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why are you selling TOTALLY EMPTY template??? There are no photos at all!! Give us COMPLETE template AS IT SHOWN ON YOUR PREVIEW or make money back, because that you are selling is not template at all. It’s called CHEATING and SCAM.

Sir, you are mistaken. Template – it is totally not pictures what are represent demo goods in a shop. If you need pictures – please find there on photostocks.

i’m about to buy your product, but i need to know if it’s easy to translate to other languages (even the back-end version).

Hello! It is the same easy like other stuff in Opencart. If you familiar with structure it will no problem for you to translate back-end and also some modules in front.

how can i get the Japanese Cuisine version for OC 2.2 ??!

It will be released this week and you can adjust view of the template how you like!

it’s not possible to change background through chef theme settings, can you take a look?!

Please send us your accesses to take a look on

Hi, i am intrested to purchause your template. The fast food view it is working to Opencart 2.2? Thank you

Hello! All views are made from the same template. We do not include any view data (except pattern backgrounds) to the template.

i want my money back, this template is just empty!!!!!!

We sell template, not a content! Demo content not included!!!


Is this system support 1) Multilingual 2) Address search for Delivery area 3) Email notification 4) Change color theme 5) Manage membership

Backend 1) Manage daily order 2) Manage advance order. eg: order of next week. 3) Setup menu for different day


Hello! it is just a template and it is the same functionality as opencart.