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Hi I am planning on buying the theme but I am a bit confused. I have a website as well as a wordpress blog. Which one would this be able to substitute? Has your wordpress version been released? How would I transfer my blog on wordpress to this theme?

This is an html template, it sounds like you want the wordpress theme. The wordpress theme version will be available on ThemeForest end of next week, thanks :)

Thanks for your prompt reply.

WordPress theme now available:

hi i am about to purchase your template. Is the portfolio is able to manage videos? and embedded videos through iframe?

Yes you could embed youtube or vimeo videos

I have noticed since buying your template, in mobile mode and desktop mode alike, the website continuously refreshes while scrolling and or when other events happen. Like in Chrome if you hit F12 and bring up the developer bar, then “X” out your page will refresh. This does not happen on any other site. Could you look into this? It cripples the mobile version. Thanks. Everything else is great.

Can you address this problem for me now if I provide you my server info? I simply can’t wait for an update. Mobile version of site is crippled and I need this working this week.

We are working on the update I’ll let you know as soon as it’s ready, thanks

Update is ready, you can download now.. details on updating files is here:

Great template but how do you change the services images?

nevermind, i figured it out :)

Hey there I joined the forums and signed in only to be told that I dont have permission to access. So I reset my password and the same happened again. Can you please fix this? Got two problems with js not working and could use help of the forums – but I am not even allowed to read it and its been going on for weeks! Thanks

Please send your purchase code to me through the form on my profile page and I’ll set you up on the forum, thanks


Great theme. I’m just having a small issue. The header content isn’t showing up on pages other than the main page. For instance, on a services page, all of the Visual Composer content appears, but none of the content in the header box. Am I missing something?

Thanks, Jon

Please start a post on our support forum:

Love your template! Can I redirect contact form to this thank you page instead of a success message?

If possible how and where do I add the code?

Sure, answered your question on the forum..thanks!

code didn’t work…replied yesterday but no answer so I put in forum again…please help

Sorry but the demo and is always offline.

They’re both online, try refreshing your browser perhaps

I’m having a weird bug and it’s probably really simple to fix but I cant figure it out. My footer isnt full width anymore and i cant get it back. Its about 900px wide now but if i change the width values to 100% nothing changes. Please help.

Please start a post on our support forum:

Hi is this template compatible with adobe muse?

I’m not familiar with adobe muse

Hi, we purchased your template and love it. For anyone that is having any doubt before purchase, don’t. This template has gave us no issues. The only thing that is missing and we really need is for the blog to be functional. Could you please advise. Maybe point us in the right direction?

Thanks for the kind words :) For the blog you would need to code it to a database. The easiest way would be to use our WordPress theme version which has full blog functionality:

In the style sheet the boxed layout is not working. I have removed the comment fields and it is still full screen. Thanks

Please start a post on our support forum with a link to your website:

There is nowhere to add. I created a username and a account but I can’t post anything. I followed the directions in the doc but it seems to stick to the full length.

You need to click on the correct topic in the forum and start a new post. If you are having issues send your purchase code to me through the form on my profile page and I’ll set you up on the forum:


I am intersted in buying your theme ..great looking one !

But can you tell me if it would be possible that when someone check out from the cart , it does not link to any payment gateway but send the order details to an email ( like a form )

For the moment my client doe not want the full ecommerce solution ( just shopping cart )


Also can the shop page have a filtering ability like the portfolio pages ?

You are posting on the template version, not the WordPress theme (not sure if you realized). The cart in the html template version isn’t hooked to anything, you would need to hook it up to whatever you are going to use for cart software or email script, etc (that’s not included with the template, it’s up to you). The WordPress theme version has the cart hooked to WooCommerce, you should probably check that out.

WooCommerce has a catalog feature which you might want to look into, it removes the ecommerce functionality, perhaps that’s what you need. Sortable products are supported in the WordPress theme also:


I cannot register for the support forum:

still saying that my code is unvalid although i am copying it exactly like i have received it !

Wanted to know how you can add more toggle to the accordion: I even changed and


Send your purchase code to me through the form on my profile page and I’ll set you up on the forum:

Can you set me up , i really need to fix some things .


Nice template, did you have admin page for update the blog & products page for this template? Thanks!

Not with this template but you could use our WordPress theme instead which has functional blog and woocommerce:

it can allow to use admin page add and remove to sale my products ?

The WordPress theme allows that

It’s a lovely template BUT I am finding that support for this is minimal. There was an error in the version I downloaded and there was no documentation on how to fix an already existing website with the updated “fixed” template. The forum is not helpful as response is extremely slow. Questions haven’t been addressed in over a month there. Just a warning, if you need help, this isn’t the best template for you.

We try to answer all support questions within 48 hours, I apologize for missing your latest question. I need you to answer my question I asked on the forum also so I can help debug, thanks.

Hi, I’m planning to buy the template, but I would like to have a fixed image on the home page rather than a few images sliding. Would it be possible to customize version 2 of the Home page so that I only have one big, still image (without the 4 thumbnails on the right) over the blurred background? Thanks

Sure, that’s easy enough

Thank you! I’ve now purchased the template. Would you mind giving me a little pointer as how to do that?...

Please start a post on our support forum:

Hi, love the theme and have been using since April 2014.

It would appear that the index.html file has an issue on the Mobile version with the custom-slider.js and waterwheel carousel. The mobile version tries to restart over and over so if someone is on my mobile site, and they try to scroll down it takes them back up to the top. When I remove the customer-slider.js from the index.html code at the bottom, the issue resolves (but now I have a big empty spot on my home page). Is there perhaps an updated version of these scripts available that you could send?

Thanks much! Kari

Try the latest version, redownload from your downloads tab, I believe that issue was fixed, thanks


lihaibh Purchased

Can you please update the source and add pre-compiled stylesheets? less or sass? I see there was no update whatsoever for the passed 1 year.