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Nice, fresh design for artists! :)

Love the name. Not my favorite subject back when I was in school, but I love the name nonetheless. Cheers!

Haha thanks :)

Good job! GLWS!

Hello,my cellphone is Lumia 920 with a Windows phone system. Your program does not work on this system. Pls repair it soon. Thank you!

It appears to work fine using an online emulator of that device. It support IE9+ thanks


Do we need some e-commerce script to make this work as a digital store?

Can we use this template for Prestashop?


Yes, you would need to hook the products up to an e-commerce solution (PayPal, FoxyCart, etc).. we are working on the WordPress theme, which will have WooCommmerce support, so the cart will be built in .. Follow our social profiles so you know as soon as it’s released :)

WordPress theme with WooCommerce support now available:

Excellent support, thanks for the quick reply!

Trying to install this theme and it keeps saying Stylesheet is missing. tried it manually as well.

This is an html template, not a wordpress theme

ohhhhhhh…. thanks!

WordPress theme now available:

Really nice! :)

Knew this them was awesome the second I saw it. Well coded and extremely functional. Very happy with my purchase thanks!

Thanks for the kind words, glad you’re enjoying it!

This template- does it include the dummy contents, I mean the current illustrations as in the template? Who has the image rights? Can we use them to fill in the site but ill not sale etc..

Sorry, can’t legally include the images, they are available for demo use here

thanks for the reply – really useful

Beautiful theme! So as it is, a visitor can’t make a purchase with a credit card right? Only paypal? Thanks!


Since it’s an html template there is no payment functionality built in, you would need to hook it up to whichever cart software you wanted to use. (we are working on the wordpress theme which has woocommerce integrated)

WordPress theme with WooCommerce support now available:

I’m new to website building. Would this be applicable in adobe muse?

Oh that really bums me out. I have dreamweaver but I have no idea how to effectively use it. :( total bummer. Nice job on it though.

We are working on the wordpress theme, which will make it super easy for you to build your site, available in a couple weeks :)

WordPress theme now available:

Thanks for quick support mike! Recommending this seller! and overall this is a awesome theme

Thanks for the kind words :)

in Index.html, How to make images auto slide?

Open the file “jquery.waterwheelCarousel.js” in the js folder and change

autoPlay:  0
autoPlay:  4000


Can I use this site with wordpress?

This is an html template not a WordPress theme. The WordPress theme is in development.

WordPress theme now available:

Thanks very much for this fantastic template!

The only difficulty I am having comes in the Portfolio area; I am trying to change one individual portfolio piece into a video, however, this causes problems with the formatting, in that the video covers the button to quit the description page (this could just be me though!).

Apart from that, though, it has been fantastic! Thank you!

Glad you are enjoying it, you can start a post on our support forum if you need help thanks :)

Hey there, Great theme, I would like to know, there is a easy way to change the orange color with other colors? Thank you

Sorry I meant right, Thank You! :D

We have an update coming up, we’ll fix that. The WordPress version will be released in 2-3 weeks, thanks!

WordPress theme now available:

Hi just wondering if you have an eta on your update for this theme? I’d prefer to wait for the update before getting started editing the current version if its not going to be too long. Thanks.

should be ready by end of weekend, thanks

WordPress theme now available:

For those of you that are having problems with the button gaps on the slider, do the following. Goto main directory then css then style.css. Goto line 917, change left to -4, then goto line 930, change right to -4.

Then goto line 909 add z-index:9999; to section.

Then goto line 958 add z-index:9999; to section.

This will make sure the buttons are on top of the carousel. The buttons when below the carousel are extremely difficult to use when viewing this site on a mobile device. Hope this helped. For user arclaudiu

If you want the arrows in the buttons aligned correctly goto line 943 and change line-height to 50px, like this:

line-height: 50px;

Thanks, we’ll fix in the next update :)