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Nice Design GLWS

Thank you jellywp

Very nice and clean work, good luck :)

Thank you :)

Nice theme, GLWS :)

Brilliant theme – GLWS :)

Thank you :)

Nice item, GLWS :)

Thank you templatemesh.

This is a beautiful theme, the right colors, the right format. Unfortunately is not working correctly, the menus and super menus don’t display correctly, there is no global configuration for the theme, the default theme display some weird wording, among other bugs. Is not ready for production, it requires edits, and customs codes to make it work in the most basic functions. The support is great, very fast response, if you have time to play with the theme this is a great addition, if you need something out of the box to get running, this is not it, yet. I’m very positive the Milo Themes team will make it better in time, for the moment I am requesting a refund. GLWS.

The theme was verified by the Themeforest crew repeatedly. They decide when a theme is ready. If it was indeed that flawed, it would never passed the Themeforest standards and requirements. Not only they check the code and preform various tests, but they even inspect the visual design and they will request improvements or changes where necessary, you can’t publish a theme here without their approval.

The menus and mega menus work properly, they can be observed in the preview site. They don’t have specific style if used as widgets in sidebars so they use the same style like in the main navigation menu.

The bug that you made us aware, is the comments title being displayed when comments are disabled, but this is a minor issue. It can be quick-fixed.

We assume you are very displeased because multiple theme features did not work for the custom post types added by the downloads plugins you tried, because it was incompatible. You can’t expect a theme to be compatible with any plugin. For now, the theme sidebars and page headers won’t apply for other custom post types than the default WordPress ones and portfolio posts, in order to avoid potential issues with plugins that add their own sidebars or headers functionalities for their templates.

Whoever has doubts about the theme, please take a look at the preview site, it showcases the theme features and capabilities. That content can be imported by users in their site, then easily modified by them. (Instructions about the import can be found in the documentation)

When there are major issue with any of our themes, we will prepare an update as soon as possible.

How come free themes or less quality themes does support custom types by default and your theme does not? I keep saying the theme is great, that’s why I bought it, then I find out is not ready. Yes, I was displease because something so simple and which is the foundation of the building blocks of wordpress are missing or not in place. You cannot expect your theme to only work when people copy your import and rebuild the demo site.

I do not expect a theme to be compatible with every plugin in the market, that will be ridiculous, but you can expect a theme to have the basics in place. I did not just try 1 plugin, I tried 3 for one specific function. 3 out of 3 failed that’s 100% failure. Read your comments below:

“Unfortunately, the portfolio gallery was designed to display the featured images. Therefore that gallery will not work with videos, we are sorry.” – Milothemes

If you are able to sell a theme in the marketplace with multiple issues you are not the one to blame, the evanto team is. They are the ones who needs to make sure the theme is actually ready for production. If the theme is not ready is a security risk.

Now my recommendation to you is to learn how to treat clients, one bad feedback and you want to insult or push down the buyer? That’s not customer service, that’s been defensive when caught. So what you are doing is presenting to your possible customer that you will be defensive because they are the dumb one who don’t know how to use your product. Well I personally from now on I will just avoid purchasing another theme from you. In over 6 years in the evanto marketplace I have only requested 2 refunds, another theme and your theme. I have purchased over 50 items. Learn how to accept feedback and how to treat the people who buys from you.

We are sorry if you feel like we have insulted you, this was not our intention, we are just defending our product, a theme that we’ ve worked on for several months, just to be torn apart in one comment, from a customer that we have tried to help in several emails. We think that this is really unfair. We agree with the refund in this case, please specify this in your request. Have a nice day.

Hi milothemes I do love the theme but the comments above have scared me, I’m not a programmer and it seems that the theme have several issues that do not work properly, my question (before I read the comments) was to ask you if was easy enough to change colors of the site (demo is all blue and I need it to be orange) Best regards, awaiting your reply and that you will be able to convince me that the purchase will be a safe bet.

Hello Filipeg, we are currently testing our theme, to see if the stated bugs do exist. If so, they are probably minor and we will solve them asap and update the product. You don’t have to be a programmer to modify this theme, it has an easy and intuitive theme option panel. We provide also quick support, as you can see on our profile page we have a 4.86 stars rating.

The bug that user ejrojas made us aware is the comments title being displayed when comments are disabled, but this is a minor issue. It can be quick-fixed. Thank you for your interest.

@Filipeg do not let my comment scare you. Theme is great, and you can easy change the colors, there is an option for that. The theme has many functions in place that does work. My comment is directly attached to my experience. The meaning of my post is not scare anyone or discourage anyone from purchasing the theme, rather to expect that some things are not working correctly, and the designer is working to get them fix. My post is more a feedback so the team at evanto who test this themes keep an eye on this little things so we can receive the best quality possible from our purchase.

