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Please make a HTML or WP Template :-)

Just waiting for any offers to convert it

Love this, great job!

Thanks a lot :)

Thanks a lot :)

Just beautiful! :bigwink:


Awesome work mate!!! good luck with sales!!! :)

Thanks :)

This is really nice! GLWS

Hey, thanks a lot :)

Wonderful, clean work, congrats ! :)

Hi thanks!

Respect, like your style Adam!

Thanks a lot :)

Hey Adam,

First, this is an absolutely gorgeous design. I’ve purchased the PSD and would love to turn this into a fully functioning HTML template and, eventually, convert that into a Drupal 7 theme.

Unfortunately, I work very little in Wordpress and thus my competency as a theme/site builder with that platform is abysmally low (I got on the Drupal bandwagon early and have dabbled very little in competing CMS’s since then). I’m also terribly busy with client work, so turnaround may take some time.

I’m also not sure how this type of collaboration works on Themeforest, or how to proceed…

What are your thoughts on this?

Whatever the case—beautiful work.

Hey, thanks a lot for the support I’m really glad you like it. I have partnered with someone on this theme already, but from what I can tell WordPress knowledge is usually a must have here.

Just so you know I have only accepted offers of 50/50 on partnerships in the past so that might be what you may want to offer someone in the future

Once again thanks for the purchase!

Thanks! And those terms sound reasonable enough to me. I will use those as a baseline when partnering with other authors.

About 90% of my client work is done in Drupal, hence my myopic knowledge set. When there is more time away from projects, I plan on delving into WP theme development, as I am well aware it is the more popular of the major CMS’s.

Thanks for the reply, and, again, for the amazing design.

Very nice template!

Hey, glad you like it.

Nice design. Congrats! Good luck with your sales!

Thank you :)

Phenomenal design. PSD is very well structured and easy to read.