your site look modern. We just create IT the professional way…

  • Video Media Section

    Charlotte comes with video support feature that enables you to incorporate multimedia/video files within your site.

  • Isotope Portfolio

    Charlotte supports isotope portfolio to ensure your website follow the newest trends.

  • Exquisite Blog & Portfolio

    If you want to blog with a modern theme, you?ll surely appreciate the design of Charlotte.

  • CSS3 Animation

    We have equipped Charlotte in Animate.CSS so you can create cool animations with (almost) any element of your website!

  • 400+ Font Awesome Icons included

    Charlotte comes with over 400 icons from font awesome pack.

  • Social media integrated

    Charlotte is compatible with twitter, facebook & much more?

Built-in Plugins for free:

  • Magnific Popup preview

    Create high performance and multi-functional light boxes using powerful jQuery plugin Magnific Popup.

  • Ajax Ready

    Load your portfolios smoothly with ajax-powered multi-media gallery. Sort them into different categories without re-loading the page.

  • Extra plugins by createIT FOR FREE

    Get all WooCommerce plugins by createIT for free! Remember we are creating new IT plugins while you are clicking.

  • Contact Form 7

    Contact Form 7 is a valuable and reliable tool for building forms. Sure we’ve offered you this one in Charlotte!


  • Clean Code & Speed Optimization

    We take great care to create IT solutions with well-structured, modular and clean code. No more break layouts, corrupt data or deteriorate page speed.

  • Robust Admin Panel

    Take advantage of our user-friendly & powerful admin panels. Easy to use, maintain and update we content!

  • SEO Ready

    All themes & plugins by createIT are built with the best SEO practices to work great with popular SEO WordPress plugins.

  • Extensive Documentation

    We provide step by step user guides for all our themes & plugins. Check out also our exclusive support forum!

  • Outstanding 5* Support Team

    Make sure you contact us before & after your purchase, and get to know our helpful & friendly team!

  • Automatic Updates for Life

    Gain access to 5* customer support & free updates for life! Take advantage of automatically manager updates & stop wasting time on updating manually.

3.0 (02.10.2018)
- update: add compatibility with WP Bakery Builder 5.5.4
- update: add compatibility with WordPress 4.9.8

2.9 (29.03.2018)
- update: add compatibility with WooCommerce 3.4.x
- update: add compatibility with WP Bakery Builder 5.5.2
- update: add compatibility with WordPress 4.9.7
- update: Size Guide plugin can be updated to version 2.8

- feature: New options to change fonts available on the site.

2.8 (08.03.2018)
- update: Theme is now compatible with VisualComposer 5.4.7
- update: Theme is now compatible with WooCommerce 3.3.3
- update: Theme is now compatible with WordPress version 4.9.4
- update: WooCommerce Product Size Guide plugin updated to version 2.6
- update: Waitlist plugin updated to version 2.4

- bugfix: Animation issue fixed

2.7 (17.10.2017)
- update: Theme is now compatible with VisualComposer 5.3
- update: Theme is now compatible with WooCommerce 3.2.1
- update: Theme is now compatible with WordPress version 4.8.2
- update: WooCommerce Product Size Guide updated to version 2.3
- update: Waitlist updated to version 2.1

2.6 (16.10.2017)
- update: Theme is now compatible with VisualComposer 5.3
- update: Theme is now compatible with WooCommerce 3.2.1
- update: Theme is now compatible with WordPress version 4.8.2

2.5 (03.01.2017)
- bugfix: content-menu.php fix
- bugfix: product filtering
- bugfix: chart shortcode issue
- bugfix: removed number 42 from Menu
- bugfix: sidebar block not visible on single post blog
- bugfix: update Waitlist plugin to version 1.9
- bugfix: update VisualComposer to version 5.2.1
- bugfix: compatibility fix with WooCommerce 3.x.x

2.4 (15.11.2016)
- bugfix: Filtering option in Menu is not working properly
- bugfix: Fixes for minor issues
- bugfix: Compatibility with PHP 7
- bugfix: Update VisualComposer to version 5.0.1

2.3 (09.09.2016)
- bugfix: Update Visual Composer to version 4.12.1
- bugfix: Minor issues after updating VisualComposer to version 4.12.1
- bugfix: Problems with option Show Sidebar Block for Blog page

2.2 (22.08.2016)
- feature: Removing sidebar block from the pages
- bugfix: Visible description for restaurant Categories
- bugfix: 400 (Bad Request) for
- bugfix: createIT PostTypes Plugin for Charlotte update to version 1.3

2.1 (22.08.2016)
- bugfix: Double e-mail address in CT - socials
- bugfix: Set Order don't work for Restaurant items 
- bugfix: API KEY map issue fix

2.0 (20.07.2016)
- bugfix: Removing restaurant category image
- bugfix: Google Map API update

1.9 (30.06.2016)
- bugfix: Menu not visible on the page
- bugfix: Update Woocommerce templates to version 2.6.1
- bugfix: Base font navbar isn't working as intended

1.8 (28.04.2016)
- bugfix: Update Visual Composer to version

1.7 (04.03.2016)
- bugfix: Update Visual Composer to 4.11.2
- bugfix: Navbar widgets hidden on frontpage

1.6 (19.02.2016)
- bugfix: VC Carousel compability

1.5 (22.01.2016)
- bugfix: Problems with updating createIT PostTypes Plugin for Charlotte
- bugfix: Issue with installing ct-wiatlist 
- bugfix: Woocommerce update templates to 2.5.0
- bugfix: Filter options sending to the home page

1.4 (14.10.2015)
- bugfix:  IOS 9 Compability
- bugfix: Text box problem in Masonry template 
- bugfix: Not able to set colors for the menu using customizer
- bugfix: Removed Footer and Post Footer Sidebars
- bugfix: Customizer: saving changes problems
- bugfix: Charlotte Gallery slug not working

1.3 (17.09.2015)
- bugfix: Visual Composer security update

1.2 (17.08.2015)
- bugfix: Issues with customizer
- bugfix: Shortcodes fixes
- bugfix: Woocommerce template update

1.1 (29.07.2015)
- feature: Events Calendar
- bugfix: Demo content - menu - homepage link leads to our live demo

1.0 (13.04.2015)
- Initial release

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