@ejrojas, I must thank you for your comments and also already had the reply from milothemes and it seems that if I purchase the theme they will be happy to assist in corecting the issues. I do not wish to sound a bit hard on your comments but when you leave one saying “for the moment I am requesting a refund.” that scares anybody, I’m not sure where you’ve left it? If still asking for a refund or not. Best regards and thank you once again for your feedback

Hi milothemes, I do love the theme I’m real tempted to purchase it, I have the right customer for your beautiful theme :) Just a quick question, is it possible to insert video on the gallery? My customer is a quiropratic and has several youtube videos on exercises is it possible to set up a video gallery? On your demo the galleries are only with pictures and the media content (demo) the videos are just below one another, I would like to display the videos on multiple rows and columns.on a single page. Thank you very much, regards

Unfortunately, the plugin you suggested seems very complex with many advanced functions, we can’t guarantee there won’t be issues or how well it will work. Our theme has tested compatibility with the plugins included and those that it recommends, it was made to work with them and comply with Themeforest standards and requirements. Instead, it might be better for you to opt for a theme that fully supports video galleries or at least has guaranteed compatibility with that plugin.

We greatly appreciate your interest in our theme, but it seems it may not suit your need for special video galleries, we don’t want you to experience inconveniences.

Thank you so much for your honesty and reply. Is it possible to display a smaller size of the videos? ( I can live with the same set up as your demo page “Media Content” I can list them like you have as long the size could be smaller, like a thumbnail and maybe even put them side by side? Then the viewer could click on the full screen icon. Would that be possible, to show smaller size than you have on your demo? Best regards

Yes, you can have smaller sizes videos next to each other.

The Visual Composer plugin (included with the theme) has a video player component, it will scale based on the column width. You can divide a row in up to 12 columns and place a video component in each, resulting in 12 smaller videos in one line side by side. (you can also add another row in each column and divide it too if you need more videos or components in one line)

The components and columns have some default spacings, but you can easily set those to 0 via their interfaces if you want the videos to be side by side with no space in between. (of course, via those interfaces, you can also set various spacing sizes or borders between videos and components if you want)

( there is also a video background option for rows so you can even add content over a video )

I’m more than happy to show you (send you a link to your personal contact) of the existing website so you know what I mean, also on the actual site the customer has a couple of videos(one is a PUB the other is a flash interactive spinal guide) inside iframes I would like to know if your theme allows for that? Maybe is better for me to send you an email? Thank you and await your comments

Hi milothemes, I could not resist it’s a lovely theme, I’m a customer :) Thank you for all your help with the queries GLWS

Hello again, we are glad that you purchased our theme. If you have any problems in the future please contact us via email and we will solve it asap. Thank you for trusting us.

Does this theme includes license of visual composer?

You can use the Visual Composer normally with our theme, but you don’t receive a personal license. We provide plugin and theme updates when there are critical issues or compatibility problems.

I am trying to upload my own icon in replacement of the the icons on the page. Is it possible to do this? if so how? I looked through everything but could not find an option to do so.

If you’re referring tho the navigation menu icon, you can replace it in “Theme Options” -> “Header” If you meant something else, then please sent us a support message and specify.

No I mean through visual composer. I am able to find how to edit the content, but in the icon container it doesn’t have an option to upload our own icon. if not this way is there any other way to do so?

Please send us a support message and specify the actual name of the element/component. We don’t know what you’re referring to, there is no “icon container” component.

Hello Milothemes,

I am having problems updating my website because WPBakery Visual Composer requires activation. The content on my pages are blank thus making it difficult to make required changes to my website. I went through the steps and allowed access into my envato account but it still didn’t activate. When I deactivate WPBakery Visual Composer, it disfigures my website and some content even disappear. Please help as I need to make an update asap.

many thanks.

Hello, please contact us via e-mail. Sometimes we may not see comments and cannot solve your issues fast.

Hello Milothemes. Is the Chelsea theme compatible with wordpress 4.6.1?

Yes, the theme version 1.0.2 and the plugins included are compatible with WordPress 4.6.1 We will also update theme in the future if there will be compatibility problems with newer WordPress versions. Feel free to purchase our theme and we will guide you if you need help. Thank you.

Hey milothemes, have you got a new update for the theme? It’s been almost two years now since you have updated the theme. I was thinking of buying it again for another customer of mine. I’m a bit scare that pretty soon the theme will stop working properly. Awaiting your comments. Cheers, Best regards


Rest assured the theme is still supported by us. If the theme stops working properly or there are serious compatibility problems, we will immediately start preparing an update. Please report to us immediately if you encounter such problems and we will assist or make an update.